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Sunday, March 11, 2007

It Was a Jay Bird!!!

I caught the culprit this morning! There was a bird at the bird feeder, just tearing up jack! He was jabbing at and scattering the seed like crazy! I'm wondering if I should somehow close the holes part of the way.

I tried to step outside on the deck to take pictures but he flew away and wouldn't come back while I was there, even being very still. So I retreated into the house and stood quietly by the door until he returned. I was able to get a few shots.

He was a very pretty bird, but one I'd not seen before. I didn't have time to look him up right then, but later when I was home again, I pulled out The Sibley Guide to Birds, and after several attempts to figure it out, I lucked into the right pages. He is a Western Scrub-Jay, in the family of "Jays, Crows and Their Allies." I suspected a connection with crows because of his size, but I didn't realize crows and jays were related. Huh. Learn something every day! Anyway, he was a beautiful thing. Here is a close up:

Isn't he beautiful? I wish he were less wasteful with the food, but I enjoyed watching him, none-the-less.

I went to "the city" and got more paint and paint supplies, light fixtures, some chicken wire (so Ali's toys won't fall off the deck so often), gorgeous Southwestern night lights and chain pulls, some temporary accordion shades for the windows (so I can quite taping up plastic bags!), and ordered window dressings for the windows (they won't be in for about 4 weeks). Boy, I was in Lowe's for two and a half hours! Do you have any idea how much money you can spend in that place in that period of time? Scary!!!

Tomorrow morning I'm taking a water sample to be analyzed so that a filtration system can be developed for my place. My water is bacteria-free, but it has rust from the holding tank and plain old silt from the natural reservoir. I can't wash dishes without having a gritty residue. I can't wash clothes or they will gradually turn pink. I can't bathe in it because it chaps the skin (my hands are already cracking around the nails from the harshness; and I've tried wearing gloves as much as possible. Plus, I'm running to Allan's everyday to shower. inconvenient with a capital I!)). A filtration system and new holding tank is essential. Hopefully it can be put in while I am in KC. It would be nice to come home to nice clean water. I hope they can do it quickly.

After the shopping, I stopped at Sonic and had a green chili cheese burger for me and a burger patty for the babies. They love it when I eat out like that, obviously! OK, OK, I also shared a couple tater tots with them also. I can't help it. I'm a weak, weak woman. What can I say?

Driving home was a pleasure. I just meandered. I stopped at a huge flea market that I've passed several times and browsed for a couple things I need. I didn't find them but bought a couple small items. It began to shower while I drove home. We didn't get much, but it was nice to have the dust settled.

Last night I stopped at an antique store I really like, and bought two matching pieces at a wonderful price. One is a wine rack stand and a stand that reminds me of a baker's rack. The owner was not sure exactly what it was, and neither was I, but I fell in love with them both. I'm picking them up on Tuesday. I'm also driving to Tularosa where I have a bench on hold. It is going on my porch. I'm so excited about how things are coming, and it will be good to get the basics in place, then I can just go crazy with the fun things I've bought here!

Reminder to everyone ... I'm leaving for KC on Wednesday, and I will be gone about a week. I will probably not take the computer, mostly because I'm not sure I'll have time to even check email or the blogs.

Have a good week, everyone!!



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  2. Hi Lynilu. Nice picture of the Jay.

    It got me to thinking - I remembered my friends who were having an overwhelming supply of Blue Jays coming to their back deck in Colorado.

    At first they were thinking about driving the Blue Jays away but then they asked around and found out that Blue Jays, as I recall, liked peanuts and sure enough when they got peanuts and put them in another place the Blue Jays went right for the peanuts and they left the other bird seed alone.

    With that thought in mind I tracked down Wild Birds Forever for you to check out if you like.

    Course maybe you've already done that. Anyway, have a great trip.


  3. Wow! What a big bird! He's beautiful though.

    Your lunch sounds scrumptious. We don't have sonics near us or I would go have a green chili cheeseburger.

  4. I love to look at birds! Great pics of the Jay.
    I am having fun buying things for my house also. It's so... refreshing, renewing, invigorating. I love it!
    Have a safe/productive trip to KC!

  5. I used to have a German Shepherd and whenever we went out, I'd get him a cheeseburger at McDonald' wrong. But he loved 'em! Never tried out the french fries though....

  6. You have a good week as well, Lynilu !

    Nice picture of the jay, and quite resourceful of you to look him up and be able to identify him !

    Oh yeahhhh. Two and a half hours in Lowe's could be QUITE expensive. But it is things you need, so...

    No wonder the dogs love it when you go out -- fesh hamburger is quite a treat !

    Hope you get a big enough water holding tank (75 gallons at least) and they can put it/the filtration system in while you are gone...

    Accordian shades will help keep the house cool until the new ones come in !
    I love mine... They were semi-sheer, so I could vaguely see out, and it kept the temperature down...

    Bye for now. Enjoy your trip, and we'll be here when you get back !

  7. What a great picture of the bird! We don't see them that close, but I love to sit outside and just listen to them.

  8. Robert - Thanks, I'm going to try the peanut approach. I like the bird and want him to continue visiting. Do you know if the peanuts were in the shel or not? I'll check the website out. Thanks also for that referral.

    Goodlife to you also.

    GD - Yes, he is big and beautiful!

    About burgers ... My favorite green chili cheese burger is from LotaBurger, but it was on the other end of town and I was tired. LotaBurger is a NM chain, and it is absolutely the best ever. Sonic is my next favorite. I can't imagine not having a sonic close by! You poor thing!!!

    Patti - I love birds, too. Thanks.

    It is so fun to spend "productive" money on the house!I love knowing that everything has a specific purpose and being able to see the house transform with each one. Oh, yeah!!

    I'll travel with God on my shoulder, thanks.

    Jenn - I used to be a freak about feeding them correctly. I would have a hissy fit if my hub slipped them a nibble of people food. Then when I was traveling, it was hard for me to stop and get food without feeding them, so I slipped them a bite here and there. Recently, a vet put it into perspective for me. He said, "At their ages, a little something extra isn't going to hurt. If their appetites are finicky, give them whatever they will eat." I still don't do it all the time, but they do get more than they used to!

    Annie - Thanks for everything! I can hardly wait to see the shades up! There is something about window dressings that just "does" the house. Accordion shades are what I got, so it is good to hear that you like yours. I spent a lot, but there wasn't anything that wasn't necessary or without purpose.

    Sassy - Thanks. I've not seen one before, and I suspect they don't hang around people a lot. They do make neat sound, don't they?

  9. Pretty Bird. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Lynilu. My friend originally threw out the peanuts shelled but he found that it worked better to throw them out when they were in the shell.

    He also found that if the birds were open to having fun that he could actually toss some of them up in the air and the birds would fly and catch them in mid air :-) I'm not necessarily recommending that you do this but just passing on the story.

    Also when he put out the peanuts he made it a point to put them out well far away. He actually put them on his wood pile but I have to recommend against that because a few of them of course would fall down in places where the birds couldn't get them and undoubtedly they would attract squirrels.

    Of course, squirrels are not so bad to have around. They have a wonderful sense of humor and will expose you to it from time to time.


  11. Steve - My pleasure!

    Robert - Thank you for the information. I put a few raw peanuts in the shell out on the deck this morning, and from the inside, I then watched the Jay having a ball with them! What fun! And no I don't mind squirrels either. I'm open to any critter that doesn't hurt my little dogs.


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