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Sunday, January 21, 2007


I've talked a few times about the feral cat who allows us to live on the property. Her name is Smokey. Allan dubbed her that when he moved in, because of her coloring and because this is the home of Smokey Bear. (BTW, I have another little story about Smokey Bear which I'll tell at the end of this one.)

Now, when Allan bought his house, the previous owner left a bag of cat chow inside the door. It was obvious that the house came with a resident cat. Sure enough, after a few days, a pretty grey striped cat showed up, meowing, but keeping her distance. Allan gave him a little food, and a deal was struck . . . for the price of a cup of cat food each day, she would allow him to stay.

After a time she began to allow him to pet her, occasionally at first, then more regularly with time. Allan decided that he should have a name to call her, and "Smokey" seemed to be the right one.

After my arrival, poor Smokey (Cat) had another adjustment to make. Or rather several. First, I was a new and thus threatening human, and I brought with me three nosy, sniffing dogs. Oh, my goodness! We hardly saw her for the first couple weeks, but gradually, she learned that none of us were going to actually harm her, and she quit running away from us, but just stood looking at us with her back slightly arched as if to keep warning us that SHE owned the place and to not forget it!

Now Smokey and I get along fine. This is probably because I feed her as often as Allan does, and I'm always ready to pet her a few times while she eats. She often greets me and the dogs when we go out, and sometimes walks along with them as they find the perfect place to potty. She usually recoils and looks rather horrified when they take a dump! I suspect she can't believe those "animals" don't cover their stinky messes!

These days, Smokey even lets me take an occasional picture. Now she doesn't like the noise that the camera makes, that little click, and it always makes her scoot away. But I was able to get these two recently before she took off.

Here she is a few weeks ago, before the snow covered everything up. Isn't she a pretty one?

And this I took just a couple days ago. She isn't scraggly like most feral cats, so we suspect that she keeps two homes! Two-timer!!!

Now, about that other Smokey story . . .

Shortly after I posted about this being where Smokey Bear was found, I got the following information in an email from a cousin. Her father was my late husband's uncle.

Also, I forgot to tell you when I read your blog about "Smokey the Bear" Did you know that Daddy was working for the Forest Service at that time? He was on the fire when they found "Smokey" and saw him when they brought him into camp. They found him holding onto a tree and his paws were burned a little, but otherwise he was fine. He said the little guy was so hungry, the men fed him too much and made him sick. Anyway, I have heard that story so many times, I have passed it on to my children and grandchildren. Now, you know the rest of the story!

Wow! I'd never heard that story! What a treasure of family history to have in the lore! Thanks, Belinda!

Have a good week, everyone!


  1. With Smokey around, I can tell you are in good hands.

  2. I loved the stories of both Smokeys. Smokey the cat is beautiful.

  3. Ragged - Don't you mean, in good paws? Yes, we are!

    Gerbera Daisy - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. And Smokey is lovely!

  4. I had an uncle that kept two homes....:-) didn't see a lot of him though. I understand I have cousins I've never met....:P

  5. Seven - If Smokey is keeping 2 homes, I think she doesn't have "cousins" for us! We suspect she's been "fixed," 'cause we never see kittens or signs that she is caring for a litter. I think is doing it for extra food! She isn't fat but she is a healthy build for a feral animal. She obviously ain't no dummy!!

  6. Smokey is beautiful. I love both Smokey stories and I hate that his dear little paws were burned :(

  7. Patti - I agree about his paws, but I'm glad he was rescued, as I'm sure there were many others who weren't. Think what a difference it would have been in our childhoods if there had been no Smokey Bear. Wow.

  8. What a beautiful kitty. So glad to finally have a furry face to the stories you tell of Smokey.

  9. Caroline - Yes, she is a sweety! She still doesn't want to be picked up, but she is becoming friendlier in other ways. Allan hopes to prop a door open in good weather and let her come and go a little to see if she will make an occasional inside visit. He doesn't want to try to make her something she isn't . . . an inside cat, but just let her see what is here. She is curious; when we open the door to feed her, she pokes her head inside and looks, sometimes sneaking a few steps inside, but then shoots out again.


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