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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm home.

It went well. OK, as well as anything can under those circumstances. We were both just exhausted, but happy that there were no unfortunate incidents.

We got here Monday late afternoon, had a good night's rest at Allan's, then drove over on Tuesday morning to unload. Again, there were just 4 of us, but we managed to have everything unloaded by 4:00, and I took us all for dinner and a couple beers at a local favorite. While there, I picked up two small furniture items that I'd bought a week earlier. A nice little stand that holds six or nine wine glasses, depending on the size/shape, twelve bottles of wine, and a drawer to hold the corkscrew and related accessories, and it has a matching piece that none of us really know what it is, but it is similar to a baker's rack. This evening, I opened several boxes of my glasses and stemware, and they look wonderful on the new furniture pieces.

I've unpacked quite a few boxes, I'd guess about 20 or 25. I've cleared the mess, then cluttered the whole place up again, probably about six times today.

Yep, everything was unloaded quickly, but my wonderful deck is now a massive storage unit!! I can't believe how much I have to unpack, sort through, divide into keep/don't keep piles and figure out what the heck I'm going to do with it all! The worst thing is ... I won't have time to get into trouble for weeks! Maybe months! Dang!

This morning we returned the truck and trailer, then I drove Bill to Albuquerque and put him on the plane back to KC. I can't tell you how much I appreciated his driving the truck. I would have done it if necessary, but his experience with semis and other large vehicles made him much more adept at it. I doubt that I could have driven it in two days. After I dropped Bill at the airport, I ran by my final storage unit there in Albuquerque, and loaded the bed of my truck before starting home. I'd had my desktop computers and other items stored there, and might as well get it all in one place! I still have to make one more trip there, but it is almost all done. All that is left is luggage and a few totes of crafts and some books. I'll pick them up probably next week and it will be finis. Hurrah!! Hip, hip, hurrah!

The trip from Kansas City to New Mexico was uneventful. Well, except for one thing. We stopped at the end of the first day and had a buffalo burger near the same place I stayed on the trip there, the MicroTel. After we ate, we just sat visiting for a little while, and I began to feel the tiredness, so I said, "Well, Bill, I think it is time to go get a room." He started laughing, and I realized my gaff and laughed myself. After we walked out, he told me that the heads of a couple people in the booth behind me whipped around at my remark. Oh, geez! Bill is just a kid! He and my youngest daughter dated when they were 17 and 15, for goodness sake!!

It is good to be home. Not looking forward to the process ahead, but I .... am .... home.


  1. It is good to know you are home. Good luck to you on getting things unpacked and put away.

    That was funny when you said you needed to get a room. LOL!!!

  2. Glad you are home also! I feel ya in the unpacking, sorting, keep/not keep. Ugh!

    That WAS funny - you should have wiggled your eyebrows at them!

  3. Oh no, enjoy the process ahead! Your new home is a blank canvas that you can complete arrange like the artist you are, it will be fun! Or am I the only big nerd who likes sorting and organizing....

  4. So glad you made it there safe and sound. When I have moved I have always hated the moving part, but loved the unpacking and sorting and setting up the new house. I can't wait to see the pictures of the new house. Hey, and I have 2 plane tickets that I need to use sometime this year..maybe I will fly out to see you.

  5. Glad you arrived home safely!
    I'm with sandra and caroline..I LOVE the unpacking and organizing after a move! :)

  6. Glad to hear that you made it home. I know you'll be happy, if tired, to be in your own home, almost all in one place. Such fun you are going to have! Gypsy Moth

  7. And I forgot to mention: What a great pick-up line !!!! G.M.

  8. GD - Thanks, I need luck! There is SOOOO much to do!

    I couldn't believe that came out of my mouth!

    Patti - The process is actually going better than I expected. It takes time, because I have to try to find everything of one category, i.e., Corningware or Tupperware, so I can make informed decisions. That part takes time because, as you know, you begin packing with a plan, and then you just put things wherever they will fit!! But the keep/not keep is becoming really easy for the most part. I do have one box of things I have to think over, but the kitchen is 2/3 put away already. WooHoo!!

    I was so surprised at my gaff that I was caught off guard. I didn't even think of anything cleaver or funny! I just left!!

    Sandra - I usually don't mind organization, but this task is so huge that If I let myself think about what is left to be done, it is overwhelming. I'm reminding myself to take off some me-time here and there. That should help.

    Caroline - LOL! It will be a while before I can take pictures! In fact, at this moment I'm not sure where the camera is! I'm excited to get things put away, get the tile and carpet laid, put in the new appliances, have the couch recovered, and then I'll love having company! Please do come out! You know you are welcome.

    Jen - As I said above, I like organization and I'm trying to keep in mind (1) I don't have a time frame and (2) there IS and end to it!

    Gypsy Moth - I'm actually enjoying the fact that I'm carving out so much for a garage sale. I wasn't sure how easy it would be, and it is more so than I anticipated. I made 3 trips to the dumpster today with the pickup bed full of old boxes, newspaper and packing material, as well as some of those items that were just not even worth putting in a garage sale. Love it!

    Yeah, I guess I should hang on to that one!!

  9. Welcome home, Sweetie. Glad you made it back all in one piece.

  10. Casey - Thanks! Good to be here!

    Catherine - Thanks! But if you think about it, all the boxes on my deck means that I came back in a whole buncha pieces!!! LOL!

  11. Welcome home, Lynilu !!! Enjoy making your home yours, with everything placed -- and rearranged -- until it suits you perfectly !

  12. Annie - Thank you very much. Being home is always good, isn't it? I'm trying to enjoy it, but at this stage it is very hard work. I think when I get to the rearranging stage, I will be enjoying it.

  13. Oh that is hysterical. I can imagine what the people around you were thinking.

  14. Pepper - Oh, I think there is no question what those people were thinking! Now, I have been known to make a bawdy remark, but it is one thing when you do it on purpose. When it slips out like that and catches me unawares ... well, then, it is just plain old embarrassing!! The good thing is that no one, not even me, dies of embarrassment!!


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