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Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm A-Flutter, I guess

I've been trying off and on all day to write something here. I get through a paragraph or two, reread it and delete it. I've tried several different topics, but nothing was going anywhere.

I felt restless all day. I decided to go into Ruidoso and do some minor shopping, you know, some things like toothpaste, paper plates and a couple cans of mushrooms. Do you know that no one sells slips anymore? I know, I know, they are passé, and I don't usually wear one either, but I'm going to my nephew's wedding on Saturday, and in hopes that I might actually dance, I'd like to have one on for modesty's sake. Never mind, however, I guess I will be either a wallflower or a scandal, because I could not find one at all!

I got my list done at Walmart and headed for the vet's office to get dog food and go home. Along the way I was sidetracked, first to the western store where I bought a couple more pairs of boots, and then by a clothing store I hadn't visited yet, and I bought a couple outfits. I should never set foot in stores when I'm restless or bored because I spend money. Of course, I didn't break the bank, and I love everything I bought, but . . .

I filled the gas tank on the truck. Whoa, that thing has a big tank! Then I came home. Still antsy, but couldn't figure out why. I called my nephew to chat with him. I had a couple questions, but couldn't remember one of them after I got him on the phone. We had a great talk, but I never remembered the second reason for my call.

I finally realized that I'm a bundle of nerves over The House. It occurred to me that I am due to close next Wednesday. I'm a bit nervous about three details that aren't finished up. Allan assures me that everything is moving along about on schedule, and I should not be too worried. It's hard not to. I've waited so long for this, and it signifies such a big milestone that I fear that dreaded "something" that might go wrong.

So I'm fretting, buying, planning, chewing my nails, packing the things I have here, and generally being a worry wart. I can't help it. I am who I am, and right now I'm so anxious I can hardly stand it. Forgive my totally pointless post. I'll be back to normal eventually!


  1. I am sure everything will work out just fine in the end. Just one more week and your dreams will come true. Can't wait to see the house once you move in.

  2. Waiting for something you really want is torture. Even though you know the days will go by at the same speed as they always doesn't feel like it, eh?

  3. Caroline - Oh, I know it is fine. It's just how hard the last days/hours/moments can be that is gurelling!

    Sandra - My thinking part know that the days are all 24 hours long, but the feeling part just goes to Jell-O!

  4. When I feel that way I do pushups and situps. Think of the great six pack of abs you can get that way!

  5. Seven, I'm trying not to imagine myself looking like you!!!!!!! I like how you look, but . . . . . .


    It will work out, everything will fall into place.

    You think your truck has a big tank try filling up this motorcoach. :-)

  7. Pepper, that is the main reason I haven't looked into a motor home. Scares the bejeebers outta me!!

    And, yeah, I'm, OHMMMMMing a lot. Or trying to!


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