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Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm in Kansas City. And I'm tired. Much of the tiredness came after my arrival in KC.

The road trip was fairly uneventful. I was close enough to Wichita to have a late lunch with Scott and Connie, which was very pleasant. We had oriental food. The menu was very diverse, and while most of it was Chinese, there were a few things that seemed to be decidedly Vietnamese. Anyway, it was very good! So was the company! Connie was on a tight schedule between classes, but at lease we had some time together. Scott and I were able to just sit and chat for quite a while, and I enjoyed it a lot. BTW, Connie just got her hair cut a few days ago, and she, also, donated her hair to Locks for Love like Kylee did a few weeks ago! Yay for them both!!!

While we were eating I left the dogs in the car as I usually do. What I don't usually do is leave my cell phone in the car with them. I'm not positive, but fairly sure that no one ever calls them when I'm away. When we came out of the restaurant I opened the door to take them for a walk, and out tumbled Ali and several small items! He was apparently right up against the door! Now that is a long fall for him! I snatched him up and made sure he was OK. He was shaking, but seemed to be alright. Then I realized that he had torn up Jack in the car!! I got a call from a friend and she left a message. When a call comes in and I don't answer, there is a "reminder beep" that goes off every so often. Ali hates that beeping noise for some reason. And he will do anything possible to get away from it. Since he couldn't get away, he chose to rip to shreds an organizer bag that I keep in the car with doggie items for emergencies ... a bowl for water, a little bag of food, their leashes, etc. It's a goner. Totally shredded. Oh, and I keep some Huggies moist wipes for days when their feet are muddy. Those were shredded. All I can say is that I'm glad he didn't do the same to the car seat!! or the carpet under the bag. or my computer bag. or the camera bag. or ......... Good thing I really love the damn little dog.

After leaving Wichita, it sprinkled on me for 50 or 75 miles. Not enough to be concerning, and just a refreshing shower along the way. And it turned cold! Well, not bitterly cold, but really chilly. I almost didn't bring a coat. I was going to rely on layers of other warmth, and while packing the trailer, I still will; but I did toss my heavy coat in, and it looks like it might come in handy.

And then I arrived in KC. I had reserved a room, after asking if they take pets. I didn't ask about the cost, so I called them, and found out they charged $79.95 for me (a bit steep I thought) and then I asked if there was a charge for the pets. Some charge, some only make you put a deposit, some do nothing. Yes, there was a charge .... $25 per pet!!! OH MY GAWD!! Most places that charge do $5 or $10! I canceled that one!!

Let me say here and now ... KANSAS CITY IS VERY PET UNFRIENDLY. At least when it comes to motels. I drove a total of 30 miles checking various ones, calling others in between before I finally had a very kind lady at Hampton Inn tell me about two places that did take dogs in this area. One was the dastardly place named above, and the other is Holiday Inn Express. So we are tucked in for the night at $70 with a deposit that will be returned when I leave. Forget the fact that I am now about 15 miles from where I need to be!! Oh, well, it is nice, clean, in a good neighborhood, and we are in for the next few nights. In the past 2 years I've traveled over 15,000 by auto, and never has a town been this closed to pets! Now I know for sure why I left!!! LOL!

Hmmm. I think I had something else to write about, but it escapes me. Lucky you!!!


PS at noon, 3/16/07 - An update: I had an appointment to have my eyes checked. While I was there, I left the babies in the car as I often do. During my absence a crew arrived and began jackhammering in the parking lot. Can you imagine what I'm going to tell you next? Nah.

When I returned Ali was on the floor of the driver's seat. Scattered around him was the biggest mess you've ever seen. (1) He tore open a ziplock with doggie treats. Didn't eat them, just tore it open and dumped it out. (2) Another ziplock with my meds (all in bottles, thank goodness) was torn open and the bottles were scattered. (3) The little container of waste pick up bags that you clip to the handle of a leash was on the floor, about 3-5 of the bags pulled out and shredded (4) A plastic bottle of root beer that I had yesterday was chewed up. There was probably an ounce or two left. It is now all over the floor mat and Ali's head and front feet.

