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Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Thoughtfulness

I've been so busy over the last few days that I haven't been able to hang on to thoughts long enough to get them written! Seriously, I'll think about something I want to put on the blog, and before I can get to the office, it is gone. I think one problem is that I have too many "priorities" in my life right now, and not any of them am I willing to turn loose of.

There is work. I'm not working a lot of hours, but a lot is going on, and my head is whirling with ideas much of the time. The Gallery has been exceptionally busy. It makes me want to hurry to reconcile the inventory so that we can move ahead and keep up with the forward thrust; that requires more time than I can give it right now. So I try to keep myself focused in reality, doing what is possible in the time allotted. Not easy.

I can't give much more time to it, because at home I am setting up tables and sorting for the garage sale. I work some on that almost every day, and it, like the inventory reconciliation is just slower than I wish.

And while those are bugging me, I'm also doing things inside the house that will ultimately help with organizing my life into a manageable package. Such as this ... I finally moved the two filing cabinets into the house (off the deck, necessary before the garage sale), purged the old files which dated back two years plus, then began organizing the several file boxes of receipts and records I've been carrying with me all over the US in the past two years so they can be put into the file cabinets. I'm ready to put the files in the cabinets today, and it will be easier to file anything more I run across.

I also brought into the house a jeweler's bench I bought a few months ago for working on crafts. And I've begun putting my crafting tools and craft/art supplies away in the third bedroom. This room is to be my craft room and guest bedroom. Most of the tools and supplies go into or around the jeweler's bench, so it is a vital step in the organization. I more or less have to do this because I need somewhere to put the items of that type that I'm bringing in from the deck as I clear what I am keeping to prepare for the garage sale.

It seems that there should be an easier way to do this, but all these jobs in the house are related, and I almost can't do one without doing the others, too. My house is in a state of chaos as I'm using the living room as the sorting area, so all three rooms, living room, office and guest room are a mess. So I feel the chaos in most parts of my life right now, and just have to muddle through. I do see the light and rainbow at the tunnel. And as several friends remind me ... it is a process. It will settle out in good time.

On a lighter note I looked at Ali a couple days ago, and he had a funny "appendage" on his side. He was rolling on his fluffy, fuzzy ball, and it got tangled in his harness. He would take a few steps and turn to try to see what was touching him, but he never looked right at the toy! He was looking for something else, I guess!

And he was none too pleased when I wanted him to stand still for pictures! Doesn't he look abused here?

A final thought ... as I was driving home yesterday I looked at the storm clouds, and I realized that the sun behind them made the top of the clouds bright. I thought about this and it dawned on me that there is a promise at the top of the darkest clouds.

So no matter what disorder I am experiencing in my life, I need to stay aware that the sunshine will return in good time.

I wish everyone a good week!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Lots to ponder and you will get things under control soon enough! Ali is so cute!

  2. Control is an illusion. :) But wow - you really do have a lot going on. Remember to take time to breathe.

  3. Patti - I know it will come to a more tolerable level. It's just hard to wait for that! And Ali ... yes, cute ... and indignant!

    Casey - I try to avoid needing to control, but that is easier said than done! And breathing is optional, isn't it? ;-)

  4. "So that we can move ahead and keep up with the forward thrust"
    Now you're talkin...:-))

  5. Sorry have had a devil of a time leaving comments, - that google thing doesnt believe I'm me, so i missed out on a ton of things but the garage sale is still coming, my favourite pastime when the spring arrives. I wish you a good time and great weather. I wish I was closer....I know you have something I just cant live without.....would likely be duty free too lol
    good luck with the sale !!!

  6. Love the picture of Ali. Why does that seem so typical of him? :)

    Also love the last picture of the clouds. Just beautiful.

  7. My goodness, you have such a way with words. I love to read your blog.

    Sorry that your home is a little caotic right now (I don't think I spelled that right, but you know what I But I'm sure you will make your way through it and will be happier once it's all taken care of.

    The pictures of Ali are too cute. My dog, Trae gets himself tangled in stuff quite a bit. And I know it's frustrating to them, but it's so funny to see the look of disgust on their faces.

    Your depiction of your photos is absolutely perfect. LOVE it! Enjoy your beautiful day!

  8. Seven - you devil! Glad you're back, keeping up with things. You are keeping up, aren't you? Don't lag.

    rmcintyre - I had a few days when google didn't remember me, either, and how frustrating it was! Oh, you should definitely drive here for the sale ... many things to die for! LOL! Actually, there will be some pretty cool things in the offering that I just don't have room for.

    Caroline - Well, that would seem typical because you know my boy so well! Thanks about the clouds. Every day is a new delight.

    Dawn - As it is said ... this, too, shall pass. Life is like that ... we are absolutely shaken by the bumps in the road for a while, then almost without noticing, we find the way is smooth and comfortable. I think the rough times keep us in the frame of mind for appreciating the good ones. Thanks!

  9. I would give anything to be there for the sale but, ummmm how far is New Mexico from Ottawa Canada. I would love to see, first hand, your beautiful photos, and also the area where you live. It looks like peace and tranquility.


  10. Ruth - It is only 2118.29 miles, with an estimated driving time of 32 hours, 53 minutes!!! You're right about the tranquility here. I was, in fact, talking with a neighbor (five miles away, LOL!) about this place, and I commented that I do not understand how anyone could not feel the gentleness of this area. Of course, there are those who just rush right on through without appreciating it, but I'm convinced they are just too insane to S.L.O.W D.O.W.N and breathe in the air and the beauty.
    What a sad way to live.

  11. I know how you feel with your house being in a state of chaos. That is how I felt before we moved. We hardly had room to move around. Once you get everything where it needs to go and have your yard sale over, things will be good.

    Love the cloud pics.

  12. Daisy - I have a couple friends who have been through moving and unsettled situations, too, and I think it is something that can only be truly understood from experience. Yes, it will be good when things are sold and off my property!! Thanks!

  13. And you are so kind not to mention that your living room has been taken over by a....Gypsy Moth! No wonder you need occasional self care time. You are so generous of heart.

  14. Well, Gypsy Moth, Let's put it like this. I came home tonight, knowing you were in A and Allan is in SD, and it really felt lonely! Life is never too crowded for friends!


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