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Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Productive Weekend

I did, indeed, have a productive weekend. Now if I can just keep my steam up to as productive a week, I will be SO happy!

Friday I was in the Gallery just a couple hours to do payroll since Da Boss is going out of town (actually out of the country) for a couple weeks. We discussed what-to-do-if and he signed some extra checks in case something comes up while he is gone.

Then I came home and decided to take on another of my outdoor projects that I've been picking at for a couple weeks. I have been slowly digging a hole for a pole to hold my 9-1-1 identification sign. It is so rocky that I dig a while, dislodge a few of the stones, then rest since by that time, I'm in a sweaty dither. I finally got it deep enough to support the pole, so I packed some rocks back in to support it, followed by a couple shovels full of gravel, then poured concrete in around the stones. Hurrah! One more task done! I still have to buy the right screws to attach the sign and holder, but that's an easy thing.

I worked Saturday so a regular at the Gallery could go pick up hay for her horses for the winter. It was really busy most of the day, and during a slow period in the afternoon, I ran home to fix Ali his "doggie downer." He is normally really good at the Gallery, but yesterday he whined all day, and if I was out of his line of vision for just seconds, he yelped. My nerves were raw! Now, before you scold me for the doggie downer, I need to tell you that it is a natural product the vet recommended, and I love the way it works. He doesn't "get stupid" like he did on the chemicals we tried in the past; he just mellows out and snoozes. Anyway, he did better after that.

Once the day was done, I closed the gallery, I met Allan for dinner. He is just back from San Diego, and was full of family news. Boy, was there a bunch of it!! But there wasn't so much to fill the time before our dinner was served. The restaurant was super busy last night, and while they are usually pretty efficient, last night was unbelievable. We learned that a couple restaurants have closed, so it has thrown a lot of business their way. Gosh, we've lost two restaurants because of serious illness of the owners, one closed in a dispute between the restaurant owner and the property owner, and two more are closing randomly because their business isn't consistent (well, duh, their food is inconsistent!!). Anyway, Allan and I were in the restaurant for over two hours! But the food was excellent, and the wine soothed any impatience we felt.

I left the dog in the car, and checked on the periodically. They both just snoozed away. I didn't check during the last 45 minutes because we were eating. Guess what? It started raining! We didn't hear it inside, and by the time we left, my car was very wet inside as I had left the windows down about half-way for the babies! My butt was soaked by the time I got home!

Today, I did a little house cleaning and then I noticed that the wind had blown the tarp off the box holding my new BBQ grill, and it was soaked from the rain. So I decided that had better get it out of the box which was completely falling apart. I was afraid of rust and of losing small parts. I actually planned to put together just the frame and wait to finish until another day. Buuuuuuutttttt............

It started raining again, so I grabbed all the parts and brought them into the house. I found that I could very well stop halfway through the construction, and ... yes, you guessed it ... my beautiful new grill is sitting in the middle of the living room!! Tomorrow I will move it back out to the deck and figure out where to put it until after the yard sale. I bought a good cover, so I can leave it in the open if I need to for a while.

Now I'm eager to get a propane bottle and fire the grill up! That is on my list for tomorrow, along with the hardware for the sign. I should be able to get them both at the same place. I'm also helping a friend pick up her art work that was at a show over the weekend. While we are doing that at the county seat, I am going to take care of a bit of legal business that has to be done at the courthouse. Then we are setting up the new exhibit at the Gallery. August is "horse racing month" in this area, so we are having an exhibit on horses. Sculpted horses and paintings of horses will be set up in one room. Oops, that reminds me ... I have an article about it to write for the newspaper. I'd better get cracking!!

I really need to find something to keep me occupied and out of trouble. Too much idle time on my hands and I'll be getting into trouble, for sure.



  1. Oh yes, Idle hands are the devil's work Lynilu *wink*

  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

  3. Patti - Yep! giggle! Now I have a conundrum ... I need a man to do that heavy work, but I can't meet one if I stay home doing it, and no man would want a woman who can't keep her place up! What's a (old) girl to do?!

    Daisy -Oh, yes, and the week ahead holds as much. Wanna come help? LOL!

  4. Good Monday afternoon to you, Lynilu !

    The natural doggy downer that the vet recommended sounds like a wise choice for Ali.

    August horse month - should have some interesting things in the gallery !

    And that grill ! Invite me over for barbecue one night, okay ?

  5. Annie - I would be delighted to have you over for BBQ!!!


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