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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cat In The Hood

I’ve known for a while that I have a cat that visits my property. I’ve suspected that it snoops around on the deck at night because every morning, the dogs wear out their sniffers as they slowly work their way to the yard. And I’ve caught glimpses of a yellow and grey striped cat winding it’s way through the flora of my property. Well, today was the jackpot!

I looked out the back window and saw him/her walking along the railroad ties just outside my fence. I grabbed the camera and slinked to a window where I could get a shot. The cat was having a drink from an old discarded plastic tote that I haven’t taken time to pick up and remove. Looks like I will need to put out a water bowl for him.

I took the pictures through the window, so the quality is not great, but you can see him pretty well.

He was kind enough to stay for a couple minutes which allowed me the time to take pictures. Isn’t he a beautiful creature?

He reminds me a lot of my cat Tigger, but my boy didn’t have the grey; he was yellow and white. He is very big like Tigger was.

Then, not more than an hour later, I looked on the deck, and another cat was having a stroll and checking out my boxes. I quietly got the camera and slipped to the door, but the cat was going down the stairs lickety-split. I scurried to the end of the deck and he was high-tailing it (or is that low-tailing?) down the driveway! He wasn’t taking chances on being caught by The Human!

And this one looks a lot like my two girls, Anna and Echo, Tigger's sisters. I can't believe the similarities of these cats to my dear felines that have crossed over the Rainbow Trail!

So it appears that I have now one, but two (assumedly) feral cats. I guess tomorrow I will buy some cat food and start leaving it out at night for them. And the bowl of water, too. We will see what happens over the next few weeks/months.


  1. are beginning to sound more like me. Just a warning: once you start feeding them you will feel obligated to feed them all the time. You will arrange for someone to feed them when you are gone. You will come up with cute names for them. Then you will start telling people about your "two outdoor cats". Don't say I didn't warn you.

  2. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that when the weather is cold you will lay up at night thinking of your outdoor friends and hoping they are somewhere warm. Then you will go out and spend $75 on an doghouse for them and put some of your best and warmest blankets in there for them.

    It never ends.....

  3. yep! caroline is right-- and she did warn you...

    anonymous lurker :)


    And I WON'T buy them a shelter ... there is one already in the back yard!!

    I'm not listening!!! LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!!!!!!!

    But don't they look like Tiger and Echo???

    Anonymous - pbthbbbbbbbbbbb!

  5. If you feed them then they are your forever!Ha Ha

  6. Hey they will keep mice and other critters away for you!

    There is a cat in our neighborhood that looks like our Grey Man, the first cat we had when we got married.
    You are such a softie aren't you Lynilu :)

  7. Gold - Hey! Watch what you're saying! That sounds like a curse to me!! Actually it appears that they may have simply "come with the house," a bonus to my purchase, if you will!!

    Welcome, BTW!

    Patti - When It come to animals, kids and the elderly I am a softie. But able-bodied, assumedly-non-idiots adults are another story. I love cats, but I (probably) won't have another indoor one. The whole litter box, keeping them off the cabinets and table, fur everywhere thing is just more than I want to do now. I've had them my whole life until the last 1-1/2 year. And with the long trips I take, dogs that travel with me work so much better. I'll feed these babies, however, to keep them around for the critter-gittin', and if they ever let me, I'd love to sit on the deck and pet them.

  8. Feral? Maybe. But also they may own houses in the neighborhood. The pose of the tabby made me think: "Neighborhood Tiger" Gypsy Moth

  9. The cats are beautiful. I am a softy when it comes to animals too. You'll have to keep us posted on the kitties.

  10. Gypsy Moth - Well, as I said, "...(assuumedly) feral ..." Everyone I've talked to so far has dogs, no cats, but I certainly haven't met everyone. And, yes, he may own the neighborhood, so that's a good name. And Caroline should notice *I* didn't name him! GM did!!! HAH!!

    Daisy - They are, aren't they? I was one of those kids who was always dragging home every stray I came across. My poor mom didn't even like cats, but she tolerated them for my sake!

  11. Caroline is right. There is one thing she left out. Cats communicate. You start feeding one and the next thing you know the whole family shows up. Pretty soon you will be spending more on cat food than dog food. You could do what a friend of mine did. She trapped her feline friends, took them to the vet, had them fixed, and then had the vet nick one of the ears. That way she would know which one was fixed or not.


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