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Thursday, July 05, 2007

How Did I Do This To Myself?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you open your mouth and find yourself committed to work you really don't want to do? I'm bad about that. And now is one of those times.

The Gallery has grown so fast and has become so busy that record keeping has been towed under. It is hard to keep up with the inventory, and sometimes we have not been sure if something is missing, sold, or if the artist removed it for a show. I suggested several things that could help us track this incoming and outgoing, and consequently I'm developing a database which includes a picture of each item for exact identification. About a third of the way through the process of inputting of the data, I began to be concerned about more "question marks" than I originally expected. So I mentioned that we really should have a complete inventory. Good Idea, huh?


Last Monday (the Gallery is closed on Monday) everyone, including a few friends and family members swarmed over the gallery checking each item, recording missing information and taking pictures, using removable colored dots to denote missing information. It took us almost eight hours to cover it, but we did get it done. Whew.


Now it is up to me to reconcile all those records and put it into the database.

I gotta learn to keep my mouth shut.

But it is job security, isn't it?

This week has been pretty hot here. Now before I say more, I acknowledge that "hot" is a relative concept. The highs have been in the upper 80s, which I know probably sounds heavenly to some of you who have been battling 90s and 100s. But since many buildings do not have air conditioning, the word "hot" must be adjusted to fit the circumstance. The Gallery does not have a/c. It will soon. It does have really good ceiling fans, and we open doors and windows to create drafts. But when you are sitting still working, it in one thing; running around in frustration trying to find a picture which may or may not fit the title given by the artist in my own interpretation, is a completely different circumstance! So Monday was exhausting.

Tuesday was better. I worked only a few hours, doing payroll and paperwork. Yesterday was Another full day as July 4th is a big holiday here. There was a parade of epic proportions (for such a small town) followed by 2 rodeos every day through Saturday, along with other event. It brings in many visitors, and the Gallery was swamped all day long. Again, a hot and sweaty day.

I didn't take pictures of the parade, unfortunately. The camera was in the car. It lasted over an hour ... the main drag is about 10-12 blocks on a US highway that is shut down for this. That's a lot of parade! It isn't a fancy parade, but it surely gives you the picture of what is going on in the county. I had no idea! There was even a convertible with a sign on the side "Class of '62." Gail and I cheered that one!! Of course, we graduated elsewhere in the state, but that isn't the important thing.

Driving home yesterday, I was just pooped. So I moseyed along, and stopped several times for some pictures. Here they are ....

This big ol' cloud just fascinated me. It was just looming in the sky over Nogal Peak.

And I thought this was a rather pastoral scene with the herd of black Angus in the valley below the same peak.

And some wild flowers, of course. These little lavender ones look almost like orchids ......

These little flowers are kind of like Black-eyed Susans. Perhaps a wild version of them, I don't know....

These are some new ones I've been seeing just the last few days ....

The petals are a rusty type color.

And don't they look pretty against the sky?

OK, that's all I have today. I'm staying home and cleaning house. I need some self-care time. Hope everyone had a good holiday!


  1. Your job sounds wonderful. And just think - once you get all the inventory reconciled in the data base it will be much easier to keep up with. But that's what you get for being so smart! :o)

    The pictures are beautiful!

  2. You definitely deserve some "you" time but it was awful nice of you to help the Gallery out like that! It will definitely benefit you in the long run at work.
    Beautiful pics!

  3. Jenster - I actually love the job. The biggest problem is that I like it so well that I don't always monitor my time there, robbing myself of the personal time. I'll get the hang of it eventually. And thanks.

    Patti - I will admit that I like fixing things. But we all know that Social Workers, retired or not, are "fixers"! I think it will help everyone in the long run, and I get to spend time with people that I genuinely like. Not a bad deal at all. AND I get paid!! Thanks to you, too!

  4. Your life sounds like it ought to be a movie... A wonderful one with Gregory Peck and Meryl Streep and, Olivia deHavilland and Sally Field...

