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Friday, June 22, 2007

OK, OK, Don't Yell At Me!!

Yep, I’ve been away. Not from home, but certainly from the computer. As someone said in an email, if Gail is going to distract me like this, they are going to have to “take care of that,” but trust me it wasn’t her fault. Well sort of, but only in a very good way.

As you know, my friend has moved to this area. I took the week off from work so I could concentrate on getting the unpacking finished and the garage sale preparation underway. While I’ve been absent from the blog, Gail has been helping me, motivating me to get ‘er done. The deck isn’t cleared, but it is now ready to set up for a garage sale. Yeah!!! She helped me where she could, gave me a lot of support, encouragement, and frankly, just having her her as company was wonderfully helpful. I have a lot to carry to the basement, but the extraneous mess is now under control, yippee-skippee, yahoo, eeeeeeeehawwwww!

The deck is certainly greatly improved, well enough that we were able to sit out and relax after working. It was wonderful to access the porch swing, and I had room to open up one of my very comfortable deck chairs. Ahhhh, it felt so very, very nice. A cool soft drink, and my feet up was just what the doctor ordered! The roof over the deck is tin, and when it began softly raining, it was so pleasant.

We had a lot of fun visiting. We watched some good movies, had a few glasses of wine, some good food (home-cooked and restaurant cooking). Last night we went out for pizza, and we tried to call Allan to see if he wanted to join us, but he wasn’t home. When we got to the restaurant, his car was there! I told him that we were going to invite him out, but he wasn’t home, so he couldn’t come with us! Turns out he was actually with a client, a woman who is moving here from the Albuquerque area and has made an offer on a house across the street from Allan. Gail and I both felt an immediate kinship with her, and we visited for an hour or so before she left. I think we have a new friend!

We both got library cards. Gail will need need it for ID when applying for her NM drivers license, and I simply took advantage of the opportunity to do what I’d meant to do for some time. The librarian has a sister who lives just down the road from me. And Gail’s new insurance agent has a relative also nearby. What a small world!

Gail has gone to Alamogordo for a few days to visit with her brother and SIL. She will be back here some time next week, and I hope by then to have the tables set up and boxes/items sorted into groups. We will start getting things priced, and then ... garage sale, clean up, and YAY! A free deck!!! Then I’ll put the new bar-B-Q grill together and burn a burger or sizzle a steak or char a chicken. I can’t wait for that! I bought the grill several weeks ago, but there has been no way it would fit on the deck. I’m excited!

The sad news is that I have no pictures for this blog. My camera is at the Gallery for specific use there, since the Gallery camera is “on vacation” with the boss. Honestly, I’ve been too busy to do much shooting, anyway. I promise that I will be back to normal soon. Huh? What? Hey, that’s not nice! I do have some “normal” moments! They may not last long, but they do occur. Hrumph.


Since I don't have pix, here is a little treat for you. This little darling is just the sweetest angel I've seen in a long time.

Good weekend, all!!!


  1. Lynilu, sounds you you had a wonderful week with Gail !

    Glad that the mess is now under control, and you are ready for your garage sale and enjoying your deck !

    Library cards... That brings back memories. Books can be such good friends to explore on quiet rainy days !

    Hope you have a good weekend, and whn you get your camera back, I look forward to more of your wonderful pictures !

    How is Ali doing today ?

  2. Hey Lynilu!!! Sounds like you had a great time with your friend.

    I saw the video of Connie singing in an Email. Isn't she precious?

  3. Sounds like it was a great week with Gail. I know you are so excited that she is going to be in the same area as you. You girls don't get into too much trouble. But you know you can always call me if you need to be bailed out of jail. :)

    Well, glad to see an update. I miss you when you are gone.

  4. Annie - It was a good time, and she will be back in a few days. Books are friends on any day! I enjoy reading, and I've decided that visiting the library will save me a lot over buying them. The camera is home and will be in use very soon! And Ali is doing better again. He has "moments" but for the most he is stable.

    Daisy - You heard right! And that little Connie was amazing, wasn't she? She just stole my heart!

    Caroline - Hey! I appreciate the offer to bail us out, but by the time you got here, we'd both be hardened long-timers!! That does it, you had better move here ASAP. I don't know how long I can keep Gail under control!!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful week.

    I can't wait till you get your camera back.

    I am still worried about Ali, I need an update.

  6. Pepper - Ali actually seems to b doing well! In fact, earlier today I gave him some new toys that I bought a while back to dole out, and he has brought them to Gail and me ALL DAY LONG for us to throw and let him chase ad return. He hasn't done that much fetching in a month! I can't believe it ... he is like his old self.

    I don't kid myself that he is OK. He is still my old boy, but his behavior is much more relaxed and active. Thanks for asking. We both appreciate it.


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