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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blogger Problems Again??

I've found at least two blogs that are failing to post comments on occasion. On one of them the author had had remarks from some other blog-friends about it, so I knew it wasn't just me. I also remember some others that I thought I'd commented on, but wasn't sure. Any one else having the same problem? Gawd, I hope this isn't another Blogger hiccup!!


  1. No problems so far ! Hope you are having a good Sunday Lynilu !

  2. I have on and off problems commenting on other Blogger sites. But not on yours, thank goodness. I'm researching the move to another blog host. I'll keep you posted if I change.

  3. Annie - I'm glad there are no problems, and hopefully there won't be.

    Catherine - Blogger issues seems to go in waves. Do you suppose another host would help? I wouldn't know how to "fix" something like that anyway! I really don't know what to think. At least you know it isn't just your site.

  4. Blogger issues happen so seldom. I have encountered a few hiccups and an occasional burp.

    Have a great day!

  5. Hello, it's me again, you new nosey blog reader...LOL. I sure hope you don't think that of me. However, I did go back and read your very first posting and now my one and only question has been answered. Thank you for suggesting that and for "okaying" my curiosity. Again, I didn't mean to be nosey.

    Now I can continue to read your blog, which I would've done anyway :-). And enjoy the life you're sharing with all of us. You ARE an inspiration and I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog. Take care of you and BE INSPIRED!!! :-)

  6. Hi Lynilu, I remember reading about this on Blogger Help Group when it came up for someone else.

    As I recall it fell under known issues at the time and it had to do with the difficulty of posting comments from the new version of Blogger to the older classic version.

    You could try to look it up there. Perhaps there's a work around now.


  7. I'm considering going to haloscan for comments..

  8. I haven't had any Blogger problems today, thank goodness! I hate it when that happens!!

  9. Pepper - I'm glad you've had that good luck. I haven't had many, but when I have a problem with Blogger, it seems to be a doozy! This one isn't a prob for me, but it seems to be for some others.

    Dawn - Well ... I figure it this way ... if I don't want people to be nosy, I should have a limited audience to my blog! I don't think you're being nosy at all. I think we all wonder about the background of others. I've certainly asked nosy questions, too!!

    Aw, thanks, but I'm just me. I think we should all try to be inspiring to everyone around us. I don't mean flamboyantly, but simply living our lives in the best possible manner. I try to live as if my mom is watching over my shoulder!

    Robert, thanks. I'll pass that along to the folks that are/were having problems. yes, goodlife indeed, to us both!

    Burg - I haven't checked that out, and I honestly don't know what it is. I'll also share that with the others. Thanks for the thought.

    Cheryl - Me, too. I'm happy to not have problems. Remember those days of the Old Blogger/Beta Blogger/New Blogger changes? Geez, what a nightmare!!


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