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Monday, January 22, 2007

On And On And On

It just keeps coming!! The snow is piling up and up. We have had a few periods today with sunshine, and some of it has melted, but then it clouds up again and snows some more. Allan may have to delay his trip to California if this doesn't let up. He is supposed to leave tomorrow for about ten days, but several of the roads between here and San Diego are closed!

I got a few snaps of this current load. Of course!

You can see that it is about 6-8 inches deep. And that's what hasn't melted underneath.

This is the third time in five days that my car has been covered like this. It has melted off and then we get more snow!

Do you remember this shot I posted in the fall? Well, look at it now . . . . . .

Same spot, different circumstances!

I took this one to show the snow falling. The flakes were pretty small.

Then I changed my F-stop (See, I am actually learning this stuff!!) so you can see the movement of the snow flakes falling.

All those dots in front of the fence are snow flakes, of course.

The terraces in the front yard give a good contrast to the snow.

And the steps are nearly invisable. If you look closely you'll see Smokey's paw prints where she came for breakfast and left later on.

I just checked, and it looks as if the snow fall is essentially over. The sun is out now, and you wouldn't believe the amount of melting already!

The dogs have been funny today. I think they are having cabin fever . . . or would that be kennel fever for them? . . . as they keep wanting to go outside. Once out, they sink in the snow and look around at me like, "What? Did you do this?" Or they keep searching for "the right spot" and seem frustrated because they aren't picking up scents. After just a few minutes, they start getting cold paws, and they try to walk without putting one paw or another in the snow, and if I don't get them in fairly quickly after that, they start limping. I've tried sweeping a couple areas for them to do their business, but they don't seem to understand that they should stay there; they keep going into the deep stuff! The snow balls up in their fur really badly, so I have to brush them or stick their feet under running water to melt it away. Small dogs, big snows . . . am I missing some clues here? Should I assume I have the wrong kid of dogs for this country? Nahhhhhh. They'll be alright. They survived Kansas City in the winter, so this will be a snap!!


  1. Wow, you've gotten some gorgeous pictures of the white stuff! I hope it melts gradually for you guys to avoid all the mess that will surely follow. It never warms up enough to even THINK of melting here. Cold cold cold!!

  2. Catherine - It's not that it is warm enough to melt ( think today's high here was 26 or 28); there is just something about the sunshine here that is different than other places I've been. The sun will melt snow as long as it shines! during the short time today that it was really shining, it melted everything on the flagstone around the house and most of what you see on the steps. I donno how it works, but I love it! What have your temps been?

  3. WOW...Oh man...I know that you probably don't want to hear it, but it's so beautiful...
    and our dogs would be SOOO PISSED!
    as probably would be the rugs...

  4. If it turns out that you are a terrorist and I need to torture a secret out of you (ala Jack Bauer style) I know how to do it. I will threaten to break your camera! haha
    PS: Brrrrrr!!

  5. Kevin - No, I don't mind hearing that! I love the snow! It was a little concerning of late because it has slowed down the process of my house purchasing and threatened Allan's trip. But the snow is gorgeous! My dogs would actually love to stay out an sniff and play, but they aren't fully acclimated here. In KC, they used to romp through it. I always had to stick them into water to melt the snowballs from their long fur! Hey, so, do you have snowball envy?????

    seven - LOL! Yes, that would do it! Don't mess with my camera, cowboy! Brrr? Nah! Now that the sun is shining, the temp doesn't matter! You're just a think-skinned flatlander!!

  6. Maybe the dogs need little booties (i've seen them at Target) hehe...
    Hey I got a christmas card from you yesterday and it was so cute! Thank You! Made me smile
    Stay warm and dry and i'm VERY impressed with your camera skills

  7. Patti - Those little booties wouldn't do much good. The snow is so deep that they would immediately be filled with the cold stuff!

    Don't you like how timely I am with Christmas cards???? LOL

    I'm talking with a printer now about having some of the photos quality-printed. Then I'll have them framed and they will hang in a local gallery which features artists from this county. Woooaaaaah! I'm movin' on up!!

  8. Cool pictures of the snow. Remember in KC when Glenn would shovel just a small part of the yard for them. I always thought that was soo sweet and I know they appreciated it. I can see how just a few inches makes it hard for them to do their thing. Even our Sophie hates doing her business when there is snow on the ground. She prefers to "smell" before going potty.

    Just saw your response to Patti and that is waaaay cool. I hope you remember me when you become rich and famous.

  9. Who? Caroline who?? LOL! How the hell could I forget you after our history?

    Yes, Glenn did take care of them as long as he could, didn't he? He used to get aggravated when, after he went to that trouble, they would still tromp out into the deep stuff! I guess a dog's gotta do waht a dog's gotta do!

  10. You better not forget me...I know too many of your secrets. :)

  11. Caroline - Hey! Hey! HEY! I was only kidding! Honest! (nervous chuckle) Uh, I don't have any secrets. Do I? DON'T SAY HERE!!! Talk to me very, very privately!! And I promise not to ever forget you!

  12. Caroline - What part of "very, very privately" don't you understand?????? sighhh. You're hopeless!

  13. I guess I just opened myself to something that maybe I can't finish. :)

  14. WOW!! That is SOME snow!! The pictures are great (I especially love the before & after shots)!
    Stay warm!

  15. Caroline - I'm not speaking to you. :p.

    Cheryl - Yep, it didn't fool around! But it is melted enough now so that we can get around. That is the good thing about NM . . . the eternal sunshine!

  16. Wow that snow looks like fun from nice warm (okay it is going to be in the 50s today) Big D.


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