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Monday, March 12, 2007

Let There Be Water!

My trip to the water treatment store was productive. Expensive, but productive. I knew the water was not in good shape, and I was expecting about what I got. The good news is that the new filtration and softening system will be in place tomorrow!! Hip, hip, hurray!!

I considered two different systems. One system is really well recommended, but there is not a local dealer, so installation would be about a month away, and I'm not sure how the warranty would work. The one I'm getting has an equally good reputation, has the local dealer for installation and support. It's a win/win.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow. To be able to wash clothes, dishes ......... and ME!! What a treat! And to be able to drink water from the tap, too! This has been an interesting, if challenging, few days, to say the least. I guess I should explain that I'm not going without showers. But having to drive to Allan's every day for that is a pain in the booty. I was going to have to wash clothes at his house tomorrow, and since I have 111 other things to do before I leave on Wednesday, It was going to be really inconvenient. This is going to help me a lot, even though I will probably wind up washing tomorrow night. I promise both you and me that I will not stay up too late and make myself tired for the drive.

I've done a lot of clearing the house today. I knew I needed to get the current boxes out of the way so that the ones I bring from KC will have a place to roost until I unpack them. The house looks pretty good. I borrowed Allan's vacuum, so the floors are clean, although I know we will be tracking everything in the yard into the house with the move. I think I have cleared all the spots that will have furniture, and I have devised a system for organizing the boxes. I am very excited about finally, finally getting my belongings here!

Reminder ... I may not post after tonight for a week or more. So, till next time ... peace!!


  1. Yeayyyyyy on having water by tomorrow !

    Enjoy your trip, and the coming together of your new home !

    Look forward to reading about what is new next week !

  2. Water is often under-rated, take it away and we are all up in arms. I understand completely! (Loving that we have our shower back.)

  3. Be well honey - and clean! ;)
    Godspeed to you. Your journey i s just about over!

  4. Steve - Thank you, I will!

    Annie - They are installing it RIGHT NOW!! Yippee-skippee!!! Thanks!

    Ragged - I know you understand the angst of not having water. I'm so excited for a nice long shower later today!

    Patti - LOL! I will do my best to be both! And thanks for the travel blessing. I'm very excited!!

  5. What good news with your new water system. I would be thrilled to have the system so i could shower in my own shower. It must have been a real pain to get a shower elsewhere.

  6. GD - I can't even begin to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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