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Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Busy Day

Gaaaaah. What a morning I've had. I unpacked boxes and boxes and boxes yesterday and have most of the office put away. I began this morning by hauling out all the empty boxes and putting them in the truck bed, then started some small tasks to ready the kitchen for the appliances which should be here any day. When the old dishwasher was pulled out, the side walls of the space for it were not finished off, so I bought some Masonite, cut pieces and got them in place today. Then I started painting the areas where the refrigerator and stove were. Now that they are out of they way, I can paint those places more easily and have them ready to go. It will be good to have appliances again.

Since I have no washer and dryer, I've been going to the laundromat. I'd forgotten how much I hate that. There is something icky about putting your own clothes into a machine that theoretically is clean ... after all, everyone uses detergent, etc., right? But still .... I suppose it is just the principle of it all. I like to have my own units, thank you very much!

In between all this, I have been on and off the phone with the local radio stations. I had written a short blurb about the art gallery, some events there, and the upcoming festival, and the station rep took that copy as a basis for their radio spots. The lady who is reading the ads had to work with me to cut everything so that it would fit in 30 seconds. We would chop and reword, hang up and she'd record and time it, then she'd call back and we cut and refine it all again. Do you know how few words go into a 30 second blurb? Not very many!!

I've become a "side kick" for the owner of the gallery. It began with just helping to get through the festival which is June 9. But he likes the way I do things, and he has asked if I will continue on, possibly working some hours in the gallery, but mainly taking the load off of his shoulders. Obviously, one of the tasks is to oversee some of the advertising, as well as coordination of events, and I'm going to write text for a brochure about the gallery. The building it is is was once a bank. it has also served a a residence, a cafe, and I'm not sure what else. It is a lovely old adobe building that he has restored and upgraded into an amazing and beautiful art gallery.
His comment was that he started thinking he would get it up to code, but as he got into the work he decided that the building has stood for 100 years, and he wants it to survive for another 100. Even the old vault in the basement is being utilized as a special show area for featured artists. I will take some pictures in the next few days and post them here.

I'm enjoying the work. I wish it had come after my house was in order, but it didn't. It is OK, as I'm not working full time, but just a few hours a day. That leaves me lots of time to do things here at home, too. I like the people who work at the gallery. They are all contributing artists, so they have an interest in its success. I'm eager to get some of my photos ready to display, too. I have no idea what I'm doing in that are, but I've found people to assist with any stumbling blocks along the way. I'll be talking with a printing company next week, and that should answer a lot of questions for me. I hope I can have at least a couple on display within a month.

And I finally have some pictures of the .............

......... yucky old floors ..............

And the decidedly not yucky new floors .................

Same floor, but with different lighting, and this one shows a more correct color ......

And because you've been good, patient girls and boys, a couple pictures just for fun. first, the gorgeous clouds that were out in the area yesterday. This was the front end of a storm that dropped an inch or so of small hail in Ruidoso, the other side of the mountain from me. I got just some nice rain!

So you'll know I DON'T live in a dry, barren desert, a picture of how the countryside looks. If you enlarge this, you'll see more of the green. You can also see the tan left over from last year's growth of grass. Underneath it is a cover of nice green.

Looking out over a valley is pretty, a green carpet stretching for miles. this has been in a nice wet spring, and with luck we will hang onto the green for a good part of the summer. The monsoon season will be in July and August, and that will bounce everything up one more time. This is such a lovely place.

PS - I just had a call from a friend and colleague back in Missouri. Her husband has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The prognosis is not really good, but he is young (in his 40's) and that is in his favor. Their situation is complicated because her parents are elderly and not well, and living with them also. They have two children in college now. She has her plate full to overflowing and I am asking for you all to remember Jeff and the family in your prayers and meditations. Their eldest daughter is being married in July, and their number one goal right now is that he is healthy enough to be able to walk her down the aisle. Please ask for healing and comfort for their family. Thanks.


  1. Your floors are BEAUTIFUL!!! We're gonna get ceramic tile in our kitchen...ONE day...and I can't wait! Now I'm really wanting it since I see how pretty yours turned out.

    And the outside pictures you took are always. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dawn - By all means, do deramic tile when you can. I've had just about every kind of floor, and I really love the ceramic. It is easier to keep clean than any other. And thanks about the pictures. I took more today ... hee hee! Like I don't almost every day!

  3. I"m sending good thoughts to your friends. That does seem daunting....

  4. Oooh! I love the not yucky new floors! You have impeccable tastes!

  5. Casey - Thank you. Yes, daunting is a good word. You've learned, haven't you? It isn't ever easy. Again thanks.

    Burg - Well, thank you. My middle initial is "I"!!

    Just kidding! But thanks for the compliment.

