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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Gettin' There!!

I spent a busy day preparing for the upcoming move. I was mostly on the phone arranging for the utilities to be switched from the present occupant to me, and new service where necessary. It's all done.

I went to the Post Office to arrange for service to begin next week. I still have to change the address with all my contacts, magazines, etc. We had to call the court house to determine, for certain, what the address is. I'd been given one house number, and it is the one that was in all the legal papers, but all the utility companies thought it was a different one. I have no idea where the one I had came from! Anyway, it turns out that the utility folks were right! I had to call them all back and correct it! Not only that, but I had to call the post office back and tell them. The funny part about that is that the PO lady told me that it didn't really matter, I'd get the mail, regardless of which address was used!! She said, "I know who you are, and anything that comes in with your name will get to you. Small towns, no, make that teeny-tiny villages such as this one (population in 2000 = 565; when I move in , it will be 566!!!!) have interesting personalities!! Now I have to get used to an address different that I've been thinking was mine for the past two months! Good grief!

As of Wednesday 2/28 (signing day) the phone will be on and DSL will be ready to go with the hook up of the modem. Thursday 3/1 , I will spend cleaning and moving small things from this house to the new one. On Friday 3/2, I'll be painting the first coat, a primer in the great room and hall to cover up the rather awful turquoise that is on the walls as of now. Boy, it is a vile color. I love turquoise, but not that dark, not that much, and not on the walls of MY house!!! While I'm doing the painting, the satellite dish will be set up, and by Friday night, I could probably stay there in relative comfort if I want to. It feels good to have this many details in place. It feels good to be this close to being "home."

Yep, I'm gettin' there!!


  1. I think there is a product called Kilz that can be used on the dreadful turqouise to cover before you paint.

    Your story about the post office lady telling you, you would get your mail anyway made me chuckle and brought back memories. I grew up in a teeny tiny farming community. There were 38 in my high school graduating class.

  2. GD - Yes, Kilz is what I planned to get. It is a wonderful product, isn't it?

    When my son in law was here in Dec, we drove by the school in the town (pop. 1200) I live in currently with my step son. I commented that the whole school system was in the one building, and he said,"Really?" I said yes, and said how small the town/community is, and he laughed. He was feigning his surprise; I'd forgotten that he grew up in such a small town with an all-in-one school! I think his graduating class was the something close to the size of yours.

    The town in which I was born and started school was similar. It was a bit larger, but had one big, long building for the school. As I recall nearly 60 years later, it was almost the length of the block. The lower grades (me) were in one end, junior high (one brother) in the middle part and high school (another brother) was in the other end.

  3. What a wonderful thing to hear from your PO! It sounds like Mayberry! I want some of that.

  4. Seven - Just one of the reasons I like it here. It is much easier to find that peaceful balance outside the city crush. But I'll do my best to send you some bits of it your way!

  5. I am so excited to see the house when it's decorated the way you want it. Any ideas when you will be back in KC to get your stuff?

  6. Very exciting times! Congrats on getting closer and closer to move day. :)

  7. HI Lyn,
    I like the new photo.. what city are you moving to anyway? Still in NM? Take care,

  8. Caroline - Did you not get the Travelog? Hmmm. Maybe I left you off the list. I'll check. I plan to be there to load on the weekend of 3/10-3/11. It is going to be fun finding my own new style.

    Casey - Oh, yes! Things are going well, and it looks like we are on schedule for closing on time. YAY!!

    Steve - Thanks on the photo. I'm moving to Nogal, yes, still in NM. Look on the map in the center of the triangle of Ruidoso/Carrizozo/Capitan. It is so small it doesn't even get onto all maps! But I like it here very much. Home is home, right?

  9. Good for you! How exciting!

    If someone in my post office ever said anything remotely close to that to me, I'd be afraid.. I'd be very afraid.. Well, unless it was this one really hot mailman that lives in this town.. Then in that case, my husband should be afraid.. Very afraid.. :)

  10. Yes, The whole school system was all in one building. I started first grade and went right through 12th grade and graduated in the same building.

    Kilz is awesome!!!

  11. Burg - LOL! I could stand having a hot mailman these days! Of course, I'd rarely see him, because mail isn't dropped at my house. I have to travel a couple miles of gravel road to the mailboxes! I do, however, know the time of day that the mail arrives, so I could "happen" to show up at that time. Hmm. That could be considered stalking, I guess. Anyway, the mailman is very nice and friendly, but not hot. I'll keep looking!

    GD - Wow! You are one of a disappearing breed. Few of us did all 12 grades in the same town, let alone the same school! I did do 3-12 in the same town, and I have to admit it was really fun to know everyone in my class, most in the same high school. Not a small school by comparison to yours, but less than 300 in my graduating class. Now there are so many high schools that have graduating classes larger than my whole high school population +. I can't imagine that.

  12. Moving is so hard because of all the STUFF you have to take care of--all those little details! But, it is so exciting too!!!

  13. Cheryl -Boy, that's the truth! Every time I think I've done everything another one or two pop up! Oh, well, it will be over soon enough.


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