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Friday, July 20, 2007

Once More On The Skies, Please.

Just a short post to follow up on the last one.

First, a clarification. It sounds as if some of you may have misunderstood the pictures. I didn't take them. My camera is not capable of that kind of shot, I'm afraid. The pictures are some I found on the Internet to substitute for my usual home-grown shots. I just want to be sure you understand, and I don't want credit for what is not mine.

Second, I am so jazzed about seeing the stars that I'm dying to have a telescope in order to see the stars and planets better. Does anyone have any experience with telescopes and have any suggestions? I've done a bit of checking, and it is going to be a significant investment, so I want to be sure I know what I'm doing when I begin to actually shop. I'll be reading more about them and hopefully will understand your input. If your response is too long to put in the comments, you may certainly send me an email. Thanks, all.

New topic: Yard work (And BTW, the following pix aren't mine either.) (And notice the green color to honor "yard work.") (snicker!!)

Gail left today to spend the weekend, as usual, with her brother and SIL, but before she left we did some yard work. I recently bought some Red Hot Pokers. Remember them from the pictures a while back? I also bought some fountain grass. That is a plant that we had in KC, and I've always loved the beautiful plumes on them and the wonderful green blades. I think what I had in KC was like this:

But I bought Purple Fountain Grass this time, and it will look more like this:

Aren't they just beautiful? Next year I may get some of those like I had in KC, too, if these seem to be doing well. I hope they all make it and I can enjoy them for several years to come.

I bought 4 of each plant, and Gail was going to plant them while I worked on the deck. I went to look around the yard and decide where to plant them, and while doing that, I decided that I needed to move a big wooden structure that was in the yard as it was where I hoped to put one of the fountain grass plants. The structure was apparently a wheelchair ramp extension that was used to help an elder man from the car to the bottom of the ramp to my deck. It was about 4 feet wide and 12 feet long and 4 inches deep. I had considered using it as a deck on my back door if it was in good shape, but it was more weathered than I felt would be safe.

The next step was to cut it up because it was to pick it up so we could tear it apart. HA!!! We couldn't raise it even an inch!!! I finally got a car jack and we lifted it about 8-10 inches so we could get the saw blades through the wood without hitting the ground. Weeellllll. an hour later, with the help of a circular saw and a reciprocating saw, we finally had it done. The battery I used for the first couple cuts was weak, but I didn't realize it. When I got another battery, it worked far better. A couple crowbars finished the destruction and it is all in my truck, ready to go to the dumpster.

The next job was to find a place to plant each one. Now, where I wanted them to be and where we could dig a hole were not always the same. Rocks, rocks, rocks!!! Remember I live on a mountain; mountains are made of rock and dirt, in that order, usually. Some of the plant's locations are about where I planned, and the rest are in the ground. That will do!

I also tried to dig a hole to put in my 911 sign. That is a sign that is used in rural areas to identify your address in case of an emergency call. I managed to get about 12-15 inches down before I just tired out. I don't have many choices about where the sign goes; it must be aright at the road and beside the driveway. I finally quit and will work on it more another day.

I probably won't work on the hole for the sign for a few days, however, because I think I will be too sore and achy for a couple days at least! Not only sore from the work, but sore from a spill I took. I was untangling an old hose from a bush, and I yanked on it to loosen it. My feet slipped in the gravel, and shot in back of me, leaving me to fall on my front. My whole front, thank you very much! Thankfully I had on jeans, because my knees were slightly skinned even through the denim. I also smashed my left breast and I have bruises in about 4-5 inches, a "collection" of bruises, each caused by its own special rock in the gravel. O.U.C.H!! Damn, it is sore! And I also grazed my right cheek at the cheek bone, just taking off the first layer or so of skin. It didn't even show at the time because my face was so red from the exertion, but later when my color was normal again, I found it in the shower when I washed my face. Another ouch! Oh, yeah, and I have a bruise on my thumb, right on the edge of the nail. It hurts to touch the space bar!!! OH, NO!!!

I have no doubt that tomorrow will be a lazy day, because I probably won't want to move any muscle in my body!

Before Gail left, we moved the last table into place for setting up the sale items. After she left I set up about 8 boxes of "stuff." I'm afraid I may need more tables, and there is room for a couple more. I already have five 8 foot long table set up, and I don't have 1/3 of the stuff out!! Oops! I may need to sell the first bunch of things, then replace them with more, etc., until it is all gone. I don't know!

