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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekend Potpourri

My little China has found her voice. And now, like many children, she just won't shut up! She has always been "the quiet one." She barked occasionally, when someone came to the door or to be "part of the gang" if one or both the others were barking. Otherwise, you just never heard from her. Even to go outside, she didn't bark. She either stood at the door, silent, staring at you until you noticed, or most often, she simply waited until one of the others asked to go out and tagged along.

I'm guessing in a household with three dogs, a girl would have to have some muscle to be noticed. But China was definitely a beta dog, showing no inclination to oust the leader. Ali sometimes has thought he was the alpha dog, but he was only a wanna-be. The true alpha dog was Mai Lin, China's mother. And as any good woman will do, she let Ali think "alpha" many times, but when he got too heady about it, she reminded him. She wasn't aggressive about it; she just was the leader of the pack.

Since Mai Lin left us in October, both China and Ali have done a lot of changing. They have grieved, but they have also done a lot of "role exploration." Interestingly, Ali seems to understand better now about his position, and seems to be alpha in our house but less "in your face" when we are away. That's a good thing. And as for Miss China . . . she has apparently decided to step out and take life in her own hands, uh, paws! Within the last couple weeks, she has discovered that when she goes to the door and barks, we let her go outside. That's good. Buuuuuuut . . . for the last several days, she is parking about every half hour or so. I let her out, and she goes out and always does her business, but not until she has wandered and sniffed and wandered and sniffed. She has always love being outside, and I think she misses having a fenced yard that she can come and go in. But her new found power to make the doors open is inconvenient as hell for me! For one thing, it is cold out there! I like cold weather, but I don't like to just go out and stand around for 15 minutes while she wanders and sniffs!

In addition to that, she is becoming braver by the day on how far she wanders. The house sits on more than an acre, and she apparently thinks she has to wander, sniff and potty on as many square feet of it as she can before we leave here! Lately I have usually put my snow boots on when I take them out, but occasionally I've just had on house slippers. That is when she most often decides to explore. I holler at her to come back, and it is hard to know if she is ignoring me or if her decreasing hearing truly limits her from hearing me. At any rate, when she trots away from me with purpose like that, I have to go tromping behind her in the snow to be sure she doesn't go onto the road or into the woods.

We'll both be glad to have the fenced yard at the new house! It is a small fenced area, but at least she can go out without me having to monitor her! It will be very nice!

On another note, the snow is melting. Duh. The sun has been shining a lot, and it is obvious that melt will occur. That isn't a problem by itself, but over the past few weeks we have had a lot of snow. The ground is now seriously saturated. Lots of snow + lost of sun = lots of MUD. Today I ran to the post office, and getting out and back in through the driveway gave me more problems than the snow did! My car went sideways both directions and I had mud to the rims! What a nasty mess. I have to watch, also, where the dogs go because they are tracking mud in when the get out of the grassy areas. OK, I like snow, but I really abhor mud. I'm ready to be done. Thank you.

Finally, I've begun the process of listing all the tasks I need to undertake in the next six to eight weeks. Utilities, telephone, satellite dish hook ups. Moving truck rentals, people to call to help at each end of the move. Lists of supplies I will need, such as colored tape to make destinations locations for boxes. I called my friend in KC and asked him to go by that house and take down the porch swing, now that I know I have a place for it. I don't want anyone looking at the house to think they're going to get it. I also had him remove a wagon wheel that was in the front yard,

as I plan to put a fence on the front corner of the new property that includes wagon wheels and posts. Those wheels aren't necessarily easy to find or cheap, so I'm bringing that one here!

OK. I'm ready to move. Let's get it on!!


  1. I remember that list of tasks...the last time I did it was when I was moving out of 'our' home. Wow...flashback! :-) Always a good thing to move on, I say.

    And yay about China getting braver. Also a good thing!

  2. Jenn - Yes, I see it as moving on and moving up. I do hate the tasks, but I'll tell you for sure that I'm glad the end of this is really near.

    And about China - LOL! We just came in *again*. I'm going to bed so she will stop!!

  3. :^) Hi there. Happy weekend!

  4. good luck with everything, i hope it all goes well <3

    Too bad i missed the post about shaving. i also missed the asian gene of no hair, but i still have a lot less than others. In winter, i am a lot more lazy, jeans are the answer!

  5. China sounds much like MiaTai. Know don't get me wrong.. . of course Maitai is Alpa around her. But she is a passive Alph. He stands by the door, she might scratch at the glass, to go out. She only barks when Margarita barks. And Rita has only recently discovered she has a voice again since her illness. But MaiTai has had little sympothy for Rita in the Alpha department. She will still make sure to sit on her whenever the opportunity araises. Or is Rita barks to go outside, first through the door. . .MaiTai. This cute little pups are something else. ILY very much. Can't wait to see you in FL. The kids have been asking. They know it's the right time of year.

  6. Hey, Steve! Happy one back to you!

    Fatty - Thanks, and I'm confident it will go fine. About jeans, I agree with you. Lazy works for me!!

    TL - I wondered if you were still lurking over at that other blog! I was going to see if you read it there, and if not, I would have told you soon. And the dogs . . . that sounds right! If you remember when they were puppies, Mai Tai was always "the boss" . . . or would that be bossy . . . with China! She has their mother's personality, spunky, bouncy, doesn't know she isn't the biggest kid on the block! It is such an endearing trait!

    I miss you, too, baby girl! Give the kids a kiss from me. Oh, and one for that big hairy dude at your house!

  7. Yea for China for finding her voice. I am sure they are anxious to get to the house with a fence. I used to love watching China just sitting in the grass enjoying the sun.

    I am so happy for you in regards to the new house. I think we are just as excited as you are. It will be fun seeing the new house and we can't wait to visit.

  8. Caroline - As you know, China is such a delight! She may be shy, but her personality is so sweet! She will have a small back yard and also the huge wonderful deck on the front to soak up sunshine at the new house.

    I am eager for your visit, too!

  9. The best thing I ever did for myself and my lil dachshund was install a doggy door. Marvelous invention!

  10. Seven - I agree with that! But remember that for now I am a guest in the home of my son. Currently he has no dog and no fenced yard, although those will both likely change soon. I will have one installed in my new home as soon as possible. I love for the babies to have freedom . . . and me to be able to be more lazy!!!

  11. Reilly goes through phases, sometimes he will wake me up once or twice in the middle of the night to go out, usually he waits til' I am up in the morning and he goes before I go to bed. Dogs are so funny and I know what you mean about following them around in the cold/dark. When we move into the new house we will have a big yard with a privace fence but I still don't know that i won't follow him around the yard. He's so little i'm afraid an owl might get him.
    It's good China is finding her "voice" though.
    I hate mud too. Double yuck.
    All too soon your move will be over and all will be well.

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  13. Patti - I know what you mean about worrying about predators. My furry kids are bigger than Reilly, but I'm going to be cautious, never the less.

    I hate to tell you, but I'll still have mud at the new place, 'cause the driveways are gravel, not paved. It will probably not be as bad as it is here(it looks as if it has been graveled more recently that this one), but it has the potential. Know what? I don't really care . . . it will be MINE!!

  14. The whole alpha dog/beta dog thing is a complete mystery to me. But I bet if we humans used that system the world would a lot more peaceful and would make a lot more sense.

  15. Sandra - Yes. The trouble is that there are a lot of people like my Ali . . . they think they are Allpha's, and humans don't back of and say, Oh, OK, you take it from here. Humans tend to continue to "lead" regardless of the direction. Sighhh. There is an interesting discussion going on over on Seven's blog along this line (


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