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Monday, June 18, 2007

This and That and Sumpthin' Else.

The weekend. It was different than my usual. I’ll start with Friday.

Friday afternoon, my friend Gail arrived with a rental truck and all her belongings. She is, finally, moving to this area. I’ve been trying to convince her to do this for months now. Her previous home was less than welcoming to her, so much so that she never unpacked most of her belongings. I managed to round up three people and myself from here, and her brother and nephew from Alamogordo were here to help. We did a smashing job; it was unloaded in about two or two and a half hours, secure in a self-storage unit in Ruidoso. She spent the weekend with her brother and SIL, then applied today she applied for some jobs today. She will be back here tomorrow, and she will probably stay with me a few days, continuing to look for a job and a home. A stroke of luck is that one of the “helpers” on Friday has a home he is planning to sell, so she is going to talk with him and see if it is anything she might be interested in.

Saturday was a relatively unremarkable day, except that I got started on the (hopefully) final stages of clearing the deck. I worked for several hours, mostly organizing and compacting what was there. I went into the Gallery and worked a few hours after that. The owner was taking off for a few days of road trip with his son, and all the other employees were planning for a day with their fathers on Sunday, so......

I worked all day Sunday by myself. There were lots of lookers, but not many buyers, and the last couple hours were b.o.r.i.n.g. The door didn’t even open! I got a lot of the computerized organization done through the day, and that felt good. And I was happy to allow everyone else have Father’s Day with their families.

I took off most of this week so I could concentrate on finishing the unpacking. I just can’t stand much more of this! Today was amazing in what I got done. The large items are all lined up along the railing, with a huge tarp under them and wrapped up and over to protect them from rain. I got out the big folding banquet table. Tomorrow I will set it up and begin putting kitchen items for the garage sale on it. In the next couple days, I’ll bet a couple sheets of plywood, have them split so I have 2’ X 8” tables on top of sawhorse legs and begin putting other things out on them. Hopefully I can consider the garage sale beginning around the middle of July.

I got a lot accomplished today, and it felt so good! I’m beginning to see the deck without cringing. I don’t look forward to the process of pricing everything and then having the garage sale. I’ve never liked doing garage sales. My late husband did, and I was happy to let him do it. But it will be good to have it done. Once and for all.

A few pictures, just for the fun of it!

First, just some pretty little wildflowers.

And then, I thought I’d show the road to my house.

And looking at the road toward the highway. Yeah, it is a long, dusty road.

Here is the hill I live on.

And there is my house!

A closer look at the house from across the valley.

And look at this little bugger that I caught up in the bird feeder! Climbed right up the handle of a paint roller handle and it was just a short jump to the feeder!

I finally got a picture of Ali in the basket .....

This one says, “Uh-oh, Mom’s home.”

“Mom, quit it!!”

“You’re not mad, are you, huh, Mom?”

“Hey, I’m really cute, huh? Yeah, too cute to be angry at me!”

“OK, that’s enough! I can’t stand it!! Turn it off!”

I’m getting really worried about Ali. He is acting more and more confused and unstable. I can not leave him at home now; he chews up any cardboard box he can get his teeth on. It is just a matter of time until he starts chewing on important things. Well, in fact, he chewed a little bit of the basket already, so I now keep it covered when I go out. When I’m home, or when I take him/them with me, he won’t let me out of his sight. I can’t even go out on the deck to work without taking him now, yet he doesn’t want to be there in the heat and the noise. He does better out there, but he isn’t “normal.” He acts as if he is terrified all the time, and at times, I put him on a leash, snap the leash to my belt loop and go about my business. It helps him, I suppose feeling connected to me, but it surely slows me down. I thought that the senility was improving for a while, but now, he is regressing it seems. He rarely brings me a toy to throw now. His eating is irregular. He seems to be physically functioning alright, but I’m worried that his days are somewhat numbered. I’m so sad, thinking that I’m going to lose another of my babies. I may be wrong, but I just can imagine that he will be much longer like this. I guess it is time to call and talk with the vet again about this so I know if my guess is right.

So life goes on with some sadness and some joy. That’s what life is all about. We don’t get to pick and chose about everything, and we don’t always get what we want (after all, our dear pets should live exactly as long as we do). But everything always managed to balance out, doesn’t it? I’m tired tonight, and I think that makes me more melancholy than usual. In spite of that,

Life is beautiful, isn’t it?


  1. You couldn't have been mad at that sweet face, now could you? Isn't it funny how they push us around?

    Those wildflowers are beautiful!

