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Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Potpourri For Sunday

I bought myself a gift. Yeah, I know, I indulge myself shamelessly. So ... bite me! I stopped in a shop yesterday, one that carries all kinds of unusual stuff, including clothing that is off-beat, comfortable and fun. I bought a gauze shirt, one from India. It is so light and airy. I wore it around the house yesterday, and it felt wonderful. But that's not the gift.

As I left the shop I noticed something the shop owner had on the sidewalk. I apologize, in advance, for the next few pictures. For some reason, I couldn't get a good focus or get rid of glare. I finally chose the out-of-focus, because you could at least see something besides shiny spots.

The box .......

The thing (in its folded pose) .........

And unfolded .........

Inside is the palate and a carrying strap. It is a French easel, one that fold down into a size that is manageable size so that I can tromp out into the wilderness, if I choose.

It was a bit pricey, but I know I will enjoy it in the near future. It will enable me to take my supplies and go where I need to paint or sketch. I'm so excited about it!!

I bought myself something else a couple days ago. My coffee table is small, but I just love it. (I bought it at a garage sale at Caroline's a couple years ago.) I have the top of it loaded with things, some of which will eventually move elsewhere, but for now, there is no room for the obligatory "coffee table books" or magazines, and there is not a shelf under the top. So I found and bought a huge basket to place underneath the table to hold books. Here is what it looks like:

The thing is that every time I leave the house and sometimes, just leave the room, I walk in and find Ali curled up in the basket! He jumps out quickly (he knows it isn't his bed!) so I haven't been able to have a picture of him there, but can't you picture him on top of that recreational atlas??

On to some pictures unrelated to my material self-indulgence .......

This tree has fascinated me since early spring. When it began to bud with green it caught my eye. It grows beside the road on a fairly significant slope, and it has conformed its shape to fit the terrain.

Yesterday, I took time to get out and wade through the roadside grass to snap it. Then I decided to catch a few other that have caught my eye, too.

Everything is SO green! We haven't had rain for over a week, but might get some today. In spite of the lack of rain, the beautiful emerald has sustained, as you see here. The peak in the background is Nogal Peak.

Y'all are going to think I like taking pictures of posts, but this is, as before with the yucca, to show you how tall part of the grass is. You may have to click to enlarge it to see that the grass is nearly as tall as the post. I'm guessing it is about three feet tall to the post's four feet.

This gully or arroyo in the foreground is not usually covered with grass. It is usually a dry gulch with just spotty growth. BTW, the village of Nogal (means "nut" in Spanish, but unclear whether it is walnut or pecan; I got walnut in the translator, but my DIL says it is pecan; I'll take her word, 'cause she is Mexican, and this is pecan country, too) used to be named "Dry Gulch."

These gorgeous flowers have fascinated me for a couple weeks now, and I just learned they are Red Hot Pokers. Cool name!!! They are very bright red, so the name is right on!

Now I need to get to unpacking boxes. I'm making tremendous progress, and can begin to see the possibility that I can put together my new grill and use it! Yay! I bought a propane grill, because using an open fire here isn't wise. I'm probably less than two or three miles from the national forest. Also, with propane, I can use the grill on the deck with relatively safety. It is grilling season, and I'm ready!

Happy Sunday, everyone, and have a super week ahead!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Lynilu !!! How awesome to have that within camera snapping distance !

    I bet Ali looks very cute in the basket !

    Enjoy your propane grill ! my mouth is watering for cyber-hot dogs !!!

    Hope that you have a good Sunday !

  2. What a cool easel! It makes me wish I could paint!

  3. Annie - Thanks. Yes, it is cool to be so close to such beauty. I'm thankful every day for it. Ali does look adorable in the basket, but I've caught only a glimpse myself, 'cause he moves quickly to get out! And how was your Sunday?

    Burg - well, now, have you tried? :)

  4. Hello my friend. Ya know, sometimes you've just gotta indluge yourself. That easel is so cool...I've never seen one that folds up like that before. I'm sure you'll get some good use out of it.

    Now you know I LOVE the pictures!!! You are quite talented with that camera. And then again, you DO have beautiful things to photograph.

    Have a great week!

  5. I love that basket idea. I could use something like that...hmmmmm. And the easel is fantastic. You will make some real beauty with it was a good indulgence.

  6. I love the basket and your painting easel is wonderful!!!! I think it's great that you treated yourself!!!

  7. Hey, Dawn - I had seen folding easels, but not like this one. I can't wait to use it! I hope I can make pictures using it that rival the ones with the camera! Good week yourself!

    Jenn - The basket is just proof that there is a solution for everything, I think. If you want one, I can direct you to just the right shop!! Yeah, I think my indulgence was OK. The executive board approved! LOL!

    Cheryl - Sometimes we need to take care of ourselves, I think. At least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!

  8. I love that you bought yourself a french easel. A very practical indulgence as it will enable you to paint and draw in some awesome settings I am sure.
    I can see Ali curled up in the basket. Little pill! I'd love to meet you and the pups IRL

  9. Love the portable "studio", what a wonderful gift for yourself.

    And the basket is gorgeous. Making your new place a "home", I see.

  10. Patti - I'm hoping that the experience I've gained with the camera in the last year had given me a better eye for the other art. I'll start fining out soon! I'm still planning the trip to Florida in the fall. If gas prices don't get worse, I should be close enough to have some IRL time in SC. I'll keep you posted on it!

    Ragged - It is a good buy, I'm sure. I think it will reward me with lots of quality time for myself. And yes, it is certainly becoming more mine with each day.

  11. Come to think of it, no, I haven't.. Well, I have painted very small things on fingernails (don't ask), and a few little crafty type things, but I don't know if I could look at something and do it justice..

  12. That is cool that you are treating yourself to those special things you want.

    The coffee table was my Grandmothers (Dad's Mom) and I love that you got it. I remember as a small child playing with the table. I always said I wanted that in my house when I grew up. I am happy that you have it and you love it as much as I did.

  13. Burg - Well, then! ya never know, girl! Give it a try!

    Caroline - I know Glenn didn't understand why I brought it home, and then we didn't use it in KC. When I started packing things, I knew it was going with me and where it was going to be placed!Yeah, I do like it a lot.

  14. My mother has used an Easel, much like the one you purchased, and she loves it. I'm certain you will find it very useful.


  15. I LOVE the basket!!!

    Cool Easel!

  16. Reach - I'm looking forward to using it. Soon, very soon!

    Daisy - You're back!

  17. Red Hot Pokers, what a cool name! I love unusual plants like that.

  18. Sandra - I almost overlooked your comment! I agree, I like the unusual in almost every area, and having a remarkable garden/yard is great. What is funny about the red hot pokers is that they are EVERYWHERE here in my area! ya never know!!


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