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Monday, May 14, 2007


While unpacking over the weekend, I found something forgotten and unexpected. I was actually looking for one of my Painted Ponies (still haven't found it!), when I found what I thought was it, but when I opened the box I found my surprise.

About a year ago I was in Wichita with my son and his family. My daughter-in-law and I were in Hallmark store and I found some coffee mugs that I couldn't pass up. I never took them out of the boxes, but packed them, ready to move. And forgot them completely.

When I opened the boxes, I was struck with the messages on them . . . . . . .

So today, I'm having my coffee out of "dreams come true." And I'm thinking, "life is good."

On my way home Friday night there was a beautiful sunset, one of those that turns the clouds golden. They looked as if they were dipped in molten 24 karat gold. Boy, was it gorgeous!

And then Saturday evening, we were on the brink of thunderstorms, and I saw this vista of the sun fighting it's way through the dark clouds. The rays of sunshine were just beautiful, like strings of silvery-white being stretched from the clouds to the earth. I just had to stop and take a shot of this.

So. Now I've finished the coffee, and I gotta get busy! But never forget . . . . .

Life is beautiful


  1. Those mugs are gorgeous, and just the size I like too! Substantial - for us serious coffee drinkers who need way more than a thimbleful.

  2. Love the mugs, the golden sunset and silver skies all equally!

  3. Sandra - I love big mugs, too. I have close to a dozen that are about 2 cups each, and I use them more than the regular size, even though my "regular" ones are almost all 1.5 times a "coffee cup" capacity. And a bonus for me ... I just unpacked my cup warmer! As long as I remember to sit my cup down on it, as long as I remember to turn it on, my coffee will be eternally nice and warm!

    Patti - I just realized ... I live in the land of silver and gold!!! Oh! And I had "snow diamonds" a few weeks ago! I'm RICH!!! Bring your emerald slippers and ruby red dress, and we'll paint the town!! LOL!!

  4. What cute mugs! Don't you just love to find things that you forgot you had?

    Those photos are gorgeous, just gorgeous! Do you have more than one camera? Or do you just always have a camera with you? You seem to never miss a great shot!

  5. Dawn - "Forgotten treasures" are marvelous!

    LOL! I have just one camera. You wouldn't believe how many times Ive missed "that special shot"!! I try to put it in the car every time I go, and I do fairly well. But a few killer shots have been missed because I left the camera behind. I'm improving on it.

  6. Love the mugs!! Love the pics!!! Life IS Beautiful!!!

  7. I remember you talking about how excited you were to unpack everything because you had forgotten all you had. And now we get the pleasure of watching you get so excited with all your new treasures. It's like Christmas in May at your house isn't it?

  8. Daisy - Yeah!!!

    Caroline - You are SO right! Every day that I unpack a box is a day of "AHA!" I knew it would be like this, but I'm surprised, all the same. It helps to temper the work by having fun surprises in the process!


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