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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Life Is Beautiful!

When I was setting up my utilities for moving to this house, I was offered a "bundle" from the phone company which included all the phone goodies including unlimited long distance, DSL, and satellite TV with 200 channels. I am not real big on TV, so 200 channels sounded excessive. But was a good deal, and to have fewer channels was just a few dollars less, so I figured, "Why not?"

If you have a similar selection you probably know that part of those 200 channels are music. I didn't pay much attention at first, but then when I bought the new truck it included Sirius Satellite Radio. That is a godsend here, because in the mountains, it is often a challenge picking up a radio station and keeping it for more than a few miles. I was/am loving it, and I alternate between several stations/types of music while driving. I'm sold on satellite radio.

Then a week or two ago it dawned on me that I have some of those same stations on the TV. Since I haven't set up my music system here (I won't until after I have the carpet and tiles laid, cause I'll just have more stuff to move out of their way), I've been enjoying satellite radio on the TV a lot. OK, the sound isn't the greatest, because I'm using the TV speakers rather than the better quality ones, but it is so fun to have music while I'm unpacking and putting away. My favorite is Sirius Gold which plays '50s & '60s hits. And I'm finding myself dancing around the house while I'm working. Good exercise!! Tonight is a Doo Wop program. I've been having a ball!

The weather today was considerably different from yesterday. It was cooler, something around 60 degrees. That isn't bad, but the wind was horrible! I heard that we had gusts up here around 52 miles per hour! Sheesh! Several times the wind rattled the metal roof as if it were going to pull it right off! I've never been under a metal roof during a wind storm before, and wow, can it be loud! I had to run a couple errands, and I was once again please with how the pickup handled on the road with those winds.

Tonight Allan and I went out to dinner at our favorite place, and ran into a friend, the owner of the art gallery. We had dinner with her, and really enjoyed it. She and I talked again about the creative writing class, and I think we will start it up in about May. I'm getting excited about it. I hope it is as much fun as I anticipate. I'll enjoy meeting people if nothing else.

Tomorrow, I'll be driving to Alamogordo to have my oil changed, then pick up my window dressings at Lowe's. I have a few other things to get, too, not a lot but some essentials. I love shopping at Lowe's! Even buying molly bolts is fun there!

While I'm there, I'm also going to stop at Penney's. I get to buy a couple more pairs of jeans, 'cause I dropped another size! YAY!!

One last thing. I was Internet surfing last night for several items, and I ordered one thing. In MO they still use two license plates, so having one of those fun, novelty ones on the front of a vehicle hasn't been possible. Well, possible, but not legal! So I've been looking forward to having one on my truck. As I meandered through web sites that offer them, I found a couple possibilities, but wasn't really impressed with anything in particular. Then ... oh, yeah, I found the perfect one. Do you remember the color of the truck? If not, you can see it here. Now, look at the plate that should be here by early next week:

Oh, yeah! If I'd designed it, it couldn't be more perfect! Well, it could say Mariposa, the name of my place, but other than that ....

Life is good. Life is beautiful!


  1. I really like all those music channels. I especially like the one that I believe is called "moodscapes," but my husband can't stand it..

    That plate is gorgeous! I love butterflies.. They always remind me of my great-great aunt.. She was very cool. She's been gone 20 years now, but everytime I see a butterfly, I think of her and smile!

  2. Glad things are going so well for you! I love the butterfly plate!
    I love the sound of the wind and rain on tin... Ahhh... bliss.

  3. I LOVE those music channels. And I think your plate is fantastic.

    Perfect! (And your silver hair is foxy....don't you doubt it!)

  4. Good Thursday morning Lynilu !

    That's great news about the Sirius ! I adore oldies music too, so can totally see you dancing around the house, having a blast !

    How did the dogs do with the sound of the wind ? Glad the pickup handled well in it !

    A creative writing class does sound like fun ! Everything is falling into place, isn't it ?

