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Sunday, May 13, 2007


I have a new bird at my house. But for once, I have no pictures. He flies away very quickly when I move to get a picture or even a better view of him. Very easily spooked little bird! I believe it is an oriole, and as near as I can identify, I think it is probably a Bullock's Oriole. Here is a picture from the Internet:

It is a beautiful bird. He likes the feeder right outside my front door, and if I just sit quietly and watch, he sticks around long enough for me to make a pretty good identification. Watching him fly away is wonderful ... he is a blaze of color! He is actually more orange than these pictures, so he is probably an older adult bird.

Interestingly, when I looked for a picture on line I learned this:

The Bullock's Oriole is the western counterpart to the Baltimore Oriole the bird found east of the Rockies. In the mid-1980's ornithologist concluded that the two are one bird species, and united them under a new name: Northern Oriole.

I set up my desktop computer today. After a year and a half in storage, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it seems to be just fine. It was packed in the original box, and wasn't even dusty!! I'm having to adjust to the keyboard, because it is spaced differently than the laptop. It is good to have both of them up and going. Now, if I can just get the wireless router working, I'll be very happy.

I have spent most of the weekend unpacking. Of course. ARRRGHHHH! I can't believe all the junk I own! In between unpacking, I carry out the empty boxes, straighten out the mess as well as possible and bring in more. It feels like the house is messy all the time, and that wears on me. I'll be ecstatically happy when this is done. the good news is that the piles of boxes on the deck are fading away. Hurrah!!!

When I'm not unpacking, I've worked a little bit on wording for various publication outlets, radio, newspaper, fliers, pamphlets, and newsletters, to get the word out about the upcoming festival. My first ad, about a different event, was in the newspaper Friday, and it was darned good, if I do say so myself!

Allan took me to dinner at a local place that was having lobster as a special for Mother's Day. It was really good. My only complaint is that it seems every restaurant in this area serves corn with every meal. I like corn, but gimme a break! Enough already! Try green beans or ... well, any variation!! However, we had a nice time, and I really did enjoy the lobster. Tomorrow he is coming over to watch the season finale of "Heroes," and I'm going to fix stir fry. I haven't had that for quite a long time, and I'm looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I am taking Ali to the vet. He is acting like he doesn't feel very good, just listless and old. I really hate that both my kids are an age that I must be prepared for this to leave me. I spoke with the vet on Friday, and he feels that it might be advancement of Ali's senility. We are hopeful that some of the medications for that might help him, if that is the case. Currently, I'm just so aware of the quality of life issue. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but his relish for chasing his toys, his appetite, his zest is low. I'm hoping for the best.

OK, gotta get some rest. I'm really bone tired. Hope everyone has a happy, fun, exciting week!!

PS - Ali is in generally good health. The vet found nothing physical to explain his listlessness, so it more or less confirms the probability of senility. We are trying a medication that has helped a lot of other dogs to have less obvious signs of the dementia, and has improved their quality of life. That's what is important to me. He got his first pill today, and we should know within 30 days how well it does for him. I'm glad there isn't a physical problem, too. Whew!


  1. Pretty bird. Glad you had a good Mother's Day. Hope your Ali is ok. Have a great week.

  2. I just hate it when my babies (dogs...ummm did I say that?!) get older. I know it's inevitable but it still sucks. Happy Mothering Day sweetie.

  3. What a stunning little fella, I don't think I've ever seen one before! I hope he stays around for you.

  4. Oh I hope Ali is okay. Losing China not so long ago... well you need your furbabies with you awhile longer!

  5. Daisy - He is pretty, isn't he? And Ali is mostly OK (see PS to post).

    Traci - I call 'em y babies or my kids, so I'd understand it right away! Yeah, aging in our loved ones, 4-leggers or 2-leggers, is rough. I'm trying to be positive, yet be prepared, too. But for now, he is OK. Whew!

    Sandra - One of the prettiest birds I've seen. I hope he stays, too, and given the amount I feed those little buggers, he should!

    Patti - Ali is OK (see PS to post), but I still have China. I lost her mama, Mai Lin. I know ... you haven't met them so the faces and names are not connecting. China is bouncy, happy, and except for cataracts and almost no hearing, she's still a puppy at heart. She is such a sweetie. And yeah, I need them with me as long as I can have them.


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