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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I recently bought a little book called, Instant Karma by Barbara Ann Kipfer. The subtitle to the book is 8 ,8 79 Ways To Give Yourself And Others Good Fortune Right Now. I hadn't read any of it until this evening. It is a dynamic book. I'm going to share some of these from time to time, beginning tonight.

~ ~ wait for a door to be unlocked instead of trying to break it down ~ ~

This was the first one in the book. I think I needed to read this. I believe that everything happens in it's own time, but I have trouble at times living by that. I can be very impatient if I am not watching myself. That is my nature, but I'm trying to learn, no, to internalize my belief.

I guess, in some ways, I'm getting there. I've had some challenges in recent weeks that I'll share soon, and through it all I've remained pretty positive. But some days the door is just locked tighter than on others. I haven't "lost it" when the door won't budge. I've looked for the silver lining, the lesson learned. I've continued with daily activities, and I suspect most people haven't known I've felt an undercurrent of stress.

I must say that five years ago, or even a year ago, I wouldn't have had the relative composure I've had recently. So, yes, I'm learning to wait for the key to turn and open the door. I'm not pounding it with my fists. I guess my karma is improving. It stands to reason that because I'm managing more calmly with my stress, not letting it rule me and not projecting it into the area that surrounds me and brushes against the personal space of others, I've made things nicer all around.

I know I can't change some things. I can't control others' actions. But anything I can make nicer by denying the negative energies, I will do. Quietly. Respectfully. And without breaking down any doors.


  1. What an interesting concept...I may have to check that book out. With a 5 year old at my heels all the time, it's just quicker to break a door down..hee hee, just kidding.

    When you get a minute, check out my've been tagged!

    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Wow, did I ever need to hear that quote today. Something is going on right now and I have found myself trying to break that door down. After reading that quote I realize that I need to be more patient and that when the time is right the door will open for me.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. That's a hard one, I think it is just in most of our nature to want to batter that door down!
    Patience and Peace Lynilu!

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  5. One of the things I've learned in life is that if I break a door down, I ususally end up in a room that's filled with icky things I didn't want anyway...but that looked so much more tempting from the outside. And sometimes, when I turn around to leave through that same's gone.

    Great lesson.

  6. Sheesh! I had a couple of typos that I couldn't figure out what I meant! Here is the correction:

    Dawn - Well, I think the *other* thing to remember is ... we create our own karma; we can't create another's karma, even if they are just 5! Only by finding our own key and living our own example can we influence others. Don't take this personally (I know you're a soccer mom) because I don't know your "style" but I've been at my grandchildren's sporting events, including soccer games, and I wonder if those parents who are screaming at their kids realize the karma they create and role model for the children. I'm not saying to not encourage, but some parents are beating down the door *for their kids* and I question if that is the image they want to give their children. Food for thought. BTW, don't misunderstand, either, I love soccer and think children should be involved in physical activities.

    I'll check out the tag a little later, OK? You have a wonderful day, too!

    Caroline - Patience is difficult to achieve. We all want what we want now, to feel good now, to be where we want to be RIGHT NOW. Let's face it ... you and I, for all the challenges we've had, have lived fairly opulent lives, so when we don't have whatever, right now, it is difficult to understand why not! Funny thing is, as you know from your recently acquired knowledge, when we quit fighting and struggling to get it, sometimes without our realizing it, it has come to us. We have what we want and don't realize it! Interesting concept!

    Patti - Damn tootin', it's hard!! We've been socialized to have, to get, to beat down the door. In the last century America, we've been given a lot, literally handed things without having worked for them. I'm not complaining! But the price is not having worked toward a goal with patience. I'm thinking of our friend 7even ... he has worked consistently to condition his body and mind to achieve goals as a runner. He didn't jump up a couple years (or, god forbid, a couple months) ago and say, "I want to win." He has been working for a long time to achieve his goal. Most of us, I agree, just batter the door. And when our fists get bloody, we rant at the heavens, rail at our neighbors, and create a karma that essentially thickens and strengthens the door!

    A general comment -

    I've been too far in life having wasted time beating at the door. I want to waste no more time standing at the door and expending energy uselessly. I now try to direct my life forces to find a path in my journey that allows me personal peace and harmony with my surroundings to the greatest extent possible. I've learned in recent months that the drain on my energies when I'm not maintaining my karma is very costly, emotionally and physically. I'm not saying that I don't have periods of angst, 'cause I surely do! But when I find that I have let myself go there, the door I beat on is the one that allows me back into the good karma.

    Blessings and happiness, all. But with a big dollop of patience!

  7. Jenn - Boy, you've said it beautifully! I've apparently been in some of the same rooms, and unfortunately, sometimes I've lived there for a while because I was too numbed and devastated, blaming others for it, to concentrate on finding a new door to a better place. I'm realizing it's easier to be patient and be more certain of my path than to wallow in the ickiness.

  8. I do believe we create our own Karma. Through the years I have learned (sometimes the hard way) to have patience. I like that prayer that says "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

  9. Thanks for leading me to this post, Lyn. I needed this message big time.


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