    Yeayyy on the weight loss ! it's so fun to buy new clothes when you are feeling great about yourself and how you look in them !

    The licence plate is GREAT ! And color coordinates with your truck ! Blue is my favorite color of all -- it's on all the 'accents' in my house !

  5. I am so happy to hear that all is going so well. You definitely "sound" happy! :) I also wanted to send along a quick thank you for all your kind words to me over on my blog. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

    Have a great day!

  6. Thanks for the uplift Lyn!
    Peace and well-being to you.

  7. Don't you think turning the tuck into a low rider with a boom box would be cool? Satellite radio, boom box, customized plates, Silver Lovely dancing behind the wheels. Movie material.

  8. What a beautiful tag! And although I don't know you that well, it seems to fit your personality perfectly!!! Good job.

    I'm tired just reading all the stuff you have to do or have done this week :-).

    Oh my goodness, don't you just love those music channels? I listen to those when I'm home by myself...which isn't that often. I think my favs are the 60's, 70's & 80's. Man, I'd win a FORTUNE if that show "Name that tune" still came My husband loves to quiz me on music. He'll put on one of those channels and tells me not to look. And he wants to see if I either know the song title, some of the words or the artist. He even use to ask to see my birth certificate because there's no way a person that's only 40 could know all those songs...not to mention a BLACK woman...HAHAHA!!! What can I say? I'm very well rounded and well versed in music.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. I have to have music. I can do away with the TV but not music.

    I like your plate.....

    Life is beautiful!

  10. OH WOW!!! I LOVE the butterfly plate!!! Life IS Beautiful.

    Man has Sirius and I LOVE it.

  11. Burg - I like butterflies, too, but especially since that has come to signify my own process of evolution.

    I don't get a station by that name, but I suppose that different stations are picked in different areas.

    Patti - This is the first time I've had a metal roof. Now, let me ask you this ... I've heard all my adult life from men who say it is so sensual to hear rain on a tin roof and how it really puts them in the mood. Huh? I've just never gotten that! What is that all about? Of course, this is well insulated, so I really don't hear the rain differently than I did on a standard roof, and when the wind blew, it RATTLED! Not exactly romantic! Help me! I'm sensually deprived!!

    Jenn - Thanks, thanks, and THANKS!!

    Annie - I have a lot of blue in my house, too. I'm actually working on minimizing it in the house, because too much of it can be overwhelming. But trust me, it will still be highly present!

    The dogs did OK. Ali hates thunderstorms, and I figured the roof noises would do him in, but he looked up at the ceiling rather warily, and that was it.

    Yeah, my life is falling into it's own track, and I'm pretty happy.

    Casey - Thanks for stopping by. I know you're busy and preoccupied these days, but I'm glad you're still "getting out and about." Take care of your self as much as you can.

    Steve - Thank you so much. I'm working on being open to the good things in life. It seems to be working.

    Seven - LOL! I don't think I'm the low rider type, more of the chaps and corral dust on the boots type, but the rest of it works! Know a movie maker who can be conned?

    Dawn - Hey, thanks! I'm like you, I like all kinds of music and over many decades. I'm the youngest of 5 kids, and my folks both liked music. I grew up listening to my mom singing music from 1910s, 1920s and 1930s, my siblings playing music from the 1940s and 1950s, them my own generations music from 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. I even tolerate a lot of the music from the 1980s because of my kids! I love having diverse tastes: R&R (oldies),doo wop, early rock, R&B, blues, jazz, classical, big band, C&W, Broadway show tunes, etc. I think it is a good thing that you are well-rounded! You can be relaxed around many people that way, regardless of their music selection. Keep it up!!

    Pepper - I'm with you. given the choice, I'll take music. Well, one exception ... if it is during the hour when "Heroes" is on, forget it, I gotta see that show. It is funny because I've never been a big fan of sci-fi, but I love that show.

    Yeah, life is awesome!

    GD - Yes, it really is wonderful, and getting wonderfuller all the time!


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