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Friday, April 13, 2007

Aaaaannnndd ...... It's Snowing Again!!!

I looked out the window a moment ago, and yes, it is snowing again! Not the big beautiful flakes like earlier, but it is snow, none the less. And the temperature has dropped almost three degrees in the last 20 minutes. Hmmm. All I can say is this ... those of you East of here might keep your heads up. This is a weird storm, and it is apparently hitting the Northern part of the State rather hard. And remember that "Spring" is just the name of the season, not a guarantee of nice, mild weather!

What I really came back to post about is this:

What follows is one of my projects that I worked on yesterday after I was tired of the hard stuff! You've heard of "a job well done," of course. Well, we are talking about me here, so you are going to see "a job half done," instead!

Here is the story. I liked the cabinet, found in an antique store, but the colors of the fabric on the right don't go with my plans. I knew I had some upholstery fabric that was my daughter's, left at our house for years. I tossed the roll in the truck, thinking it was the right colors to go with my own stuff. When I unrolled it ... yes, I was right! It was perfect! I now give you ....

The material that was "extra" when we bought the furniture, kept in case of a needed repair. I decided that it couldn't be more perfect to go ahead and do the cabinet to match the dining room chairs as you see here.

Another shot with the flash ... it washes the color a bit, but it also gives a different perspective.

The cabinet is actually a TV/entertainment center console, but I am using it as a dry bar. I'll be mounting wine glass racks in the top, adding one or two more shelves for glasses and/or bottles. Oh, and a back so the glasses and bottles don't fall out!!

OK, back to work. I should be able to get the other side in today, barring problems. When I took the door off yesterday, it took forever to remove all the nails holding the panel in, and when I popped it loose, the door broke apart at the seams! I had to find my clamps in the craft boxes, still unpacked, then glue it and clamp it over night, But then today, it went together as slick as a whistle. I think I'm gonna like it!!



  1. I like that cabinet. We'll have to try out your dry bar some time. :)
    We got dumped on pretty heavily last night and this morning. This afternoon, almost all is dried up. It is still chilly. M was visiting family in TX. She was going to head home today. However, they were expecting sand storms in Lubbock and snow for over half the rest of the trip. My heart wanted her here, but my head said delay the trip so she can get home in one piece.
    You have a lot going on there. I wish there were several people available to help you with the unpacking.

  2. Love the new fabric in the cabinet. We are to get a Nor'easter here this weekend. UGH!!! Hope you have a good weekend!!!

  3. S3 - Thanks, it surely caught my eye! hey, yeah, come visit and we'll see if it works!! (Hmmm. does a *dry* bar *work*??)

    good decision for her to stay put for a day. Don't know about your area and Lubbock, but it is supposed to be 56-58 tomorrow here. Of course, it is snowing YET AGAIN!!! and sticking a little this time. We'll see.

    I wish there were several people here, too, but much of what I have to do are things that only I can do. The ones that I could assign to someone else (the cabinet, moving furniture where I want it) are things I want to do! What can I say???

    Stay warm!

    Daisy - Thanks! Yeah, that's what I've been hearing about your area, too. Brrrrr. This has been a strange, strange weather day here, but at least there is an end in sight. Stay tucked in this weekend!

  4. That'll be perfect when you get it done, Lynilu ! Great idea !

  5. Annie - It is DONE!! And as nearly perfect as I could stand!! Thanks!

  6. What a beautiful cabinet. You are truly talented. My son left Padre Island the 12th. He drove tornadic weather, hail, heavy rains, a blizzard, then rain, and finally he arrived home in snow. The weather is really off.

  7. Hey, Pepper! Thanks, I love the cabinet, and now that it is all matching, it is especially nice.

    Yeah, weather is certainly doing its own thing, isn't it? Tell your son that this was Mother Nature's kind of driving test, and the word is in ... he passed!!


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