  6. Wow things are looking great at Casa Lynilu. I can't wait to see pics of the gallery also. That guy is SO lucky he's got you helping him.
    I am so sorry to hear of your friends plight. Jeff and family are definitely in my prayers.

  7. That is the only thing I don't like about traveling - laundrymats.

    Your pictures are beautiful. You are such a "handy woman." Before moving into my house on wheels, I just beat it with a hammer. If whatever I was beating on broke... oh well it needed fixing anyway.

    I am so sorry to hear about your friends, I will definitely keep this family in my prayers.

  8. Pepper - LOL! Your method of finding what needs fixed is ... interesting! I am fairly comfortable with tools because my parents felt that we kids should be prepared to do whatever we needed to, so girls learned to change oil and tires, hammer a nail or saw a board, and the boys learned to sew on buttons and cook. Never hurts!

    Thanks for the prayers. You know, it is never easy, but when things strike people so young, it is more sobering.

  9. Howdy Stranger!!! Yes I realize I've been the strange one! I've recently changed jobs AGAIN as the firm to which I followed my guys didn't work out. I'm now at the oldest and likely largest lawfirm in Texas and it is AWESOME. I miss my guys but this has been a great move for me. I might actually now have time to catch back up on the blogging world.

  10. May Jeff be able to walk his daughter down the aisle.... I will send prayers for that, Lynilu... Pancreatic cancer is merciless - I have known people who died within 3 months, and people who survived a year before it took them... I hope that he has a miracle of healing/treatment that allows him to be an exception...

    Your tile and carpet look lovely !

    No kidding you want your own washing machine and dryer ! When will you get them ? do you have existing space for them ? Or will you remodel/add a laundry room ?

    The pictures ARE gorgeous !

    You are creating anew life, so full of pleasure and variety and interests of your own choosing, Lynilu - how nice to have it unfold like that !

    Hope you have a great Friday helping out at the gallery and a good weekend !

  11. I LOVE the tile and carpet. It looks great. I guess I one of your only blogger friends that got to see what it looked like in person. Somehow..I feel honored. looks great. I know you are really happy and it is finally feeling like home and all yours. YAY.

  12. I love ceramic tile, what a difference!!

    Um, I tagged you for something. Sorry. ((Runs out of door quickly before flying objects make contact with noggin.))

  13. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with Jeff and his family.

    I sure know what you mean about the laundramat. When I was married, my cheapskate scrooge of a husband would not let me buy a new washer when the one we had was not working properly. So I had to schlep my dirty clothes and the kids to the laundramat.

    I love your new flooring!

    The cloud picture is awesome as is with all your pictures.

  14. Love the pictures!!!
    Hate laundromats!! (the part I hate is throwing so many quarters into it. I can't imagine having to do it all the time!)
    The job at the gallery sounds very cool!!!

  15. I just love the flooring!

    It almost seems as if there's a sense of inner peace and happiness coming through your writing.

  16. Old Lady - Yeah, you're stranger than me!! LOL! I'm glad the new job is going well and that you feel some calm. I'll be by to check your blog soon! Welcome back!!!

    Annie - Thank you so much for your prayers. I know they need all the intervention possible for this vile affliction.

    Thanks on the floors. I'm very pleased. I think once I have the appliances, I will be fine, even if I don't get everything unpacked until Christmas. No, wait, that might be extreme, but.... There is an existing laundry room. I just pulled all the appliances out almost 2 weeks ago so that the floors could be tiled, and I decided to not bring them back in. Luckily, I was able to sell them after just a few days.

    And yes, my life is mine. As if I sculpted it by hand. :)

    Caroline - I'm glad you realize what a privilege it was to see the old stuff!! LOL!! So when are you coming back to see the new stuff??? :)

    Sandra - YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! ;-)

    Daisy - Thanks for the prayers. I know they are appreciative.

    And thanks about the floors and pictures. I'll wash the first load of laundry in honor of you and wit

    Cheryl - Thanks! Yeah, that $1,000,000 in quarters brought tears to my eyes! And the job ... so far, it is really fun, exciting and challenging in a good way. Let's hope it lasts!

    Sassy - Thanks, it is so nice to have it all finished! And, yes, I think the peace I've tried to embrace is coming to nest in my life, my home.

  17. OMG! I love your tile! In fact, I've been looking at tile almost exactly like that for my kitchen! hehehe...great minds and all that. I'm sorry to hear about your friend and her family and excited to hear about your gallery stuff. What fun for you.

  18. Traci - Oh, but of course, the great minds!! The tile is much nicer than the linoleum/vinyl type floor. It cleans so easily! Stay tuned on the gallery ... I figure it will turn out to be either the most fun thing I've done or I'll walk away screaming!

  19. Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day!!!

  20. Daisy - Thank you! And you, too!!


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