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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Conundrum

OK, I've been thinking this over, and I've decided to ask for opinions. This has been running through my head for some time now, and this morning when I showered, I had a "duh" moment. And here we are, discussing my shower routine. Oooooookay.

Like most American women, I shave my legs and armpits. No other body parts are coming into discussion, so don't even go there! Now, this morning it occurred to me that I'm not having to shave my legs as often as I used to, a nice turn. However, I contemplated the fact that I should shave them this morning; they needed it as I hadn't shaved them in several days. But then I considered that since I wear jeans or slacks every day during the winter, no one sees them, no one knows, I have no reason to care whether they are shaved or not, and I frankly felt lazy. I decided not to shave today.

Then . . . . .

This idea stuck and ruminated with me as I drove to meet the inspector at the house. I began to wonder why I shave them anyway! There is no special, significant person in my life. Most of my life I've shaved my legs, largely to look and feel as inviting as possible for that person. When I was single I stayed amazingly sleek, just in case. When I was married I made sure that I was smooth and non-stickery most of the time, or at least enough to keep my life, uh, happily busy. But there isn't a reason for that now!

So, I'm thinking that I'll just quit for a while. I know, I know, I should "be ready," just in case That Person shows up. But, hey, I figure I'll have at least a few hours before things progress to the point that my hairy, stickery legs become an issue! Even in my younger, busier years, when I met someone, I didn't fall into a compromised position for . . . well, at least several hours! And for crying out loud, at my age, I suspect it will move even more slowly. Because we move slower! Ohhhhh. Something just occurred to me; maybe it progresses more quickly because, well, no one knows how much time we have left!

So I'm clearly at a loss here. Do I shave my legs for nothing and live eternally disappointed, or do I let 'em go until there is a reason and then flap into action like a teenager heading for her first date? Boy, single life life is complicated at my age!


  1. Let it grow. I'm guessing you know your mom never shaved her legs at all. Of course, this advice is coming from a guy who tries not to shave his face on weekends (it'll all change in another month).

  2. I say, give yourself a break for a little while. Let it grow...
    Then, if you're thinking, you know...that you should because of and occassion (i.e. some hottie in the picture), than you can just quickly buzz it off.
    But wouldn't it be nice to not do it for a while? Besides that itching phase, but wouldn't it?

  3. s3 - Yes, I know, and Mom hated that your mom and I shaved our legs. And yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about . . . in a month, you will have a reason to be spiffy-niffy every day! You'll have to shave, but won't the other aspects of your life be sweet?

    Kevin - I hate to admit, but it is almost past the itching stage, cause I bypassed shaving today!! LOL! OK, I'm counting the "votes," but y'all have to remember to send appropriate hotties in my direction!!

  4. Dude I would SO not be shaving if I were you. Not for meaningful reasons, but because I'm lazy and... gross. I personally don't shave until it's shorts and tanktop season.

    I say let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

  5. Catherine - LOL! Well, so far it is 3-0 for NOT. I'm likin' this!!

  6. Stopping by to say hi. I've never had to consider such things fortunately. But I say you should do whatever pleases you. :^) Take care.

  7. I'm a big believer in doing these kinda things because you want to. . . because they make you feel good, not for someone else. If it makes you feel good, do, if not, forgo it.

    (I hate to shave, but so love the feeling of my legs when they are hairless.)

  8. I shave for ME, I can't stand prickly hairy legs. I wish hair would stop growing on our legs and other pertinent areas at all!
    Don't even get me started on eyebrows!

  9. Steve - LOL! Maybe I should say, "WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!" for you, but I look really still when I flap my arms like the robot!

    Ragged - I do love the smooth, soft skin. The thing is I'm more aware of that when the is someone else who might notice.

    Patti - I don't like prickly stuff either, but I'm nearly past that stage. I agree about stopping the stuff in the first place. Eyebrows?
    In late years, I've lost much hair in them so that I actually have to fill them in . . . right after I tweeze the ones that grow where they shouldn't!! LOL

  10. I think you need to do what you want to. I am just like Patti and shave for me because I can't stand prickly legs, but that is just me.

  11. As a guy, unless the woman's legs are really dark and furry, I don't care much about the hair one way or the other. If I like her enough, who cares. I've never consciously dated a woman based upon her looks. We've had to be friends and have something in common first. However, if she has a better moustache than me, we'd have to talk about that... hee hee. Seriously, bodily, I'm more interested in whether the woman looks and smells clean (as well as her circumstances allow), like she cares about herself. One woman told me that women wear perfume and makeup because they think they are ugly and they stink. Our society has really pushed that. Most women need less perfume and makeup than they wear. I'm not saying either is bad; unfortunately, from a guy's perspective, I think both are overdone by too many women. I do appreciate the work that those women who are special to me do to enhance their natural beauty. (I'm also glad few people who read this have my email address--hehe)

  12. Caroline - You know I usually do what I want to anyway, don't you? :-) Stay tuned for more.

    s3 - OH, what a sweetie you are! Does M know that? I'll bet she does, and I'll bet she appreciates what she has in her future.I agree with you on "too much" and that our society has pushed this beyond reason.Thank you, cosmetic and perfume companies. I saw a young woman, 20, on Dr. Phil yesterday who was made up beautifully (she was a model), and she behaved accordingly. Dr. Phil talked her into allowing all that to be washed off her face, and when she came back, not only was she more beautiful without it, but her attitude and posturing changed for the better, as well.

    To EVERYONE - I think I posted this just to see what would happen in the comments.

    I'll admit to some vanities. And I use a number of "girlie products." But I think, I hope it's not too much. I try to remain moderate and remember that the greatest beauty any of us can ever possess is that which comes from what we allow to live inside us, not what we slather, dab, paint, scrape, pat,or pull on or off the outside.

    Thanks, all. You guys are the greatest!

  13. Dunno - does it bug you to have stubble? I don't really have leg hair is really fine and almost invisible. I flap into action if I need to. :-) Haven't shaved since the new year. My legs pits..every day. And I hate it. Every day I think...again!?? summer I shave every day...almost.

  14. Jenn - With age I've found the hair on my legs to be sparser and finer, and it doesn't necessarily bother me. And I really don't even think about it much. So I suspect I'll flap!! Oh, the pits, ABSOLUTELY!! I can't ignore that!!

  15. I totally agree with ragged around the edges...
    I shave my legs whenever I feel like doing it, for me! Of course, I don't have a boyfriend right now, but when I did, I admit I felt kind of obligated to keep my legs hairless!

  16. Shaving has become a luxury these past few years. So when I accomplish the feat I feel special and self pampered, brought on mostly by taking extra time. I notice the silky way the lotion glides on, the different way my jeans feel during the day, the lack of resistance at night (oops TMI). My daughter however cannot understand how anyone can go a day without shaving. So I vote with Jenn. If my daughter wants to vote she can cast it herself

  17. Great question.

    I don't always shave my legs. Inevitably something happens where my leg accidentally shows and secret is revealed.

    I now have a tattoo on my ankle and when people see it they want me to pull up my pant leg. I try to pull it up without revealing the hair on my legs.

  18. ps...

    i had a boyfriend who said:"I don't care if you shave your legs as long as you open them."

  19. M - That is embarrassing when you get "exposed," isn't it?! As to your boyfriend . . . (blush) what does one say to follow that?? LOL


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