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Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Potpourri

I've been really busy with painting and other related tasks, and also trying to get my Internet service set up. I'm very frustrated that the DSL modem and my wireless router apparently have had a spat. They aren't talking to each other. Of course, the DSL people say that I have to call Apple; it can't be their problem. Yeah, right. Of course, it worked find at Allan's house, but I drive it to my house, plug it in to the same equipment, same company, etc., for the service, but it is Apple's problem. Grrrrr. Meanwhile, I'm wired. In more ways than one!

We spent our first night in the new house last night. I brought Mai Lin's little cremains box so she was with us on this first special night. Both China and Ali seemed very at home here. They were relaxed and slept well, as did I. The change in Ali is especially remarkable. Those of you who know him will understand this ... His tail is up, curled over his back almost all the time now! Those of you who don't ... a characteristic of Shih Tzu's is a curly little tail at all times, unless they are not happy, are frightened or something of the sort. He has been dragging his little tail nearly on the ground for months now. I've been really worried about him, thinking that I was going to lose him because he was depressed and despondent. His losses have been huge over the last year and a half ... our home, my husband, familiar belongings, numerous temporary "homes," and finally our car (when I traded for the truck recently) which was the only consistent material possession through this time. It seems that the combination of the organic "happy pill" and being in our own home has had this amazing effect. He is a happy little dog once again.

To explain his easy-going state, this morning (our first here), I woke to a phone call. After the conversation I asked the kids if they were ready to go out. China, as usual, was ready to go out. She loves being outside. So I got up, lifted her down from the bed, and asked Ali if he was ready to go. He didn't make a move toward getting up as usual. All he did was roll his eyes my way, then closed them again. I decided to let him rest. When China came back in, I check on him again, and here is what I found:

He had moved to the spot of the bed that I vacated, snuggled under the covers with his head on my nightshirt which was tossed on the pillow! He stayed right there for another hour or so, then jumped down and joined us girls! What a hoot!!

China is being China ... totally laid back and happy with her life! She especially loves the big deck. I propped the front door open today, and she spent nearly all day out there, looking about like she does here. She enjoys the simple parts of life!

I thought I'd show you how Ali helped us with the painting the other day. He simply walked right through a paint pan on the floor, didn't blink and eye, and just kept walking!! It is a good thing I'm having new carpet and ceramic tile put down in a couple weeks!!

I stopped in a hardware store on Thursday, and when I saw this bird feeder I simply could not resist! This shows it full, right after I hung it up. When I saw it early Friday, it was almost empty!

Late yesterday I was leaving to run over to Allan's for a few last minute items, and In my rear view mirror was this:

Those colors were awesome! The purple was a special treat. Our sunsets are beautiful, but purple isn't always present, and especially not in this amount.

Looking at it through the trees was breath taking! I'll never, ever get tired of New Mexico's sunsets. I don't think it is possible.

Today Allan came by to help again with painting. We have now finished all the main rooms. I still have to do the bathrooms and a coat of semi-gloss on the kitchen, and all the doors. The important point is that all the rooms which will fill with furniture next week are ready. I'll have to move them for the tile and carpet people, but I don't have to move any furniture to paint. YAY!

We had gorgeous weather today, and I left windows and doors open for fresh air. We took a few breaks, spending them ... of course! .... on the deck, observing the view and just breathing the wonderful fresh air. My god, I love this place. I don't know that life could be much happier for me, but I'm open to more good things. Trust me, I won't turn away more happiness.

I will be leaving Wednesday for Kansas City to make the BIG MOVE. I'm so glad it is almost over. The move will be a booger, but it is the final page of that chapter of my life. I will be able to concentrate on the new one and on being the new me. I'm really liking this. I really am. Life is very, very good.

OK, I'm off to bed!