    Heat is hard to deal with ! It is good that the gallery will have a/c next year !

    p.s. Those were very cute pictures of Ali below !

  5. You're so good.

    I used to be more like that...yes, yes, yes...not as much now.

    I love your pictures. They remind me of when I lived there...such a young time. It's something about the sky...

  6. Annie - Oh, please, can I have Robert Redmond and Leo DiCaprio, too? Ad who plays me? LOL!!

    And, the a/c is supposed to be in soon, not next year. YAY!!

    Jenn - I like your interpretation better than my own! I thought I was being a busy-body, sticking my nose in before asked! I just can't help trying to fix things.

    Have I forgotten?? I don't remember that you lived in this part of the world! How old were you and what part? But you're right ... there is something about the sky that speaks and hold a person. I mention to my son on his recent visit that the clouds are just different in a most wonderful way, and in his engineer head, he began explaining to me that it had much to do with the atmospheric differences between the mountain states and the midwest. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... it's just prettier for SOME reason!!

  7. You're the class of '62? So was my mom. How odd is that? Love the photos as always my dear.

  8. Oh and, social workers are fixers? That explains alot!

  9. Wow - you sound like you are busy and going to stay that way for a while! And I totally agree that heat takes on a whole new meaning without a/c. I hated summer. Hated it. We installed a/c for the house last summer and now I am a summer lovin' girl. It makes all the difference in the world. No question about it.

    Your photos always take my breath away. So stunning.

  10. Traci - Thanks. You didn't know about social workers? Oh, my! Where have you been, dear???

    Casey - I agree. I can go outside and work or play as long as I know there is a/c to come inside to. Makes a huge difference!

    And thanks on the photos!

  11. I dunno...I may have not mentioned it. I hopped a Greyhound bus from Denver when I was 19 and lived in Taos for about 6 months. It was magical.

  12. Jenn - OK, that rings a bell, although I still don't distinctly remember. Taos is one of a kind, isn't it? I don't know that I would want to live there for several reasons, but it does hold a very special aura that is, as you say, magical.

  13. I opened my mouth once about how confusing the foster parent list was. Just a bunch of names and no way to tell if it was a regular foster home, medical foster home, newborn foster home etc. I found myself putting in long hours creating a database that would simplify the search for the appropriate foster care a child needs.

    Love, love the pictures.

  14. Pepper - LOL!! I notice the word "once" in that sentence! Would you teach me how to open my mouth just once and then keep it shut???

  15. Oh it didn't end there. I went from data base to computer install, to computer repair, to fixing toilets, to picking up a turd in the waiting room. (I was the only one who kept rubber gloves in her desk.) But I did put my foot down on cleaning up blood in the bathroom after a fight.

    I learned how to make meth and knew more about gangs than the instructor.

    I could delouse and deroach a child in less than 30 minutes.

    I was an excellent in defusing a bad situation. Except the time I was tatooed by a client.

    I could write a book on my years working for the state. I am so happy in my little house on wheels.

  16. Pepper - OMG, that sounds all too familiar. I know you will understand my true appreciation for those tasks when I tell you that I had similar experiences, not because I worked directly for the State, but I was one of the ORIGINAL persons who instituted Family Preservation Services in that same state. It is different now, but back then (early 1990s) we did the most disgusting tasks in homes to help people learn how to do for themselves. It was often not fun. And while I never picked up a turd ... thank yew, jeeeezus!!! ... I can claim a close second to you on the rest. I learned to patch holes in walls that went all the way through to the outside, unstopped god-awful nasty toilets, deroached and deloused the houses of those kids that you cleaned up, installed screen doors to keep the larger vermin out of houses, put glass in windows, and hauled as many as 4 box-bed truckloads of "something" from a house to the dump. Oh, then, cleaned and debugged the truck before I could take it back to the campus.

    I was quite ready to move on to an "less directly involved" type service which allowed me to use the therapeutic counseling aspects of my training.

    Yeah, ain't social services great? Uh-huh.


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