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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Love This Place!

When is the last time a company delivered almost $4000 of appliances (or anything else) to your home, set everything up, and walked away without being paid? Not even a deposit. Nuttin'. I'm going in the store tomorrow and settle up, but when I tried to pay a deposit, I was told to wait until delivery, then I could pay the delivery guy or come in "sometime after the delivery" and pay at the store. I guess my face was obviously saying, "Huh?" because he said, "Well, we know where to find you if you don't show up."

When the carpet and tile was done, I did pay a deposit up front because the tile was special order, but the balance wasn't paid until a couple days after they finished because the owner wanted to come out, see the job, make sure everything was OK first.

It amazes me. And it delights me, too. It is so nice to be in a place where respect and trust still mean something significant. While the floors were being done, I left my house most of the time, leaving them here without supervision. In fact, I gave them my house key in case I wasn't here when they arrived in the mornings. The locked up when they left at night. And I lost no sleep in concern to my belongings being here when I came back. I knew everything was fine.

Right now, they are still working on installing the dishwasher. If they aren't done by 5:45, I'm leaving for a Village Counsel meeting, and they'll lock the house when they leave.

I love it here. I love these people. I love the peace of mind.

~ ~ ~ ~

PS added at 10:00 PM - OH . MY . GAWD .... I love my new washer and dryer! Front loading, stacked, programmable out the wazoo!!! I haven't used the range yet, but put things into the fridge and it is so nice to have a normal size fridge! I've been using 2 apartment/dorm fridges, and the temp adjustments are not very accurate.) The dishwasher isn't in yet. Turned out that they didn't have the right adapter, so tomorrow, they will be back for that and to install the ice maker. But again, that washer and dryer just knocked my socks off!! Yes, I washed them after that!! ;-)


  1. Oh how I long to get back those days of REALLY trusting people! That's awesome that you are being shown that trust and respect. Shoot, you look like an honest woman to me...I'd trust you

  2. Wow! That's a truly unique place..

  3. Dawn - Thanks, but in the city, even with my honest face, it was "pay up now." I'm daily amazed at the differences here in this smaller community. And to think ... I thought I was so "urbanized" that I needed to be near Albuquerque for shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. Now I go there for a few things that I can't get here, but I am actually beginning to dread those trips!! Aren't we strange creatures?!

    Burg - I'm tellin' ya! BTW, my friend from your town loved it here so well that he is planning to bring his wife out to look around! It is easy to fall in love here.

  4. I grew up in a place such as that. And, I can honestly say, after all these years, it is still very much the same...very trusting. Unfortunately it did nothing to prepare me for what reality is and what I could or should I say what I couldn't expect.

  5. Wow that is definitely a rarity (being able to trust like that) but a very very very nice one. I have often wishes I could go back and live in the 40's and 50's because life seems so much better then. I'm sure it had it's trials & tribulations but I sometimes don't like this mean old world we live in today at all. Your stories about the amazing place you live in do give me hope.

  6. Daisy - the town I grew up in was larger, but fairly safe, too. (Or was it perhaps the era, 1950s?) And you're right ... I was ill prepared for some of the hard realities of other places, times, people. I think, however, that I'd rather had it that way that to have grown up in a non trusting environment. My professional experience has taught me that when people grow up in adversity, it never seems to go away. They may learn to cope, but "it" is an ingrained part of them. I'm happy that my ingrained seed is one of general trust for my fellow beings. I'm disappointed or hurt from time to time, more often than I like, but I always revert to that core of trust. It's a good place to come home to.

    Patti - Having grown up in the era you cite, I know exactly what you mean. No, it wasn't perfect, but yes, it was a lot nicer. We used to go trick-or-treating without fear; we played after dark and our parents weren't terrified. Yes, bad things happened, even to me, but healing was always in the arms of my parents. In my work I found so many parents who didn't/couldn't/lacked the knowledge to do that for their children, and that alone makes the child much more vulnerable to the evils, I think. I'm glad I grew up when I did, where I did, and that when I remember back, it comes out of the section labeled "The Good Times." This place is bring back that feeling often. Never give up hope. Never.

  7. Sounds wonderful, Lynilu, both the trust -- and the pleasure of new appliances !!!


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