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Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Weekend Full Of Color

We've painted all weekend, and it is making a really nice difference. Remember that the walls were turquoise, and while turquoise is a nice color, this was a darker shade than it appears in the following pictures. And having it on all the walls was overwhelming.

The replacement color is a white, but rich with undertones of red and blue, so the violet is warm and inviting. As we worked our way through a coat of Kilz (which seemed to disappear into the thirsty walls) and two coats of the new color, the transformation was amazing. By the time that we had most of the old color covered, the room was incredible.

Here Allan is applying the Kilz. Even that was an improvement! And trust me when I say that the color was darker than it seems in these pictures.

This looks like a bright turquoise, but it was actually dark enough to be oppressing. We talked about how it felt as if the walls were moving in on us.

BTW, you can see through the window that the deck is painted a similar color. By summer it will be a rich, reddish brown.

This picture shows the new color pretty well, if you click to see it larger. The wall on the left isn't really green ... it is reflection from the wall that Allan is painting above. Yeah, it is that bad!!

The one who really knew how to spend the day was Ali. I propped the back door open and he loved being able to go out or come back in as he wished. Both he and China are enjoying having a fenced back yard again and the freedom to wander without me hollering, "Come back here!" I will need to find a type grass that will grow at this altitude and then hope I can make it grow.

Both dogs seem to be right at home in the new house. It almost seemed that they knew it was "home," from the moment they entered. I've let them wander just a little in the unfenced areas also, and they show no signs of meandering away ... or deliberately dashing off. I can't wait to see how they take to it when we get the furniture there.

One last picture which I actually took last night. Just before we left, a friend who was helping called to us to come out on the porch and look at the moon. I'm sure you knew there was a lunar eclipse. Although it wasn't a full eclipse here, the moon was exquisite and just took your breath away. Please click on it and make it larger. This is my view at twilight. I'll be taking reservations for your visits in the near future. :-)

Tomorrow I have an appointment for measurements and to look at carpet and tile. And I'll continue painting. There is still a lot to be painted, and I'm tired, but it is a delightful set of tasks I do now. I've said it before, and I doubt this will be the last one ...

Life is Good.


  1. I like your "colorful" descriptions of your home's transformation! :) Don't leave out any details. We'll be going through the same thing when I transfer. Hmm.. maybe I'll just hire ya to help paint ours. Painting does seem to run in the family.... :)

  2. s3 - How 'bout you hire me as your consultant? That sounds better to me!! I'm a good straw boss! Yes, painting has a history with us, doesn't it? I'll never be as good at The Man was, but I learned a lot from him. It has surprised me how much I remember that he taught me about it. Especially in choosing colors. Kilz was after his time, I'm sure, but I thought yesterday how he would have loved it some times. BTW, we've used drop clothes and usual precautions, but since the floor covering will all be replaced soon, we haven't worried much about small spills. I'm sure if he were here, he would be cringing at that!

  3. It's really coming together, isn't it?

  4. Ragged - It is, and it feels SO good!

  5. Honey I am so glad to read "life is good" from you! Continued happiness!

  6. Good Monday Morning, Lynilu !

    How wonderful to watch the house taking shape as you want it to with your color changes !

    You are getting the framework down for your furniture to have its proper home energetically !

    Glad Ali and China seem so content with their new home as well !

    I bet there is a grass that will work, with proper automatic sprinkler watering... Unless you were thinking along the lines of draught-tolerant...

    That picture of the lunar eclipse is exquisite...

    Thanks for sharing your progress with the house via words and pictures.

    Have a wonderful week -

  7. Patti - Thank you!

    Annie - Thank you! And good Monday morning to you, too! Everything is going well, and I'm enjoying the making-ready tasks. I hope to be environmentally responsible and find a grass that will do well with minimal watering. I have my own well, but I still want to be kind to the earth in that way. The rest of my property is natural and will need little to no upkeep. Well, actually it needs a lot of attention now to clear some undergrowth and debris, but long term will be earth friendly and easy care. I think a little 10X60 grassy spot for the dogs can be justified.

    Again, thanks, and have a good week!

  8. Looks like its all coming togetehr and even the dogs have settled in.
    I have to start painting in a month of two. Maybe I should move instead to a freeshluy painted house lol
    Have a nice weekend

  9. Walker - Yes, it seems to be working out just as it should! I wish someone would have painted my house before I got there1 My colors, of course!

  10. I know the exact color you're talking about, Lyn... and the way it can make a room feel smaller or something. Anyway, happy painting! If I were in traveling distance, I'd offer to come help. :)

  11. By the way... CONGRATULATIONS ON THE HOUSE!!!!!! I've been reading about this through my blogfeed emails, but haven't had the time to drop by and comment. Wishing you lots of fun in making this new place your own.

  12. My my, you've been busy!! I'm so glad you covered that turquoise! Hideous! I love the new color.. Such an improvement!

    The dog pic cracks me up.. I just love how dogs just make themselves comfortable!

  13. I just have to say, I really, really like coming here. As soon as I arrive I start feeling so much more peaceful and then it hits me - you have great music playing on your blog. I love it! :)

    Your house is really starting to take shape as "yours"! Great work!

  14. Catherine - "That color" is prevalant in this part of the country, Isn't it? And, Hey, it IS traveling distance ... just kinda long travel!! And I am enjoying myself very much!

    Burg - The new color is amazing. We are finding that it picks up colors from other objects. This afternoon the sun came in the window and hit an orange shopping bag and a wine colored throw, and the wall was pink. as the sun shifted, it struck the blue carpet, and the paint was a soft shade of blue. I'm lovin' it! And the dog ... he does make himself at home!

    Casey - I'm glad you like it. I do, too. When I'm feeling stressed, it is so relaxing. And the house is more mine with each stroke of the brush or roller. It feels so good.

  15. Wow, very nice view you got there. And congrats on the new home!

  16. Steve - It is a most relaxing vista. One would have to work at being tense or angry with that in the line of vision. I'm lovin' it!

  17. Looking good..Looking very good. I love how you have the *important* things in the house already...the TV, computer and camera.

  18. Caroline - Huh? I didn't know there was anything else of importance! LOL. Yeah, it's coming along, more slowly than I planned, but I'm getting it done.

    Sassy - I'm telling you! It is wonderful. Everyone who comes to the house turns around, looks at that and says the same thing. I love it. I'll love it more when I have time to sit down and soak it up!

  19. What an amazing view!

    I don't think I could live with turquoise walls... I would be screaming mad. I love the way you are describing how your new house is coming along. Life Is Good.

    Is your yard big enough to accomodate a 34 foot Motor Home with 2 slide outs? {smile}

  20. Pepper - Yep, although I like turquoise, I prefer it around my neck or finger, not on 3 large walls! It was really oppressive. The new color is just amazing! I'm very leased with it.

    Yes, the yard is big enough for that, I think! There was a travel trailer nearly that big in the spot before the tenant moved out. It was specifically designed to accommodate such vehicles, and it has RV hook ups! Just let me know when you are heading this way!


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