I'm so glad Gail was here to help with the destruction and planting. In retrospect, I couldn't have done it by myself. Well, I would have, but I probably would have injured myself seriously in my determination. Aren't friend who are willing to get dirty and sweaty along with you in the yard ... or house ... or garage ... or wherever ... just the best treasure in the world? Thanks, Gail.

Gotta go, guys! I'm tired. I wanna go to bed. I ...... snzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. You are going to have a beautiful yard. It will be worth every bruise when you sit outside and enjoy it.

    Ah 911. I had three different address (did't move once) until they decided upon what to name our street. I have a confession to make....

    One of the streets was name "Surely Not." I guess they were desparate for names and I "borrowed" the sign before I left. Am I facing jail time or what?

  2. You sure are one determined lady. and obviously have the bruises to prove it. Independance has its price and good for you!! Sounds like this garage sale is going to be the sale of the century. When we have run out of tables, we use an old door. Of course everyone has one of those in their garage lol My husbands favourite statement is.....never know when we might need that old door for something. Hope your bruises dont cause you too much pain....that must have been quite the spill you took. Lucky you didnt break something. Ruth

  3. Lyn, I'm sorry to hear that your face bruised after all! I hope it doesn't turn vivid, like a black eye. ... But what a story opener that would be in your small town!

    Methinks when you begin work on the steps you need more help! Gypsy Moth

  4. Sorry I am back to anonymous again, getting tired of this googleitis problem, and ready to be anonymous for the rest of my life. I feel like the canadian in hiding lol Ruth

  5. Good Saturday morning Lynilu,

    I hope you take this weekend easy, and that some advil or papaya or whatever is appropriate helps ease some of the soreness from your bruises. OUCH indeed !

    A telescope sounds like a fabulous idea ! There MUST be someone out there who is well versed in what kind to get and why. How much fun it will be when you get one !

    And no matter who took those pictures, they were fabulous and I could still 'see' how beautiful that night was through your eyes !


  6. Pepper - What is it with the name-changing of streets in some areas? This whole county has been going through changing of names, and it has caused much confusion. I have to say that most of the changes here seem to be for the better. There was a street names "Mundane." Can you imagine living on Mundane Street?!? LOL!! My street used to be named "Pasto Verde," something that sounded strange, but it translates to "I gaze on green." Pretty cool. I like the new name, too, because it is much shorter.

    As for the street sign, please be informed that I have contacted the officials in the Great(?) State of MO, and they are sending a full posse, backed by armed men from the FBI, CIA, and AFL-CIO after you .... wherever you are!!! You realize, of course, that they had to rename that street yet again because "Surely Not" was ... drum roll, please ... TAKEN!!!

    (Actually with the current governor, The Boy [Who Makes One] Wonder, who knows what they might really do! I won't tell on you.)

    OK, OK, I'll stop. I think the fall jiggled my brain!!!

    Ruth - I'm so sorry your identity has been eaten by the hungry google. Have you tried setting up a new name?

    I had just one table to begin with. And since I didn't move a door from MO (although your hub is right ... you never know when you might need one!!!), I bought a couple sheets of plywood and had them split so I have 4 surfaces, 2'x8'. Each is atop sawhorses or has table legs attached to it (now those legs were something my hub bought and never used. I don't know why I brought them, but I'm glad I did!. I may have to buy more plywood and sawhorses! Plywood is always handy to have around ... maybe I'll make a door of them! LOL!

    I am lucky. And I will continue to be independent as long as I can, probably the rest of my life. That price for the bumps and bruises is worth it.

    Ms. G. Moth - The scrape on the cheek isn't serious and I don't see sign of a bruise under it. However, as you know, that little town has its way with gossip. I wonder what they'll be saying about it! LOL! And knowing the rumor mill, don't be surprised if it loops back to the favorite subject for rumors of late!!

    Rest assured that I am OK. I'm not terribly achy today, but I will do just "light work" and not tax myself. The muscles are just enough overused to potentially cause a little weakness, so I'll not push it. And thanks again for the help.

    Annie Bananie - I do hope someone knows and can advise about the telescopes. I can hardly wait to see the stars up-closer. Nights like that one are just amazing. BTW, the following night, Gail and I went out to look and the sky was not so crystal clear or beautiful. I'm surely glad I saw it when I did. Thanks Annie.

  7. Good Sunday morning Lynilu ! Hope that you slept well !

    I gave you a reflecting bloggers award ! Please come get it !

    *hugs* and thank you always for your support !

    Loving Annie

  8. Annie - I'll be right over!! Wow, Thanks!!!


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