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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Health News

My health is good. The ankle has not serious damage. In fact, it isn't even bruised except for just a blue mark right where it hit. When I asked why there wasn't a bruise, the reply was (and this makes sense) there isn't much tissue to bruise there. Huh. How 'bout them apples. And there is still a little swelling, but not the half-of-a-golf-ball that was there the first day. Nothing is broken, chipped, cracked or otherwise in need of fixin'.

I also got my shingles vaccination. Hopefully, this will prevent a recurrence of that icky stuff. Would you believe that it took nearly three months for the lesions to heal? That was a prerequisite for the vaccination. It took forever for the one place to heal. But I'm glad I got it and can look forward to no further outbreaks. That sucker costs $180!!! But my insurance paid part of it. I only had to pay $168. HA!!!! Oh, well. I don't know if it was because I haven't met my deductible for the year or if it allowed just that much.

Yesterday morning when I woke I was greeted with something fun. I got up, brushed my teeth and took the dogs out for their morning constitutional. When I opened the door this is what we saw:

It was just a smattering of snow. Well, actually, I think it wasn't snow, but some of the end of the rain from the day before that got frozen just before it hit the ground. I know, I know, snow. But it was a bit crunchy under food, like "frozen rain." I know I'm splitting hairs.

You can see the dogs little paw prints here on the steps. Before they went down, there was a set of tracks going up and down. We apparently had a visitor in the early AM. The tracks were smaller than my babies', so probably something like a raccoon. I don't know if you can tell the difference in the sets of prints in the picture. I haven't seen one here, but it is probable. BTW, I've seen some rabbits around, little cottontails and a couple big ol' jackrabbits.

China was enjoying her morning stroll. She really loves being outside. Yesterday, I "lost" her, and I found her stretched out on her tummy at the end of the deck just looking out at the world.

Snow on my truck. Oh, c'mon! You knew I just had to show the truck, now, didn't you???

But the real treat for the morning was the sunrise that was occurring at the same time that I was snapping snow pictures. Just look at this. It was just another awesome morning at Mariposa.

Have a good week ahead, all.


  1. Glad to hear that the ankle is doing well, Lynilu ! Good news there...

    And good news about the shingles vaccinmation...
    I suspect depsite insurance not covering much of the cost, it is worth it in the no-more-pain department physically !

    That smattering of snow or frozen ice with the paw prints would have intrigued me too !

    Your new home has lots of visual pleasures to deal with !

    Enjoy it all !

  2. Annie - I do enjoy it all! Even the bad days have redeeming parts, and I focus on those. :-)

  3. I am glad your ankle is better and nothing is broke.

    I figure we will get another snow this season. Man put away the snow shovel this weekend.

    I love the picture of the sunrise! Stunning!

  4. GD - LOL! Tell Man he knows better than that! You keep the snow shovel out till at least June!!


  5. Glad to hear your ankle is okay.
    Snow - Snow! and it was near 90 here yesterday.

  6. That is snow I can deal with. Beautiful pictures. GREAT TRUCK.

  7. Pepper - I don't mind snow of any amount, as long as I don't HAVE to go any where. Retirement is wonderful!

    And my truck ... ahhhh, yes. Beautiful. I'm enjoying it more than I can say. Don'cha love the color?


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