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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta DAH!!!

Guess what. It is all loaded. The truck and trailer are loaded and there are a few things in my truck. I didn't expect it to be finished until tomorrow!! I am amazed at how fast it went. There were only four of us, me and three hardworking male friends. I supposedly hired 3 to help us, but they never showed up. There had better not be a charge on my credit card!!

We will be leaving tomorrow morning. How long it will take to make the 900 mile drive is not at all certain. I think tomorrow will give us a good measuring stick.

I'm so sore! I simply ache all over, even before a night's sleep. I dread tomorrow! I'm going to slather Aspercreme all over my body tonight after my shower, and I hope I can get a good night's sleep. It is going to be a hard drive, not because I'm loaded down, but because I will have to go slowly to stay with Bill in the truck. It may well take us three days to get there, and then we still have to unload. Then we'll return the truck and I'll drive Bill to Albuquerque to fly back to Missouri.

I'm headed to the shower and then to bed. Nite, all!


  1. Hope you slept well, Lynilu, and the Aspercreme helped soothe the aches.
    That is excellent you are all loaded up and ready to come back home !
    Have a good Sunday...
    Drive safe...
    Cyber hugs to the dogs...

  2. I am glad you were able to get everything done in one day. I know you are anxious to get on the road and out of KC, so that is good.

    Again, I am so sorry if I let you down and was not able to help you pack up your stuff. I hope you will forgive me.

  3. Annie - I did! All is good, and the dogs loved the cyber hugs!

    Caroline - I'm glad, too, that it went so quickly. Such a relief to be done and halfway home. No forgiveness needed. Life is what it is, and I understand your situation.

    Eileen - Thank you. It's going well!

  4. Glad you are almost home and that the Aspercreme did it's job! Godspeed Lynilu


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