These are random musings of my life journey, the people, animals, places, and events which have woven, and continue to weave, a tapestry that is me. We all know there is no real destination, only the ongoing experiences which blend together, creating the trail. Each step gives a glimpse of what is to come, without allowing me to see the end result. It is exciting. I have a home base that is mine, that gives me a place to rest. This is it. This is where my heart is, no matter where I journey...................

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Good Day

We dropped the dogs of for grooming and did some tourist type shopping. We each bought a couple things, Ouuuued and Ahhhhed over a bunch more, and enjoyed the sunshine between stores. It was a nice upper 60s or lower 70s, and just gorgeous. We finally stopped for lunch at "Lucy and Ethel's," the place I love to frequent, and lunch was yummy. But the were out of the creme brulee cheesecake I promised Caroline!! Rats!! They promise to have some tomorrow, and I will definitely be sure we go back for it!

I brought Caroline and the dogs home and ran to get a haircut. They took a nap while I was away. Caroline and Sophie are both feeling the effects of high altitude. Now, Caroline won't let me show you the pictures of her, but this picture of Sophie will give you a clue about how tired you might feel in your first 24 hours at 7000 feet when you've been living at about 600 in Kansas City. Sophie was goooooone!!

As promised I give you a picture of the freshly coiffed Ali and China. They were so happy in their new summer "do's." The bench they are on, by the way, is a new addition for the deck.

A couple nights ago I caught the moon over the mountain in the late afternoon. It was a really cool sight.

And last night when Caroline and I stepped out, we saw a similar sight.

China and Ali waited for me in the recliner earlier tonight.

China had her front half on the arm of the chair and was nestled in for the duration.

Caroline and Sophie were sitting on the couch, and Ali decided to join them. Sophie said, :Well, forget this!" and jumped down. Ali didn't care. He just rolled up next to Caroline and enjoyed a tummy rub!

And for everyone to see how well it worked out, here is the butterfly tag on the front of the truck. I couldn't believe that the color was perfect! It is exactly the same as the truck.

A little close up!

We are having a good time. Haven't done much of that work I promised to make her do, but that's OK. Life is good. Actually ....... Life is beautiful!!


  1. Guests, haircuts all around, new benches, beautiful butterflies. Life is good.

  2. Good Wednesday Lynilu ! Shopping, beautiful weather, adorable pictures of the dogs, hanging pout with good friends, a lovely moon and perfect license plates ! Y

    Your choice of a new home and state is bringing so much joy with it ! Good for you for being brave enough to go there, and then creating it and enjoying it !!!
    And thank you for sharing it on your blog !
    It lets me know dreams can come true, and that the small things are really very big and beautiful...

    Now about that creme brulee...

  3. Glad you are showing Caroline a good time. Sophie, China & Ali look adorable! I love their sweet doggie faces! Mmmm the cheesecake sounds so good.
    Madison would love the moon pics, she's obsessed with the moon!

  4. Oh my goodness, those pictures of the moon over the mountain, are awesome. I've only seen shots like that on TV! (I don't get out much..hee hee)

    Your doggies are ADorable!!! And make sure you tell 'em I said so!!

  5. Your dogs have the cutest little pudgy paws! You have a good groomer, those two certainly do look COIFF'D.

  6. Glad things are falling into place for you. Your blog entries have certainly been up beat and you sound happy even when frustrated. Seems like you have made a good decision for yourself. Way to go, gal!

    By the way, tell Caroline that the picture you've posted really shows her weight loss...

    from a good ol' lurker...

  7. Ragged - Life is, indeed, good. I'm reasonably content. Who could ask for more?

    Annie - I'm so in love with my home, my location, my State, and I love sharing the love!

    And creme brulee ... I didn't get to town today, but those guys are my friends, and I know there will be some there for me tomorrow!!

    Patti - There are rough moments, but We are working through it, and Caroline loves this place. She also has strong draws toward Minnesota. I guess all of us have to just wait and see!

    The moon is an awesome thing. I am so amazed with is, especially during the full moon phase and when there is one of those beautiful crescents. Tell Madison that she is in good company!!

    Dawn - You know, it is easy to appreciate the moon and stars here. The air/shy is amazingly clear and inviting to such gorgeous vistas. After moving from a city, I'm really enjoying the rediscovery of this beautiful part of the country.

    NO, I'm not going to tell the doggies how adorable they are. Their egos are already SO over the norm!! They KNOW they are beautiful, trust me!! But thanks. And yes, I will share with them.

    Sandra - their paws are actually tiny! But, yes, I love the groomer's skills. The vet here gave me a list of 5-6 groomers, and this one was recommended for "cute faces," and boy is that true. I love their little faces. Obviously, she does well on more than faces!

    anonymous - Things will always work out just exactly as they are supposed to! I do try to remain positive about things for many reasons, but bottom line is that it is what makes me keep going.

    I've passed the note along to Caroline, and we are both wondering ... who the heck are you,. you good ol' lurker, you???????

  8. Glad to read your blog today. Best wishes!

  9. Well dang girl! Not only is the butterfly tag lovely (and how could it not be?!), your truck is the same color as my PT Cruiser!

  10. If I wag my tail, stay quiet, bark at intruders, can I come stay at your place? And ,oh yeah, ride in your handsome truck and stick my head out the window?

  11. I love that butterfly plate. The moon pictures are amazing!

  12. The dogs look cute and I love the pictures of the sky.

    Have a Happy Easter

  13. My son wants your truck, he said he will keep the butterfly license plate.

    Beautiful pictures! Your puppies look so pretty. Yes, life is good. In fact, IT IS GREAT!!!!!!

  14. Steve - I'm always glad to have a visit from you. Thanks!

    Traci - Isn't that a killer of a color?? And yes, a butterfly anything is good!

    7even - Of course you can! But when your head is out the window of the truck, don't let your tongue hang out and drool on the door! Oh, and I'd better have an OK from BEG. Just to be safe, ya know!!

    Sassy - You should have seen the moon in person. W..O..W. Every day there is something that makes me stop and give thanks for being where I am.

    Walker - Thanks, the "kids" and I appreciate your compliments!

    Pepper, Tell your son that he'd have to fight me for it!!

    Ya know, life has it's less-than-wonderful moments, but I'm not complaining. If it were much better, I don't know how I could stand it. :)


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