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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Dogs, The Work, And Some Pictures, Of Course!!

The dogs seem to be adjusting well to the house. In fact, the first time I took them out of the car at the house was last week, and they were curious, but appeared to be very comfortable there. It was almost as if they knew it is ours. Since then, we have been there every day, and it is easier with each one. Part of it is probably having a backyard again, and being able to some and go, to stretch out in the sun, and to feel some freedom. But it feels as if they have an understanding about the whole process, as well.

They are also enjoying wandering in the big, open front yard, too. There is very little traffic on our road, but I still want to be sure they don't get in the habit of going there. They have had a good sniffing time, but don't seem to be too interested in getting out of the yard. I suppose they have enough to sniff at to keep them busy for quite a while.

Ali's adjustment is especially notable. He has been such a basket case for so long. It is really good that he is settling down into a far more comfortable pattern. He is relaxed and ... well, just more balanced rather than the neurotic little mutt he had become.

I've done a little walking around the property to explore what I actually have. I've discovered that I have some cleaning up to do. There is a lot of "scrub oak," a name that may or not be the correct one. It is, I guess, a sapling of some sort of oak which causes an incredible tangle in the forested areas. Anyway, there is a lot of it around, and I'd better get busy clearing some of it out before it takes over with spring and summer.

Along with the undergrowth are all kinds of things that need to be cleaned, cleared, disposed of, or whatever. There are a few small piles of old wood, tree limbs or other debris, rocks that need to be moved for aesthetics, a fence to be taken down and part of it moved. After that I'll erect my own fence, but not an old wire thing like is there now. I'm planning on doing a fence the includes wagon wheels and some sections of coyote fence.

I've noticed a few boards in the deck that need to be better secured.and the whole deck, steps and ramp need to be painted. And I'm sure the list will go on and on. That's the price of ownership.

Here is a shot of the road that I take from Allan's place to mine. This is taken on top of the mesa between our houses. You might click on this to enlarge it as I've pointed out the significant landmarks around my home. You've seen them in other pictures, but this gives a perspective of my whereabouts.

This is Sierra Blanca, the taller mountain on the left in the above picture.

The white peak on the right here is Nogal Peak, slightly less high than Sierra Blanca. I live closer to it than Sierra Blanca.

A close up of Nogal Peak.

This next picture has nothing to do with the above. When I took the dogs out a couple nights ago, I saw the moon peeking through the trees. I just hought it was a pretty signt. Again, a good one to click on for enlargement.

And now, I need to get in the shower and go to my house. More painting to do today, and I have to call the phone company about DLS. I am having trouble getting it to work right. Boy, I hate sitting on the phone and doing the technical trouble shooting, but I have no choice. I hope to be able to stay at the house beginning tonight, but it will depend on how much I can get out of the way today and if I have Internet access. I can't be without that!!

Later, all!


  1. Good Thursday morning, Lynilu !

    That is so nice about Ali's adjusting to his new home. The energy must feel good to him, safe, as well as interesting, as he explores the big backyard.

    How many acres do you have ? I have a garden fetish, so I'd be right with you on cleaning up the scrub oak, tec., and eventually having a new fence built...
    I'm seriously impressed that you can do that by yourself. I can envision one I like, but building it ? Ha !

    Houses are a lot of work, but there is such joy in ahome when you have it the way you want it, that it is all worthwhile/part of that process of pleasure...
    Mine took me four years altogether, and my heart just purrs every time I look at it or am inside...

    The pictures you took are BEAUTIFUL. No wonder you want to live there...


  2. I love mountains. What a spectacular view you have.

    I am so glad to hear that your furry friends are adjusting well to their new home.

  3. I find it interesting that the dogs just seemed to 'know' they were 'home'. Their intuitive skills are much more highly tuned than most of ours, eh?

  4. Glad the pups are settling in. The people who owned my house previously had three large dogs in the backyard (and in the sunroom too judging by the scratches on the wall) and Reilly was a bit intimidated at first, probably by the scents but he seems to be much more comfortable now and having Brett and Spooky there rambling around probably helps a LOT. I wish you could have saw how happy and excited he was the night my parents brought Brett.He is Reilly's bestest buddy in the whole wide world!
    You have alot of chores but the end result will be oh-so well worth it! Already you sound so pleased and proud. I am so happy for you Honey!

  5. So glad to hear that you and the dogs are getting settled in. It's been a long 1.5 years for all of you and I know it's great to finally be "home".

    About the internet...I so understand that. Not having the internet would be, well, a huge tragedy in our home.

