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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Got Candy For You!

C'mere, little girls and boys! Yeah, take another step, c'mon! I have some candy for you. It's alright, keep walking this way! Heh, Heh, Heh!

The candy won't hurt you. It's .... eye candy. Now, get a cup of coffee and just kick back.

This morning I rose and prepared to take the dogs out. I opened the front door, sucked in a sharp breath and told the dogs to wait a minute while I grabbed my camera. This is what was out the front door . . . . . .

The heavy coat of snow from yesterday was partially melted, forming icicles, while at the same time sliding off the roof. With the sun behind it, it was an amazing light show!

The sun behind the icicles made a delightful effect.

Shadows and sunlight made patterns that are fascinating. These are clear icicles, believe it or not!

I wondered what I would get with the focus slightly off. Awesome!

So after snapping around 70 shots, I came in and fixed the dogs breakfast and myself a cuppa joe. However, shen I sat down in my chair and looked out the window, I jumped up and grabbed the camera again!

The sun has risen to a different angle, and gave me a whole other perspective!

And just as I finished that one above, there was a wooooooossssshhhhhh .... thunk behind me. I turned and saw the the area in the first of this second series, the larger one above, now looked like this . . . . . . .

Do you see the "snow diamonds" in the sky? The snow was swirling everywhere and making a wonderful display!

Now, I hate to tell you this, but as I was writing these notes, I saw another gorgeous sight and took more photos of the ice and snow. No, I'm not going to upload more. Enough is enough, although you wouldn't think I believe that since I had shot over 100 photos this morning!! Do you think I need professional help?

Another, unrelated note. With this snow, the birds have been struggling to find food, of course. They, like we, thought spring was here and were sincerely miffed yesterday. I made sure to keep the bird feeder filled, and I put out peanuts for the blue jay.

Well, this morning the feeder was empty, and one of the little residential birds came up on the deck, sat on a box right outside the living room window, and .... I swear this is true! .... looked in the window with that cocking of the head that birds do, and just stayed there for a couple minutes until I got up and filled the feeder! Already those little beggars have learned to guilt me into feeding them!!

Have a wonderfully happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Good Saturday morning Lynilu,

    Amazing pictures of the icicles and the sun peeking through and the 'sun diamonds' !

    That was one smart bird to get you to feed him !

  2. Annie - Good morning to you, too! I'm guessing that the previous occupant was pretty good about feeding the birds, so they are probably trained! He had a lot of hummingbird feeders hanging when I looked at the place, and he said that there were lots of hummers that came around here. I remember that when we used to come visit my late husband's uncle and aunt, 60 miles southwest of here, they had tons of hummers all summer long. I can't wait!

  3. PS - The previous occupant left all the hummingbird feeders behind for me, too. How cool is that?

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous!! Love the "sun diamonds"!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Oh my! That's the most beautiful sight! It's funny.. I love to look at the snow, but I sure hate to be in it!

  6. GD - Thank you. I was just breathless when I saw it! And I am having a good one. See my new post!

    Burg - Isn't it? I know it is hard for people to believe what the climate is like here, but one of the wonderful things is that snow comes, then it usually goes away very quickly because of the sunshine. It doesn't hang on like it does in the Midwest. I don't mind it because it doesn't stay long enough to get boring ... and dirty looking!

  7. Beautiful! Diamonds is a great description for these photographs. No you don't need professional help, just yesterday I took 23 pictures of a bug I have never seen before.

  8. Pepper - I do the same thing ... when I see a bug or bird or flower or tree I don't know, I snap it. then I go to books and internet to identify it. If I try to trust my memory to do this, it's futile, because I forget details that help to distinguish between varieties. Birds are the hardest to photo. I've found waterfowl relatively easy, but most other birds are too quick moving to take good shots. I'm famous for taking too many pics. Visiting the Atlanta Aquarium I took over 300 snaps. I'm glad I did, however. I really enjoy going back and looking at them!

  9. That first picture looks otherwordly... like something on a trailer for a sci-fi movie! Beautiful nonetheless.

  10. Catherine - LOL! You're right, but I hadn't noticed that aspect of it.

  11. Wow, what AWESOME pictures! What's the point in having a camera if you're not gonna use it, right? :-) Great job! I'm impressed and amused if no one else is...hee hee :-).

    You have a great week too!


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