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Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm Gonna Make Like A Roadrunner

In other words, I'm going on a little roadtrip. I’ll be away for a couple days, going to my nephew’s wedding. I’m not taking the laptop, because I’m pretty sure I won’t have time to do much checking the blog or email anyway. I’ll wish you all a good weekend, and leave you with a few pictures of the comedic Roadrunner that lives here on Allan’s property.

Here he is, Roadrunner, sans Wile E., of course.

With gentler weather the last few days, we have seen much more of him than in past weeks.
A couple days ago, he came out and moseyed all around the house, poking in the grass for whatever was there.
The yard is big, three large lots, so he has plenty of bugs and grubs and worms and whatever else, and he took his time.
I simply wandered around inside the house, snapping pictures from whatever window or door was near.
Roadrunners are amusing little creatures. They are fun to watch. They often dance and bob and of course, there are those zip-zip-zip sprints they do. Cool birds. And they help to keep the spiders and bugs away, as well as snakes. In this country, this is a very good thing.

I'm hoping for a resident Roadrunner at my new home. I was there day before yesterday, and I believe I saw one dart into the under growth across the road from my house. Hope I'm right!

A cute story about this Roadrunner ... My late husband loved Roadrunners, as do most New Mexicans. In November 2005, one morning two or three weeks after his death, Allan was looking out the window at his pickup. The Roadrunner was on the hood of the PU. He would run up the windshield to the roof of the truck, then slide down it again to the hood. After a few seconds, he would run up the windshield again, turn around and slide down to the hood. Allan was enjoying his antics, and after watching it a few times, he said, "OK, Dad, that's enough!" The bird stopped, looked at the window where Allan stood for several seconds, then hopped off the hood of the truck and skittered away!

Think about that!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OH.MY.GAWD!!! Think back a few weeks to a blog in which I opened a discussion of whether I might be a snow witch. Remember that? It was seeming as if I took bad weather everywhere I went. When I did a road trip, it snowed and was cold and nasty. Several times I barely made it home before a huge snow. Well, moments ago Allan walked into the room with a smirky smile and motioned with his finger to come with him. Fearing something like a "puppy present" somewhere in the house, I followed him to the same window where he watched the Roadrunner in the previous story. Then he pointed at same window ... where SNOW was streaming past the window!!!!!!!!! The temperature today was in the low 60s! Except for the gusty winds, it was a wonderful day!! Tomorrow was to be cooler, in the low 50s, but fairly nice! YEAH, RIGHT! I'm leaving at 7:00 in the morning, and it is snowing! Big flakes and sleet mixed, sticking to the ground stuff!

I really am the Snow Bi--, uh, Witch!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lynilu, thanks for telling that wonderful story about the roadrunner who was performing as Dad.

    Goodlife my friend.

  2. I, too, love the roadrunner and was thrilled one very hot day in Las Vegas when I saw one hopping around and playing in the parking lot of a Sweet Tomatoes. I worried he was lost, but when I came out of the S.T. he was still around, sitting on my car. I watched out for him in later trips to the area and saw him again. Yep, he lived somewhere in the area in that ashpalt desert! I took it as a sign that I could also survive there. GYPSY MOTH

  3. Love the story about your son, the bird and the truck!

  4. I had to chuckle to myself when you said you thought you were a snow witch because every where you go it snows. If you are a snow witch, then I must be a rain witch!!! When Man and I went on our caribbean cruise, one of our stops was Jamaica. It poured rain. We planned to go to an outdoor concert last summer. We had looked forward to it for weeks. The afternoon of the concert we got a bad thunderstorm. The concert was canceled. When I went to Hawaii to help my daughter when she had my grandson, it rained every dang day. It happens all the time.

  5. Robert - My pleasure.

    Gypsy Moth - They are tenacious little creatures, aren't they?

    Sassy - Thanks!

    GD = (Grinning) My stepson has decided that it isn't just the snow witch; I attract all sorts of bad weather! Everywhere I go, it seems that I have the worst possible weather of the season! It was blowing here, I left and it quit. A few hours before I came back last night, it started blowing again! Hey, I think this just makes us both women to reckon with!! LOL!

  6. I LOVE those pics of the roadrunner!!! They're great!

  7. Cheryl - Isn't he a beauty? They are fun to watch, great characters!

  8. OMG, just LOOK at that roadrunner!! It's HUGE!! The only thing that makes me more homesick than a LotaBurger is a Whataburger... and a roadrunner, of course. Maybe it's because I'm PMSing, but my heart seriously hurts after seeing these pictures.

  9. Catherine - You know. I know. those who haven't experienced it probably think we are weird. But LotaBurgers and roadrunners are in a class of their own. I missed roadrunners while in KC, and I'm (obviously!!) soaking them up now. Catherine, it is so good to be home again.


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