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Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm Waiting . . .

. . . and trying to not bite my fingernails!

My phone rang yesterday. It was the Realtor in KC. Another Realtor showed the house and had just called her to say that he was with his client, writing an offer on the house!

So I'm waiting.




I know that writing an offer takes time and thought. It took me a couple days to make all the decisions about what to offer on the house here, so I know it may not come today. But . . .

OK, big breath . . . exhale . . . I'm OK, I'm alright, I really am!

Just keep your fingers crossed, alright?


  1. We are all crossing our fingers and toes over here. I really hope this offer is something that you would consider taking because I know how much you want to sell the house. Your eagerness makes me wonder if it's the neighbors you are trying to get away from.

    Oh, and per our conversation Laura and I do need to approve anyone that buys your house.

  2. Caroline - Nah, at least not the neighbors in back of me! And I've already told the Realtor that she must have references on the buyer to send to you!

  3. crossing...crossing...crossing

  4. Fingers are crossed and toes.
    "Emme cross your legs" ok the cat's rooting for you to.

    Good Luck

  5. Fingers crossed, hoping this works out for you!

  6. Jenn - now be careful, don't cross so much that you can't . . . well, whatever!

    Walker and Emme - Thank you, but you two look funny like that!!

    Sassy - Thanks! The combined mojo has gotta work!!

  7. Fingers are absolutely still crossed!!! I want it to work out for you!!!!! Let us know when news breaks!

  8. Fingers and toes are crossed!!! I know what you are going through. My boyfriend has his house up for sale. Wishing you lots of luck!!!

  9. Fingers crossed. Check.
    Toes crossed. Check.
    Eyes crozzzed. Chk.

  10. Cheryl, Gerbera Daisy, Patti - Thank you, thank, you, THANK YOU!! See my NEW post!


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