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Sunday, July 15, 2007

When I Got Nuttin', You Get Nuttin'

I got nuttin'. I've been working my little heart out, and I'm tired and can't think of much to post about. Oh, I do have one thing ... the room that is slated to be my guest room has been my storage for everything that goes in the house but wasn't critical to be handled immediately. To prepare for the garage sale, I had to move a couple pieces of furniture into the guest room, so that meant I had to move the boxes of "stuff" out. Most of that is done.

Several totes that held craft tools and supplies have been emptied into the craft shelving and in the drawers of the jewelers bench. As much as half of it has been tossed or earmarked for certain people or placed out for the sale. I still have too much, but it is much better, and the "footprint" of it is 1/6 or 1/8 of what was there before.

And this means that when Gail comes back on Tuesday ... ta ta ta daaaaah! ... she can sleep in a room with a door! What a concept! Right now my office is still somewhat cluttered, as is the living room, but by her arrival, I'll have the LR in reasonable order. I'm still contemplating how to handle the approximately 300 spools of thread and the other sewing supplies I have. No, I'm not kidding about the thread. I'll sit down one evening this week and sort out duplicates, keeping just what I will likely use. Even so, I really don't have a place for those things and my sewing machine. I rarely use it these days except for an occasional repair or alteration. The days of my big-time sewing are gone. Still, I will need to access the once in a while, and must find a place for them. I will, but I haven't thought it through well enough yet.

It will be nice for Gail to have a room, albeit a rather limited space for now. She has been a trooper about sleeping on the hide-a-bed in the living room several nights each week, but it is difficult for us both as I usually wake her when I take the dogs out. I try to make them wait until she wakes, but sometimes, they are just dancing. Then I try to tiptoe quietly out, but we aren't always quiet enough. Besides all that, now when she misbehaves I can send her to her room!

OK, enough nonsense and drivel. Had a pretty sunset a couple days ago. These are actually the reflections in the East .........

This sort of scene is all I need to remind me that . . . .

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Hey I got somethin'! Congrats on getting things done little by little. I promise to do SO much better in this move.

  2. Those sunset pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Your pictures are awesome!!! Isn't it a good feeling when you get things accomplished?

  4. Beautiful pictures, as always, Lynilu. What ana amzing place you live in !

    I love clearing and organizing and cleaning my house out so that everyhting is finished and in its place, with nothing left to do but enjoy the space !

    Gail will enjoy her guestroom on Tuesday when she returns !

    What sort of things do you used to sew most frequently ?

  5. Patti - LOL! OK, you got me, that is sumpthin'!! It just seems so slow to me, and I guess Ive forgotten my mantra that says, I have all the rest of my life, I have all the rest of my life."

    Thanks, Cheryl! And you're welcome, but it takes nothing for me to share them. I love bragging about my home!

    Daisy - Thanks, and indeedy, it do!! I lose my focus sometimes, and I expect too much or want to rush things. Then I have to smack myself and get it back together in a positive direction!

    Annie - Thanks, and yes, it certainly is. I love the organization, too, but It just seems so far off. I must remember that I didn't get here in a few months, and it will take a few to get it all in place. I'm sure Gail will appreciate the room, even a bit disorganized. I used to sew a lot of my clothing and occasionally some for my kids. Then one day ... I ran out of time!! :)

  6. Such beautiful pictures.

    Now, would you like to come east and help me in my house?? lol

  7. Oh, Jenster, I'd LOVE to, but there is something I need to do here. Uhmmm. Well, there is, honest, and when I remember, I'll let you know!!

  8. As usual, the pics are gorgeous. Is your friend staying with you a long time?

  9. I was impressed with my sunset pictures from KC this past looking at yours we have nothing compared to NM. Damn you are lucky.

    Oh, and thanks for my little package today. I sent you an email expressing my thanks.

  10. Traci - Thanks. Gail stays with me a few days each week while she is job/house hunting. Then she spends the long weekend with her brother and SIL in a town about an hour away. I love having her here, but we both hope she doesn't have to do this a long time. It's hard being "homeless."

    Caroline, your sunset pic was beautiful. I think the biggest difference is that we have one here that knocks your socks off just about every night. And I never get tired of it. I know how lucky I am, and I thank the universe every day. And you're welcome!

  11. In any of my moves it takes me so long to find a place for everthing. . . because I know once it lands there that will probably be its permanent home.

    Beautiful shots.

  12. Beautiful pictures, the colors are peaceful.

  13. Hey, Ragged! Long time since I've heard from you! I think I agree with you on the move. One of my problems in getting settled is deciding where wall art and table art goes because I don't know for sure where furniture is going to go for the long term. I have some shelves to hang, but can't decide where, so things that are going to go on them are crowded on tables and counters. I don't like moving furniture. So I don't. Thanks.

    Pepper - Thanks. They are almost always soft like that in the eastern sky. Once in a while the firey colors of the west come across to the east, too, but I like it when the 2 skies are in contrast.


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