  1. Awww I am so happy his little tail is up once again. That would have worried me too.
    Glad you made sure that Mai Lin spent the first night with y'all.
    It's wonderful to hear all of your plans and excitement for the new place. I just got done housecleaning and it gave me an immense feeling of satisfaction and the house smells all lemony-clean! Ahhhhh........
    P.S. I am very glad you are going to KC, as Caroline & Laura are going through something and i'm worried about them. *frown*

  2. I'm happy the tail is up and wagging again! I've not stopped by to really catch up with you in quite some time. Life. 'Nuff said. I'm so glad you are getting settled in your new home and the babies like it too!

  3. p.s. I'm glad you're going to see Caroline and Laura too. I'm worried about them.

  4. Those are just the cutest little dogs!

    I love that bird feeder. It's so unique looking. I don't think I've ever seen one like that before. All I've ever been able to find is the plain ole feeders without any real decorative properties. I'm going to have to see if I can locate one like that around here..

    Good luck on the "big move." I'll be glad for you when you're good and settled!

  5. Happy Sunday afternoon Lynilu ! Very good news about Ali... GREAT bird feeder ! and... What GORGEOUS sunsets !!!
    Congrats on the majority of the painting being done, and it sounds like this is really a wonderful new homecoming for you in alot of ways --
    Have a safe drive to Kansas City !

  6. Patti - I'm going to do a cleaning tomorrow and Tuesday before I leave, so that it will be reasonably nice to come back to. It is marginal as to what I can do, but it will feel good to have it as good as possible. A few days after I return, it will be torn up to do tile and then carpet, but I'll do what I can for now. I'm getting excited about the move!

    Yes, I know about C & L, and I will, of course, look in on them.

    Tracie - Long time, no hear!! But, Yeah, I understand about "life." I've had my hands full lately, too, and I've had trouble keeping up with everyone. I'll still be busy for a long time yet with the move and unpacking, but after the next couple weeks, I should have a bit more control over my life. At least I hope so!!

    Burg - Thanks about the babies. they are my life. But I'll bet you guessed that!

    The bird feeder ... I found it at an Ace Hardware, so look for one in your area. They had several really neat ones, but that one is the one that grabbed me. Check it out!

    Annie - Oh, thanks! All this stuff is hard work, but I'm loving doing it. This is the first time that a home has been MINE to do with as I wish. It is so exciting!

  7. Glad to know the babies are happy at the new place and Ali's tail is up again.

    I LOVE the bird feeder.

    Glad to know the painting is nearly done. I know that is a big chore but the results will be rewarding. Everything always looks so fresh with a new coat of paint.

    Have a safe journey to KC.

  8. GD - Thanks. And I will drive safely.

  9. I so happy to hear that your puppy is becoming more accustom to his new home. It takes time, they are creatures of habit.

    I am definitely heading for New Mexico.

    Water problems, bah humbug. My parents owned a business and they monitored their water. They had tenants. Then the state stepped in and even though the water was very very good they insisted that they install a water system and it would cost only $50,000. Hah hah. Since they grandfathered in mom and I had to take "water classes" and learn how to take care of the water. The State was on top of my parents every month. But they managed to avoid the water system..... then the septic became the State's next complaint and again they passed all the inspections. Now you see why mom sold the business after dad died. She couldn't deal with it anymore.

    Have fun in KC - the next chapter in your life will be even better.

  10. Pepper - Yes, the little guys are lead by habits. These have adapted well until the last leg, the one that brought us to NM, and then we lost Mai Lin almost immediately. That about put us all under. So their rebound is absolutely magnificent in my eyes. No, in my heart!

    NM is an awesome place. I've met a few who didn't care for it, but most are drawn inexplicably.

    Well, my water is now WONDERFUL!! Geez, am I ever learning about wells and septics and VA rules and State regs and ... and ... and ... So, yes, I understand your mom's decision. I have to be responsible only to ME. As a business, the responsibility for multiple parties would be just scary!!

    And, yes, this next chapter is gonna be ... well, there aren't words for it!


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