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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tags, Bah!

I've been "got" by Jenn. I r.e.a.l.l.y don't like these things. I think it goes back to grad school when we had to do so many introspective things, and I was just got tired of pouring my guts out. Oh, well, I survived that and I can do this, too. ;-)

The rules say:

The game: Each player of this game starts off
with ten weird things or habits
or little known facts about themselves.
People who get tagged must write
in a blog of their own ten weird things
or habits or little known facts
as well as state this rule clearly.
At the end you must choose six people
to be tagged and list their names.
No tag backs!

Now, I'm supposed to tell six more people to follow my lead and tell ten little known things about themselves. I'm so bad at this that I don't want to tag others, so what I'm doing, instead, is say that if you read this and you wish to do so, take this to your blog and have a ball! Otherwise, just enjoy knowing some silly things about me ... and don't gossip about me!! And don't laugh so loud that I can hear you!

Here goes:

1. My body is decidedly asymmetrical. STOP LOOKING! It's not that obvious.

2. I was such a good child that I didn’t get spanked. Well, once.

3. I learned to drive on Old Route 66 through the desert of New Mexico when I was 11 years old.

4. I was a big-time tomboy as a kid. I used to out run, out throw, out jump, all the boys. That was before I knew that it not only didn’t impress them, but it scared the hell out of them.

5. Later on, I could out drink all the boys, too. That did impress them.

6. I have a rare blood type, B-.

7. In my teens and early 20s, I could limbo under a stick lower than my knees.

8. I used to drag race my Volkswagen. Real drag races, not street races. Well, I did that, too. I usually won against other VWs, but a 409 spotted me half the distance and beat me by a nose. I want no remarks about me being a fast woman.

9. I’m mildly claustrophobic. Elevators are fine as long as they don’t hesitate. Or bump. Or squeal, squeak, or whine. Or hesitate to open the doors. Or . . . . . .

10. I really, really hate doing these things! OK, that’s not a fair response. How ‘bout ... (2 hours later!!) I hate sitting in a restaurant alone, something I will need to overcome, ‘cause I’m not going to miss a good dinner just ‘cause I’m alone from now on!!! Life's too short to miss a good meal!!

Whew! I be glad dat done!!


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  2. Lynilu, it is alright to walk your own path. I know you're trying to be a good sport here but I did not feel the need, albeit that I admit to being curious, to read the quirky aspects of anyone's life - and yet I do appreciate many of these quirks as they contribute to the complexity of our personalities.

    Where would art be today without such complexities. Where would our capacity be to interpret and to translate the unknown or the unspoken from one media to another.

    I know that you are knowledgeable about all things social and a professional at that. I am hopeful that you will feel free to be yourself without feeling that you must respond to the tag.

    Olly olly oxen free. Goodlife my friend.

  3. Oh, Robert, I know it! And because I occasionally enjoy those peeks into another's makeup, I try to be that "good sport." If I really didn't want to follow through, I would have passed. As I said, I think the real issue with me is in the struggle to be introspective. You know, it is said that people who chose to enter the field I was in do so in order to be able to turn their focus onto others and escape looking at/working on their own "stuff." There is likely some truth in that for me. Thank you for the support.

  4. Love your list!
    Okay, a few things we share--
    I also remember only one time I ever got spanked as a child!
    I have won several limbo contests in my life!!!
    Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!!

  5. You did it! (I don't really like these either, but like you, was trying to be a good sport.)

    Maybe we should go out drinkin' sometime. :-)

  6. Silver Lovely,
    Do 1, 7 and 9 go together some way?
    Escaping the low bar because you are slightly cluaso, aided by a an asymmetrical body?
    I'm still think bout mine.

  7. I hate being "tagged" but I love reading them. It helps me get to know the person a little better and so I do tags. My daughter who blogs sporadically and calls often does these little tags (meme) and it is amazing the little nuances I didn't know about her.

    You were a rough and tumble tomboy who scared the hell out of the opposite sex. KUDOS I hope you still do.

  8. I always thought you are tres' cool Lynilu and this just confirms it.
    I usually take a book if I am eating alone in public.

  9. I didn't know you don't like being tagged? I have always loved it because there are some days when I have a hard time coming up with something to say.

    I have always had a hard time going out to eat by myself. Bravo for you for doing it with such self confidence.

  10. Cheryl - Boy, it took me forever to think of those things! That might be because I don't hide much about myself (duh!!) and I have absolutely nothing about me that is weird!! LOL I'm glad you didn't share my (weird) asymmetrical shape!!

    Jenn - If I'm coming to your neck of the woods, it's gotta be summer!! I have friends in Wisconsin that I hope to visit sometime, so perhaps I can swing by there. And, of course, you and bitty-boo could always make the trek to NM!!

    Seven - Hmmm. That's an interesting combination of thoughts! Now understand ... I didn't go under the limbo bar sideways like a crab! I'm not THAT lopsided!

    Pepper - Ya know, that thing about scaring the opposite sex ... Yeah, I think I do! I've found in the short time that I've been alone that because I'm such a free spirit, outgoing with friends, and so comfortable with me that a couple guy friends have danced close, then far, then close again! It amazing me because I've always been this way, so they shouldn't have been surprised. Who knows?! I'm still gonna be me!!

    Oh, and welcome!! Glad you stopped by!

    Patti - I've done the book trick, too, but I'm trying to avoid allowing myself to hide behind a prop. It's getting better, and I usually wind up in a conversation with someone near me! Yay!!

    Caroline - A long time ago, I told you that I didn't like doing memes and I thought you heard because you didn't tag me again!! LOL And on the eating thing ... since I have no plans to marry again, I need to get used to it. It isn't so bad now days, but 20 years ago ... just paralyzing.

  11. Lyn, I don't like to eat out alone, either. I don't mind burger type places, but I have had to eat out at good places because of my travels. I just feel so awkward. Once you make some friends nearby, I bet you'll be able to talk someone into joining you pretty easily. Just think, you already have 10 conversation starters. :)
    If you have to go eat alone, and leave the book behind, it wouldn't surprise me to find out you've made more friends.


    and I love it.


    HOLY cow...

  13. s3 - I know that my alone-ness won't last forever, but it is also important to me to be self-reliant for those times when I want to do something and no one is around. It's just my need to have that kind of confidence. No, I don't take the books with me these days, and I rarely lack for conversation!

    Kevin - But I'm the lovable kind of crazy!! And ... I was very flexible!!

  14. You might hate these lists, but I LOVE reading them. You are one of the coolest women I've never met. :)

    And it ain't over till it's over. Who knows, maybe there's a good dinner date out there for you yet. ;)

    Happy Belated Valentine's Lyn!!

  15. Catherine - Oh, goodness! Thank you! You're right, it ain't over till it's over, and I don't think it is over! I'm simply at an awkward state of my adaptation to this new life because I'm becoming aware of being ready to have male company again with the possibility that it might be more than friendship. It has been so long since I've been in dating mode that I'm not sure of much! Strange situation for an old gal like me!


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