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Friday, January 19, 2007

Well, here's a headline for you! "Winter storm heads north — slowly
Since Dec. 1, more than twice as much snow has fallen in Albuquerque than in Minneapolis. And this weekend’s weather will only widen that gap." And we are sitting, waiting for another round today and tomorrow. Here is the Southern Mountains, we are expecting 6" to a foot or more through tomorrow, and it is beginning right now. I got up about a half hour ago and nothing was coming down. The air was still, and it wasn't especially cold. I wondered because it was supposed to start over night, but the sky was a heavy solid grey, indicative of impending snow. Allan stepped out long enough to feed Smokey, the feral cat, just seven or eight minutes ago and said "It is starting." My car is already covered so that it looks almost white, not black.

We are hoping to be able to make it to my new place for the home inspection at 10:00. It's 7:30 now. What happens in the next two hours will tell us whether we can drive the fifteen miles to the place or not. Even more concerning that us making it is that the inspector is coming from Cloudcroft, a village high in the Sacrementos where it is likely to snow more than here as the elevation is 8700 feet. He has to drive over 80 miles, a trip that normally takes almost 2 hours. If the phone rings between now and about 8:00, it will probably be him canceling. Let's hope.

On the positive side, New Mexico needs the moisture. All of the Southwest has been in a drought for several years. This snowfall is going to go a long way in helping to reverse that trend. This area had a lot of rain last summer, as well, more than twice the normal rainfall. If you remember, it even washed out my husband's grave which was fairly fresh at that time. But the moisture is welcome . . . I just wish it might have come a couple hours later. Wish us luck!!

OK! I gotta get in the shower! Later, all!

PS @ 9:15 - The guy called, and he tried but isn't able to get out of the mountains. We will wait out the end of the storm and then decide when to reschedule next week. sighhhhh.


  1. Oh, poop. Well, the snow is beautiful on the trees. Not sure if we are supposed to get any precip here in SF.. I think so. Enjoy!

  2. Steve - I think if you do it will be nothing near what we are getting. I do enjoy this! The minor inconveniences we have with the snow are way worth it when I can watch the beautiful "show" going out there! It is incredible!

  3. I'm FINALLY getting a chance to check up on the Blog world. Here in Big D we are also thankful for the moisture but wish we wouldn't have to get it all at once!

  4. Well, Old Lady, welcome back! Your life is obviously a bit busy of late! Yeah, this storm stuff is getting under everyone's skin, I think.

  5. Well it's good about helping the drought. You have the ability to look in every cloud for a silver lining Hon! That's a GOOD thing!

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  7. Patti - Now if I could just scrape off that silver lining and cash it in!! LOL!


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