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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today we will have lots of sunshine again. Yesterday was pleasant, sunny most of the day and temperatures above freezing all day long. There was quite a bit of melting, and I was able to clean most of the steps and the walk. I also got out from here and into town for a few essentials such as dog food (they are happy as we were down to the last couple cups of dry and less than one can of wet food) and some of their medications. I also got to the grocery store and picked up a few comfort items for myself, and very importantly, to The End Of The Vine, a store that carries local wines and other taste treats (pestos, jelly, chocolates, cookies and crackers), and I'm ready for the next round of snow!

Today will be in the low 40s with sun, so another good day to get out. I have to go to the post office and the mercantile store. Yes, there really is a mercantile store here!! I want to get a snow shovel if they have any left. Allan doesn't have one, but I want to have one on hand. Easier to use with significant snow falls like we've had lately than the broom. Before he left yesterday, he swept a path to his pickup, and some of the snow was greater than halfway up his shin (about 12-15 inches, I'd guess). That is too much to sweep! I tried it on the walk. I'm getting a shovel!

And tomorrow is the thrice-scheduled home inspection! Finally! I was a little worried about the weather because the last storm curled South into Mexico and was building to move back in for a second hit tomorrow and Friday, but this morning, the weather forecasters are saying that it is going to delay until Friday and then will be just a light possibility of snow showers.
So, it looks as if we will finally get to this final and important step on the road to buying my house! Yay!!

I am SO ready to get this house-buying process over and done. I want to be settled in my home. I know I've said that before. I'll probably say it again because after the buying comes the moving. Ugh. But while I don't look forward to it, it will be wonderful to have my furniture and other belongings with me again. They have been in storage for almost 17 months now, and I honestly don't remember what I own! That may sound strange, but trust me, you forget more than you think you will. A lot of what is in storage was put there hastily and without much forethought as I was racing against the short time my husband had left to live. Now I have a huge task ahead of me in sorting, making decisions, finding places for what I wish to keep, and disposing of the rest. The furniture is no problem as I already downsized that; the challenge will be in the "stuff" accumulated in 30 years. Shudder. Any volunteers to help? :-)

OK, gotta get moving. I gots thangs t'do!!


  1. I am excited about your move also Lyn. I have a few weeks and i'll be going through my stuff that has been in storage for almost three years so I know i'll find some "surprises" also!

  2. Patti - I like the way that several people have reframed it for me . . . it will be like a really big, long-lasting Christmas, because every box will bring "Ohs" and "Ahs" and squeals, and probably some tears, too. I hope you enjoy it that much, too!

  3. Good luck with the home inspection! Enjoy rediscovering your treasures, too!

  4. Sassy - Thanks! Boy, I'll be glad when this is over!

  5. The mercantile store! I hope Mrs. Olsen pays you top price for your eggs, which I'm sure all have double yolks.

  6. Sandra - LOL! Would you believe the other day Allan was fixing breakfast and he broke my egg . . . and it had a double yolk!! I hadn't seem one in years! Maybe you speak words of extreme wisdom, grasshopper!


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