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Monday, April 02, 2007

Busy Day

Today was b.u.s.y!! I got up and ready to run some errands, and hoped to be back home by early afternoon as Caroline was arriving mid afternoon. It all went pretty well, but I was dealing with a couple of entities that are known to have ... uhmmm ... issues.

I west to the Department of Motor Vehicles to license my truck and get a NM driver's license. The truck license was no problem. Done in a flash. but for the driver's license, I needed something I didn't even think about taking ... something "officially issued" by the government bearing my social security number. Well, now. Not only did I not have such a thing with me, but I have no idea in God's green earth where my SS card is. Probably in a file. Somewhere.

So I came home to find something, and was able to find some correspondence from Social Security that had it. Back to town, and that was finished in just a few short minutes. I'm now officially, completely, in every possible avenue, a resident of New Mexico once again. Hurray, hurray!!! And ... AND ... my butterfly tag came in the mail today!! The day got away from me before I took pictures, but tomorrow, I promise I'll take some and post them.

Then I stopped at the local Wells Fargo to conduct some business over the purchase of this house. It is too long to put here, but they couldn't find the account. It was in another person's name (the previous owner), and all I had was the number of the account and his name. I had to call Allan, who is my agent, who called the seller's agent who called the seller who checked the info and it was right, but perhaps they need the customer number. this information came back through the chain of people while I sat at the bank waiting. Finally, yes, that was the missing information as it is part of the account number, but wasn't listed as such on the seller's information. Good grief. A simple transaction that should have taken a few minutes consumed close to an hour!

By this time, I was concerned because Caroline was already close, and I was going to be late meeting her and leading her to my house. But she was taking a break, having a Coke and walking her dog Sophie. We got to the house, she freshened up a bit and we headed back to town to have dinner with Allan. We had a great dinner and a wonderful time together until we got to dessert. Allan & I both ordered Creme Brulee. Now this is the one I bragged about a few months ago, but when we dipped into it, it was not good at all! I don't know what they have done to the recipe, but it was awful! And worse yet, it left a most unpleasant aftertaste. Ick. The cost was taken off the bill, a good thing, but I'm grossly disappointed that my favorite dessert in town is no longer worth the time. Hisssss. Boooooo.

Tomorrow, my dogs will get their summer haircut, and while they are getting the spa treatment, Caroline and I are going to play tourists for a while, and I'll introduce her to some local friends. We'll lunch at my favorite lunch place ... which has a fabulous dessert, by the way!!! It's ... now grab your socks, 'cause there is a definite theme here ... creme brulee cheesecake!!! I know, I know. And I often use creme brulee creamer in my coffee! So, what?? Ya wanna make something of it??

Now, I'm bushed and gotta get some sleep. Caroline's already been in bed for an hour! Tomorrow, folks!!


  1. Better watch it! All your old friends and neighbors are going to visit you and become "enchanted" by NM and be your neighbors again. :)

  2. Ugh, I hate it when I brag about how good something at a certain restaurant is, and you take someone there and it's not!! I'm sure one of your many Creme Brulee's is going to be good though. I had lavender Creme Brulee last week, which might not sound good but it was to die for :)

  3. No ma'am...don't wanna make something of it.....jes calm down...

  4. Bureaucracy - grrrr !

    Glad you found another place that has creme brulle something, Lynilu !

    Enjoy your time with Caroline !

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the dogs with their haircuts and the new butterfly plates !

  5. s3 - That's OK by me!! You included!!

    Sandra - LOL! And today, we had lunch at the place with the creme brulee cheesecake ..... THEY WERE OUT!! They promise to have it tomorrow, so we'll be going back!!

    Seven - Shoot. i was hopin' for a good scrap. Hey, Since you mentioned it, I've caught myself kinda bouncing around to the music behind the wheel! Curses!

    Annie - see the note to Sandra about the creme brulee!! LOL. I'm going to post in a minute with the promised pictures!!

  6. Wow, you are ONE busy lady. Glad you got all your necessary things taken care of and your friend made it to you safely

    UGH...How can you mess up a dessert? That's just MEAN!!! :-) That's supposed to be the best part of a meal..nothing worse than it not being what you expected.

  7. Dawn - If I were any busier, I'd have to use one of those tacky descriptions of my life!!

    Allan & I were both just devastated about this. It was our favorite dessert, anywhere. I'm really disapointed.


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