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Friday, April 13, 2007

Noooo. It's Snowing!!

Wow! I got up and it had snowed overnight. Just a little, but it is snow!! Uhm, excuse me, Mother Nature, but do you realize, dear, that it is April 13?

It was really pretty on the trees where it was already melting. It looked so sparkly in the sunlight, really pretty.

Just enough to be eye catching.

So I went about my business for about 30 minutes. Took the dogs out and noticed that there were occasional flakes floating down. Fed the dogs and poured a cuppa, and cup in hand, put up the shades on the windows, and saw . . . . . . . .

Woudja just look at that! I played with the settings so you can see the flakes better.

Some of those flakes were just huge, about the size of a dime, I'd say. Awesome sight!

It isn't dark; I just played with settings again.

Yeah, it was really coming down like crazy!

Again, not that dark, just setting changes for effect. And no, that is not a flying saucer on the left side of the picture. It is just the perch of the bird feeder!

See, there is the feeder!

Now, I ask you ... What is wrong with this weather? Actually, it is good because every drop of moisture we can get before the winds and heat dry it out and raise risks of forest fire. But still ... snow? Mid April?

Now it is and hour and a half later, and it has stopped. None of it stuck because it was too warm. The temperature is almost 40 now. The sky is almost clear!! I love this place!! Always a surprise with the weather!


  1. Awesome pictures. Something completely foreign to me. From the foliage to the snow!

  2. So gorgeous, Lynilu !!!! Even if it is April 13th !!!
    Happy Friday to you --

  3. Fatty - Really? What part of Australia do you live in? You must come visit me!!

    Annie - Oh, I didn't think about the Friday the 13th thing, but I'm not superstitious, anyway. happy Friday to you and have a lovely weekend!

  4. I can't find snow even remotely pretty anymore for this year. Pffffffft! Your truck however, is lovely.

  5. Sandra - I wish more had stuck for a little while today. I love the fresh snow, and as I've said here before, it doesn't stick around long enough to be "unfresh." And the truck ... it looks good with or without the snow! :)

  6. I'm in sydney Lyn, we don't get snow. Snow does fall up in the mountains in winter though, which is good for skiing.


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