  2. Sorry Ali's not doing much better. :(
    As usual, I love your pics!

  3. Life may not always beautiful but it is a beautiful ride! That sentence stuck in my head for days when we lost our 9 year old Beagle to a brian tumor. Last night I visited the oleander bush we planted when we buried her. Every time it blooms I think she is checking in on us!

  4. Awww I am very sad about Ali :(
    He is adorable. I love the pics! Glad your friend has moved near you.
    P.S. I detest doing garage sales too. Ugh.

  5. Burg - LOL! No, I wasn't mad, but his face told me that he knew he shouldn't be there! And aren't those little wild flowers exquisite?

    Jen - Thanks. Just keep s both in your meditations, please.

    Old Lady - What a great phrase! I had not remembered it until you brought it here, and it is a lovely way to think of it. I wish I'd remembered it when I lost my other dog last fall. I think it would have helped me. Her ride was glorious. I'll remember that now. Thanks.

    Patti - Thanks for the concern and happy thoughts, too. Hey, wanna come help me with the garage sale? Just think about the PSA you'd have after that!!! LOL!!

  6. Good morning Lynilu ! You'll have the house and the deck all cleared with everything put away by August, and then it'll be sheer relaxation, and delight in what a gorgeous environment you live in ! Those pictures make me drool. It just feels so peaceful.... Mhmmmmm, how nice....

    Poor Ali.... Very cute pictures, but how scary for him to need to feel so close to you, or be terrified. I never knew animals could get senile - poor little thing. He is lucky to have a mom like you. I don't envy you the conversation with the vet -- pets are our children...

    Gail - will she unpack the boxes when she gets a new home ? There is another issue going on there...

  7. I will be sending out lots of prayers for Ali. I pray you will have lots more time with him.

    Seeing the pics of the road to your house brings back lots of memories. I am looking forward to visiting again sometime soon.

  8. What a beautiful area you live in. Not sure I'd like that LONG DUSTY road...espeically since I'm on the go so much. But I guess, just as with anything else, you get use to it.

    I'm so sorry about your Ali. I know that's hard for you to watch your baby like that. But he's so cute and I bet, so sweet.

    I'm happy for you that you have a friend moving nearby. That's fun news. Your life IS beautiful!

  9. Chipmunk! I love Chipmunks - they remind me of camping when I was a child and I really miss seeing them.

    I'm so sosrry about Ali. :(

  10. I'm sorry about Ali. You know it's going to be hard and just reading this got me weepy.

    On a cheerier note, I love the pictures of your house on the hill!

  11. Aw Lyn...sorry about Ali. But you're's the balance of life. I love the pictures of your house...NM is so gawjus. :-)

  12. Did someone say Garage Sale???? My ears pricked up there! My two favorite words.

  13. What a sweet face. You can never get mad at a face like that.

    Ali worries me. I hope there is nothing wrong. Keep us informed.

    As always your pictures are outstanding.

  14. To everyone - Ali is up and down. Yesterday was rough, as he wouldn't leave my side and whimpered all day long. Today we had a date with the groomer and he has been like himself. All in all, I know he is again rather rapidly now, and I'm struggling with that knowledge. It is just sad to face losing another pet. I appreciate your caring words.

    Annie - I'm sure Gail will unpack here. the reason she didn't before is because she rented a "temporary" house, could not find a permanent job so that she could move. The house was tiny, no room to unpack!

    Caroline - Well, c'mon down!!!! BTW, the under-the-house-smell is almost gone now!

    Dawn - I think if I had kids that were involved in many activities, I wouldn't like it either, but I love the quiet, the peace of being down that long road.

    Casey - Isn't he a cute one? I love them, too. I hadn't noticed having them around here, and I was delighted to see him.

    Traci - Hey, I love the house, the hill, the sky, the sunrises, the whole kit and kebootle!!

    Jenn - Yes, indeedy, NM is wonderful to see. Better to live in!!

    Sandra - Not me!! ;-)

    Pepper - I will keep information out there. Thanks. I enjoy taking and sharing the pictures. Digital photography is so great because you can take a million shots and simply cull out the bad ones. Instant gratification has very good points!!

  15. How are you and Ali doing today, Lynilu ?

  16. Hey everyone, yes, I am fine, and so is Ali. I've just been distracted with Gail in town. I'll post soon, probably later today. Thanks for caring enough to ask!! Hugs around!!

  17. Lynilu, have you talked with your vet about trying meds for Ali? There are meds. now for canine (and feline) dementia/alz. type issues. Not a cure-all, but possibly a help for a while.

  18. Sassy - Yes. He is on one, and it helps on MOST days, but some days, ht is just over the top. Thanks.


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