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Friday, March 23, 2007


Yeah, OW!!!!!

I was merrily going about my unpacking tasks, minding my own business (after all, who else is here for me to mind??), and I set a Visions Dutch Oven on the counter next to the sink so I could wash it out an put it away. I turned away to puck up another large item for the same and there was a loud crash followed immediately by pain in my left ankle. The dutch oven had slipped off the counter, hit my ankle, then shattered on the floor.

I had several thoughts that flooded through my mind. No, not those!! First was to keep the dogs out of the area because it was literally covered with shards of glass from hand size to minute slivers. Next I noticed that the dutch oven narrowly missed my grandmother's serving platter on the floor waiting it's turn for hand washing. Only then did it hit me how badly my ankle was hurting. I was having that stomach-turning pain that makes you hold your breath and you don't see well (what some call "seeing stars"), and you're afraid to move. Whatever part of the d.o. hit me landed on the top side of the protruding ankle bone where there is precious little flesh to protect the bone. I pulled up my jeans and found and already swelling lump about the size of a silver dollar and raised about 1/2 inch.

Well, I knew I couldn't just stand there, so I blocked the dogs from the area and limped to the deck to locate the ShopVac in the jumble out there. While I was out there I noticed that I have several small leaks that are dripping rain on my boxes and totes. yippee-skippee, yahoo, whoppee-ding-ding-dong, just what I needed. OK, that's for later. I got the glass cleaned up and then stopped to really think about the ankle. It was h.u.r.t.i.n.g. Big time. Swollen about twice what it was before. But it works, and although I couldn't stand much pressure, it doesn't seem that anything is broken.

I've taken a break. I'm having a little lunch so I can take medication for the pain. It really throbs, but it doesn't hurt more when I walk than when I sit down, so I assume it will be OK with time. I'll probably spend the rest of the day simply running things through the dishwasher and washing all the clothes and linens I've unpacked. I'm not carrying any more boxes or totes in. I'm done with that for today.

It is raining. It has been raining since late yesterday afternoon. I'd planned to go to the store today for a few things, but between the ankle and the rain, I'm begging off. I'm going to sit here and feel sorry for myself the rest of the afternoon. sniff.

Oh, yeah, my phone isn't working either. But ... it will be fixed by tomorrow at 10:30 AM. Yessir, rooty-tooty!!

Foot up. Tylenol in. 1:00 PM ... is it too early to drink?


  1. Of course it's not too early! it's after 12 isn't it? Ok, ok. So maybe you have to wait longer because of the tylenol. If the pain isn't blinding you, get a magnifying glass and read those instructions!

    I'd love to be there with you on a rainy afternoon sharing a toddy.

    Just keep that ankle up and apply ice (not in the glass, silly!) to it.

    Bad news. My computer has bit the dust. It's the office and the library for me for a while, and the library isn't open on Sunday! aargh.

    I'll be in touch when I can. Maybe by phone if they get that working. Gypsy Moth

  2. Gypsy Moth - LOL! OK, How 'bout this ... Ice in the glass, glass against the ankle!?!?! Works for me!! Actually, the throb is now just a small, dull one, so I'm thinking it is better.

    I wish you were here, too. I'd love to be sitting on the deck with a toddy or even a cuppa Joe, watching the rain. Ahhhhhh.

    Sorry about the computer. Rats. If my home phone is busy (a sign of continued problem), call the cell phone.

  3. I have a couple Coronas in the fridge so I'll join you in an afternoon drink. :)

    Hope you feel better. Sorry that happened, but I am glad there is nothing broken.

  4. Oh Lynilu, poor thing !!! It sounds like a very bad sprain... If you can put your feet up and rest, and tape it tightly, cold packs every 15 minutes, it might help a bit for the first 72 hours...
    My sympathies, for that, the leaks, and the phone !

  5. Caroline - ;-) Good! I had a Modela a little earlier. Boy, did that taste good! The ankle is actually just fine now, except for quite a goose egg on the bone. It is sore to the touch, of course, but isn't presenting any walking problems. I'll bet it is black and blue tomorrow. And thanks for the well wishes.

    Annie - Well, not really a sprain but a contusion, I'd say. Never the less, it wasn't fun!! I did ice it for a while, then alternated with some up and about for several hours. Thanks for the sympathy. it was a trying day, but all is well now.

  6. Well damn you are having a crap-tastic day! Maybe something will come along and brighten your day soon. Hugs and take care of that ankle. Advice from the nitwit who broke her toe recently!

  7. Lynilu, I feel if this happened to any friend of yours or a family member your first desire would be to get them to the doctor as fast as you could.

    My feeling is that this would be a good time for you to allow your friends or your family to take you to the doctor - and that's all I'm going to say about that.


  8. Sorry to hear about your ankle Lynilu..Hope you're feeling better! :)

  9. Slow down... and ask for help! Perhaps trying to do too much all at once?

    My unsolicited 2 cents :-)

    Take care.

  10. It's 5:00 somewhere!!! Go ahead and have that drink!!! And yeah I agree, you might want to think about getting that boo-boo checked out by a DR.

  11. Patti - You know, my life is generally quite good. I guess once is a while I just have to have one of those awful days to remind me how good my life really is. Glad it is just occasionally!!

    Robert - ;-) You're right, of course! All is well.

    Jen - I am better! The spot is sore, but the ankle feels fine and works as it should. Thanks.

    Eileen - Weeelllll, could be! I've been know to be, uhmmm, hardheaded and independent before. I'm trying to slow me down!

    GD - Everything checked out well, other than a bruise. I wondered how long it would be before someone said the "5:00 somewhere" statement! YOU WIN!!!

  12. Hi Lyn,
    Geez, best wishes for the recovery of your ankle!

  13. Hi Lynilu ! How are you doing ? What colors are the bruise today ? Hope that your Sunday is going well --

  14. Steve - I am recovered! It was one of those "hurts like hell now, but goes away fast" injuries. But thanks for the words!

    Annie - I'm good, thank you very much! And yes, it is! same to you!!

  15. I am so happy to hear that your ankle is healing nicely. Take it easy.

  16. Pepper - When I try to take it easy I get anxious because there is so much to do. I'm trying to split the difference ... not overworking but staying busy. Does that qualify for taking it easy?


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