  6. Annie - My lot is small by local standards, just about 3/4 acre. That's enough to allow me some privacy and elbow room, but not too much to care for. I'm on a hill side with most of my property in front of me. I like it that way, because with the big deck on the front, I will be spending much of my time there. I will probably have a small garden, but it will be limited to a few favorites, tomatoes, peppers, onions, perhaps some squash and cucumbers. I will scatter some wild flower seeds, and perhaps some irises, daffodils, and crocuses, and a clump of daisies is always welcome. But I want something that will be fairly self-sufficient because I want to travel. We'll see what transpires! Regardless of what is planted and what survives, it is my little piece of heaven, for sure!

    Pepper - I've always loved mountains. MO has hills, but it just isn't the same, is it? We will be happy there, my kids and me!

    Sandra - Yes, they are often much smarter than we are. It was the final, good sign that they wanted to be there, found it to be home.

    Patti - The poor babies have been dragged around the country just too much, for too long. It is good to have a home again, for all of us. BTW, the trip I was planning for April and May has been put off until fall. I just wasn't feeling that I could be ready to go so quickly. I'll be in touch.

    Caroline - It is very good, indeed, to feel home again. You know, if you think about it, it actually started to feel disconnected 2 years or more ago.So yes, being at home is a very good thing. And the internet ... it is working now, but I'm having trouble with the wireless. sighhh. I'll work it out eventually!

  7. Hi again Lynlilu. Hope you are tucked in for the night, and had a good day today.

    3/4 of an acre sounds like heaven ! And with that view !!! Drool, drool... Wow. That is a LOVELY space...
    I'm on a 5,000 square ft. lot, and have a nice view, but I would go crazy with pleasure over a garden that big.

    That IS a coincidence about the coccon-butterfly and the name of your new place !

    Small world emotionally, isn't it ? Sometimes we think we are alone in our pain and our healing, and we aren't...

    You are farther along in the process, I think, if you have almost 2 years underneath your belt... I am just about 4 months into it...

    (At least now I think getting out of bed and eating is a given... The first 2 weeks I literally couldn't even do that)

    I sometimes ar amazed at how much pain any one human being can take and still survive.

    What was your heartache, Lynilu ?

    Mine was finding out someone I loved that I thought I knew and trusted utterly, I did not know at all - and he no longer wanted me...

    I love, love, love the Jim Jenkins 'Falling Rain' music you play here. (I think I tell you that several times a week, but it calls to me so strongly each time I hear it.)
    I haven't been able to find anything close to how beautiful it is... Would you be willing/feel comfortable with me using it on my blog ?

    If you don't, (our blogs are our special creations, so you may want to keep that without anyone mirroring any aspect of it.) I will totally understand.

    I just thought I would ask because I love it so much.

    Pettings for the dogs.
    Am going to go to sleep now.
    Loving Annie

  8. Annie - So much to say! Send me an email and I'll fill in some blanks for you in that way. The music - absolutely feel free to use it. I change from time to time, but this one is staying for a while. It is a peaceful piece, isn't it?

    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Just checked in with you again to see what's what. I saw from Ali's picture that he looked relaxed. I believe that dogs pick up on their owner's aura, feelings, whatever. So of course they know it's home because that's the feeling you're exuding. (what a great word!)

    About all those boards, stones etc. Watch for snakes!!!!! It's springtime you know and they like to hide under such stuff.

    It sounds like you are pickled tink over being home. I'm happy for you. Maybe I'm next?

    Gypsy Moth

  10. Gypsy Moth - I think you're right about dogs being extra perceptive. LOL! I like to exude things!!!!

    Yes, I'd already thought of the snakes. I plan to use "grabbers" for the smaller things, and a shovel or something similar for larger ones. I'm still hoping for a resident roadrunner to help me with that, too.

    Of course you are next!! Start pulling up the stakes!!

  11. There comes a time doesn't there, when we must rally around friends and give them the kind of support we have to offer as well as the support that they need. Such a time is here now.

    I have spoken to Eileen not too long ago over at and she has been on a long road trip. She's pretty tuckered out and I feel she could use a little encouragement from blogging friends.

    I wonder if you would mind going over to her site and just leaving a few encouraging words. I feel this would be very helpful and that she would really appreciate it.

    Consider it - okay? Thanks a lot. Goodlife.

  12. Robert - 'Nuff said. Of course I will. Eileen is one of the world's especially neat people. Thanks for the heads up; I've been really busy and have not been following blogs posts much. Goodlife to you, as well.


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