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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Weekend's Gone Already!

I've had a pleasant weekend, no further self-inflected injuries, and the weather has been awesome. I'm a little sore in the muscles today, but not bad enough to keep me from getting a lot done. Whew!

I guess I've been on sort of a cloud-kick lately. Seems every time I turn around there are some noteworthy clouds. Like tonight, I looked out the window about an hour ago and I saw the strangest cloud formations over the Capitan Mountains.

Apparently there are several layers of clouds, and it gives the oddest effect.

The sky is very blue above all that olio of sunshine on the near mesa, shadows on the Capitans making them look deep blue, white fluffy clouds and dark grey clouds.

A closer look at the mountain range, looking almost exactly like the dark cloud above it. That's some shadow!!

Aren't those interesting?

And a close shot of the little hill on the mesa. BTW, Gail and I have been trying to find that hill on a map and learn its name without any luck. We've dubbed it "No Name Knoll"!

Here is another of those "promise at the top" clouds.

How about this little wispy cloud? Looks as if someone drug their fingers through the clouds in a zig-zag motion.

Look at this itty-bitty cloud, all by itself! L'il orphan cloud. Awwww.

Well, it has been a good weekend. I've accomplished a lot and I feel good about that. Today I met one of the local artists at the Gallery and gave her a huge tote full of scraps of material. She makes dolls, the most wonderful, lifelike images you've ever seen, and she can use these pieces of fabric to clothe them. She was thrilled to get them, and I'm very glad that they will be used is such a wonderful way. I even found a small piece of antique lace that had been beaded, nothing I could do with it, but her eyes twinkled when she saw it. I know she is already conjuring up a new doll with that piece of lace somehow included in the construction. In the near future, I will be going through a cedar chest filled with antique linens, lace, embroidered pieces, etc., and I'm guessing she will get some of those, as well.

I'm tired. Time to head for bed. I hope everyone has a good week ahead!

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. Clouds can be fascinating. It's cloudy here today, and I love it, The hint of rain, the size and drama they add to the morning sky.

    Happy Monday to you, Lynilu !

  2. Love the clouds. Glad you had a good weekend. My weekend was a good one as well.

  3. Stacy and I love to play the "cloud shape" game!
    That was sweet of you to help the doll lady!

  4. Love the pictures of the clouds. Clouds have been my new favorite thing to take pictures of.

  5. Annie - Clouds are fascinating, as long as they don't make my world "overcast" for very long. SAD makes it hard for me to be some places for very long, but luckily, NM has sunshine to share so I can enjoy the clouds!

    Daisy - Nothing better than a good weekend, is there?

    Cheryl - Thank you!

    Patti - LOL! Gail and I were talking about shapes of clouds recently, too. Takes one back to childhood, doesn't it? The doll lady asked if she couldn't buy the fabric, but I said, no, one day I'll have enough $ to buy one of her amazing creations, and then we'll talk! Lynilu not dumb!

    Caroline - One of the best photo subjects, I think!

  6. So neat to contribute to an artist's work in your own way. It will be interesting for you to see how she incorporates the scraps into her work.

  7. Oh my goodness, it's just so beautiful there. Can I come visit??? Like in January when I'm cursing my life in the frozen tundra?

  8. Ragged - That's what life is all about, isn't it? I was glad to have a source to which I could contribute and a way of lightening my own load. Feeling good about both! Yes, I'm eager to see how she puts it to use also.

    Sandra - Well, of course you may! We get snow here, especially where I am since I'm on the mountain side and at about 7000 feet. The good thing here is that it doesn't stay long enough to be frozen tundra! Just let me know when to book you at the Lynilu B & B!!! Or should I call it the Butterfly B & B since I've dubbed my place Mariposa, Spanish for butterfly? Yeah, I like that better.

  9. Wonderful photos. I love the solitary cloud and the dark clouds are so dramatic. GREAT

  10. It's so lonely in bloggerland without an update from you. :(

    Oh, and Sandra..just an FYI...I was there in April and they got snow on my last day.

  11. Sassy - Well, thank you!

    Pepper - Thanks! Clouds are just fascinating, I think. Every day I see at least one cloud that is remarkable.

    Caroline - OK, I'll get back on the stick again! Every now and then, it just gets away from me. The last few days have been busy, and I've skated. I have a post partially done, and I'll finish it up tomorrow, alrighty??

  12. Strange and beautiful clouds.

  13. Jenster - Yep! They really get my attention.


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