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Friday, March 30, 2007

I Love Surprises!

I woke this morning about 6:45 and putzed around the house a little while. Both dogs were still asleep, and I just left them snoozing while I did a few small tasks. Around 7:15 they began to stir and wanted to go outside. I opened the front door and saw . . .

You might want to enlarge that so you can see the streaks of snow falling. It was really, really coming down hard!! I couldn't see beyond my own yard because of the "wall" of snow descending!

There wasn't much on the ground yet. In the following picture, you can see that my truck was covered, but probably with just a half inch or so.

I was surprised because , while there was a forecast for rain/snow showers last night and today, I thought it would be rain. Yesterday was cool, in the 50s, today was to be in the 50s, and tomorrow is going to be in the 60s, so rain just seemed more likely.

Well, the dogs did their business, I took those pics, and then we came back in. I fed them, made coffee. I raised the shades so I could watch the snow, and really enjoyed it. Then I cleaned up and made coffee again. grrrrr. I left one component of the coffeemaker out, and had coffee and grounds all over the counter. OK, OK, it happens!

By 8:30, look what we had . . . .

I waded out into the driveway and measured it ... four inches! And it was still coming down hard. In the following pic you can see how high the snow is on the box. That is a wardrobe box that I slid down the stairs. I had planned to put it in the truck to go to the dumpster, but I'm glad it is there. It gives a good idea of the depth of the snow.

And now a couple more that are just for the heck of it, so show how pretty the snow is.

A couple days ago Allan and I were talking about the snow, weather and what we expect for this summer. I commented that it would be good to have one more good snow for the season, a couple feet, so that there are sufficient amounts for run-off to help avoid drought. Allan looked at me for a moment and said, "You mean snow on the mountain, right?" I said, "Yes, on the mountain." And I laughed. This morning, he reminded me of that conversation. I replied, "Yeah, but when I said that, I forgot that I live on the mountain now!!!"

I just checked, and today's high is supposed to be 48, tomorrow 63, and into the 70s for the following few days. This won't last long! But it will do good things higher on the mountain where it will last a little while, long enough to be run off later. It's all about adding moisture for the dry season. Already, just a few days ago, the forestry signs along the road said there was a high risk of fire.

OK, I'm off to do something productive. Have a good day today and a fun weekend, everyone!

PS added at 2:30 PM -

It is still snowing!! There have been some lulls from time to time, but bottom line is that it continues to come down. Earlier it was warm enough that some of it melted as evidenced by these two pictures of the snow sliding off the hand rails of the front steps.

You can see that at times it has been a lighter snow fall as I can see the next hill over.

But obviously, I still couldn't see far even then.

And if you notice, my truck is starting to lose it's shape under the snow. The earlier pictures showed the line on the roof, the windshield and the hood, but this one is almost indistinct.
And look at the bed of the truck ... it is getting filled! Now, there are some things in the bed right behind the cab, but farther back the bed is filled to about 8" below the top. I know a lot of that is drifted snow, but it still is a lot. My best guess at this time is that my house has had about 8-10 inches of snow. So far. Uh-huh. Glad I have plenty of food!! I have no idea where my snow boots are!!!!!!!

Wish me luck!!


  1. Winter isn't through with you guys yet, eh? It's 77 here!

  2. That is amazing Lynilu !!! I would have thought it was the middle of winter ! Beautiful pictures of the amazing place you live !!!

  3. I really need to come visit you sometime Lynilu. A place where you get snow and great sunshine. Wow!

  4. Ragged - Careful what you say! It was nearly 80 here 2 days ago, and I understand this storm is moving slowly East!!

    Annie - It isn't unusual to have a late in the season snow such as this. I really did expect a snow, but wasn't looking for this much!! LOL!

    Patti - I'm just sayin' . . . . . :)

  5. Beautiful! We had some snow here, also, but nothing that stuck. M commented earlier that it was colder here than up in MT. You should love the summer. While others are sweltering, it will be nice and comfortable where you are. I only needed a fan a few times last summer. A/C not required.

  6. s3 - It has been so enjoyable today. I've swept the steps several times to keep it from becoming hazardous, but otherwise, I've just enjoyed being housebound with my getting settled tasks. I suspect you're right about the fan v. a/c, but if I need it, I'm ready with a good refrigerated unit. Not often found in this part of the country, but I'm glad I have it because of my issues with humidity.

    Come visit! It's still a mess, but you can come visit anyway!

  7. That is such a beautiful place!

  8. Burg - It really is. My friend from your town is coming out next week to see it and to go to a concert together. Fun!

  9. SNOW...Huh, I've heard of that stuff before :-). We don't get much of that here in least not in the area I live in. But being from NY, I'm fine with not having any.

    The pictures are beautiful though. Being that I'm new to your BLOG, I've probably missed this part, but what part of the country do you live in?

    I hope you don't get snowed in and can get out and enjoy the upcoming weather. Have a great weekend. Be safe.

  10. Dawn - Honestly, I wouldn't enjoy the kind of snow that NY gets, either! I love it here because the snow doesn't last long. The sunshine is too strong for extended snow, except in the very high elevations.

    I live in New Mexico. I grew up here, then lived in Kansas City, MO, for over 30 years, just returning to the land of my heart a few months ago. I live outside a town so small it isn't on some maps. The name is Nogal, in the southern central part of the state. I live in the Sacremento Mountains, actually on the side of a foot hill to Sierra Blanca, home to the most southern ski resort in the US, I believe, Ski Apache.

    When we get snow as we did today, it is almost always gone within 1 to 4 days. For instance, tomorrow is predicted to be 61 degrees!! I love cool weather and snow, but I get depressed when there is not enough sunshine (SAD), so this kind of climate is perfect for me. I am blissfully happy to be back in my favorite state!

  11. Girl, are you sure you aren't in colorado???

  12. Nice pictures!!! I like to look at snow. I just don't like having to manuever around.

  13. Catherine - One would think, wouldn't one!! BTW, did I tell you that I lived in Salida for a couple years when I was 2nd and 3rd grade? Such a small world!

    GD - If ya like those, check out today's post!!! Maneuvering around is why I bought the pick up with 4WD. I usually just stay put when there is bad weather, but if I really need to go, I can.


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