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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Every Day A New Leaf Is Turned

This morning I drove to a town an hour away where a cousin, a realtor, had talked with a mortgage company about my situation with financing. I met with a woman who has saved my day!

For starters, she finances manufactured homes of all types regularly and has 2 lenders available. And her quoted rates are in the normal range, not near what I was being quoted locally. In addition, as we talked she learned that I am a widow of a veteran, and there is a possibility that I will be able to have a VA loan to purchase the house!! She has to check on the qualifications, and if not, still has backup plans. But without a lot of hubbub, she is not only certain of financing, but certain of a rate that makes sense! What the heck were those other guys doing??? I drove home with a heart lighter than it has been in several days.

While I was in that town, I stopped at the cell phone company office and had my number changed to a New Mexico one! It's official! I now have a root here!! I also stopped at Lowe's on my way out of town, and picked up about 200 color chips! No, really, I did pick up about that many. Some are for me and some for Allan. We both have redecorating plans.

Back in Ruidoso, I stopped to pick up the salve to help dry out the lesions from shingles. While at the pharmacy, I learned that there is a vaccination for shingles now! The pharmacist recommended that I consider having it once I get this round cleared. She pointed out that now that I have had it, it is likely to happen again, and it might be far worse. The vaccine is expensive as it is fairly new, but I think I will plan to have it. When I got home and was putting the salve on the lesions, I found 3 more teeny ones on my foot, so I really, really want to get this under control. Shingles suck!

We are in for some more snow over the weekend. Currently, the prediction is for around a foot in surrounding areas, so I'm sure we will be close to that here, as well. Allan has a theory about this snow pattern we've seen this year. You see, last year there was no snow, and already this season, we are ahead of the normal levels of precipitation. He has noticed that everywhere I go, it snows! I went to Texas, and when I came home it snowed. I went to Texas again, and when I came home it snowed. I went to Albuquerque, and it snowed . . . and snowed . . . while I was there. I'm back home, and it's gonna snow big time here! Now, his theory at first was that I brought it from Missouri, but they are still getting their share of snow/ice. Apparently I'm just full of magic! Not that anyone is actually complaining, because lots of snow = good skiing, good tourist revenues. Allan's only real concern is that he is to leave for a few days in California, and he is hoping he can actually drive out of these mountains!

So what's your vote? Am I the Snow Witch? Cut that out!!! WITH A "W"!!! Sheesh.


  1. I kinda figured you must have had something to do with all this atmospheric water vapor precipitating as ice crystals. Now I know. :^)

  2. good luck with the new place!

    i knew you were full of magic, but it does more than make snow fall!

  3. Hey Snow Witch come work your mojo in SC. I could do with a nice dose of Winter Wonderland. Hope you get those shingles cleared up and get vaccinated so you have no more problem with them.
    YAY on the financing/int rate!

  4. Since you seem to bring snow with you where ever you go, could you wait a few months before coming to KC. As much as I would love the snow, I think Laura would die if we got any more winter weather.

    I am so happy that you ran into that woman that could find financing for your new house. Sounds like you and I have the same angel that looks over us.

  5. How about the snow queen. That sounds a lot better to me.

  6. Yay on the financing! One more step. Nah, you're too warm a person to be a snow witch or snow queen.

  7. Steve - isn't it amazing how Powerful I am?? ;-)

    Fatty - Thanks about the house, and for believing that I am bigger than life!! hee hee!!

    Patti - Keep your windshield scraper handy; you never know!!And yeah to the other stuff!!

    Caroline - Well, hold onto your stocking hats, cause I'll probably be there about the first of March!! And, yes, something special is happening out there, for sure.

    Robert - Why, thank you! Yes, I like Snow Queen also. Take care!

    s3 - Yes, yay!! BTW, can you use your VA or did it already get used? And thanks, but now you leave me without a title!!!! Now you gotta come up with another!

  8. Do you really trust me to come up with your nickname? (evil chuckle)

  9. s3 - Of course! You're the *good* nefu!!! LOL

  10. I think you must have pulled it from here. We have a little but not much! And totally with a "W". C'mon. :-)

  11. Genevieve - When all is said and done, I really can't be blamed for it anyway. Those rains that washed the whole state of NM a few miles east last summer came long before I got here! But it makes a good story, doesn't it? LOL


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