I stopped at a pet store and bought shampoo. Then I came to the hotel and gave him his "doggie nerve tonic." He's asleep. I'm not mad any more. We'll both live.


  1. Poor freaked out little furry one. :( I can't blame him at all for ripping apart something.

    Sorry about the hotel fiasco. Yuck! But I'm glad you found a nice place to call home for a few days.

  2. My gosh! I can't believe there was that much of a deposit! I'd have canceled and probably told them what to do with their time!

  3. Poor ole dog, all worked up and hadda take it out SOMETHING.....

    Have a nice trip.

    I love the background ... birds chirpin on the blog :-)

  4. Poor Ali I bet it was hell listening to that beeping and the fall... OMG I know Momma made it all better though.
    Boo for pet-unfriendly places. I can't like that at all.
    May your visit be productive and hug Caroline & Laura for me!

  5. hello Lynilu
    how are you today. yes it is really me. i am still alive and well. i just have not been posting lately. i did do one today though.
    i am sorry you had so much trouble finding a place to take youe pets. you saying that reminds me of the signs they use to have in front of apartments in california that said, no children and no pets. whats a pet lover suppose to do ?
    well have a good week and i will talk to you again.

  6. Casey - I felt so sorry for him. When I realized that I'd left the phone, I should have gone to get it. Might have saved us all a lot of trouble!

    The hotel ... it seems to be very nice! I think we are all 3 happy here for the time being.

    Burg - That's exactly what I did. This place asked just a simple $25 deposit and it will be returned. That makes sense to me.

    Doo Dah - Ya know, that "ole dog" thing is the main problem. Bless his heart, he will be 14 next month, and he just isn't dealing well with changes. Hmmm. Kinda sounds like some *people* I know!!

    Did you listen to the background long enough to hear the song, too? I love it! Cool message.

    Patti - Yeah, I couldn't believe how many said "NO Pets." Even a couple that were dives! But we are in a good place now!

    Mrhaney - I'm so glad you're back! I was really getting worried about you! I hate to admit that I was beginning to have awful visions of you in a hospital or something. I'm so glad you are OK. I be by to vist your blog again soon, but it may be a few days because of my tasks for the weekend and early part of next week.

  7. Good Friday afternoon Lynilu !

    Glad you had your warm coat when the weather turned cold.

    How was your eye check-up ?

    We do love our pets, don't we ! Hope the rest of the trip is uneventful for poor Ali -- and whatever bags/things you have in the front seat !

  8. Ohhh poor Ali. And also poor you, that kind of thing stresses me out like nothing else, and as for pet-unfriendly places, HISS BOO.

  9. Such a good and patient mom you are to the pups. Just a few little bumps along the way... but happily it sounds like all is well now :-)

  10. Annie - I'm glad I had it, too! The eye check was fine; I just needed an update on lenses. And as for poor Ali ... he is crashed again. It's been a hard, hard day for him!

    Sandra - You know, of course, that whatever our four-legged family members suffer, so do we. But we are both OK, just tired. I'm going to get some early rest. Tomorrow will be an early start, and I need to be as fresh as possible. Yes, HISS BOO on those places.

    Eileen - I try to remember that he is aging and handling stress with less resilience than before. These dogs are my heart. What happens to them happens to me also. I'm glad to have them to help me through aging, as well. It's surely a 2-way street.

  11. Poor Ali! I hate those things!

  12. Poor Ali. He was have a doggie nervous breakdown. Thanks for the warning about KC not being pet friendly. We are heading home to take care of some business and was planning to spend the night in a hotel in KC. It looks like I will be driving the RV.

  13. Burg - frankly, I do, too. When I replace this one, I'm going to avoid the reminder beep. My previous one had a little blinking light as a reminder, and I like that much more.

    Pepper - I don't know what part of KC you'll be in, but the Holiday Inn Express on 291/470 is between Exit 12 and 14 on the service road. If you go to exit 14, you'll see it just before your turn off. It's nice, and it requires just the deposit, not a nightly rate for each animal.


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