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Saturday, July 14, 2007

What It Was ....

OK, I've been asked off-blog and now on the blog about what was the smell under the house a few weeks ago. I can now tell you .......

certainly ........

unequivocally ........

absolutely ........




................. I have no idea.

I spent several days looking, even after those times noted on that earlier entry with all the PSs and updates, without finding anything. I moved things, crawled around with a flashlight to check areas that I couldn't reach. I left the door open to air it out (and I secretly hoped that something else would come and drag out what was stinking!!). After a couple more days noticed the smell was in the office, the room that was directly over the door. AND it was right at the entrance of the basement, but if I went farther into the basement ... no smell.


So I poked around in the grass and bushes outside the door. Nothing.

And then Gail said ... are you ready for this? ... "How do you feel about ghosts. because ...." and proceeded to tell me about a time when she had a similar odor and after many attempts to locate and rid the house of it, she exasperatedly "talked" to the potential ghost since she was out of options, and the problem subsided.

I don't believe in ghosts, per se. I do believe that there are spirits around us, in the way that Native Americans believe. I don't think they are evil. Most are just spirits that happen to be in the same space and that sometimes we "bump" into each other's presence. So to speak. At any rate, my presence in their space may set them into action and vice versa.

I wondered about whether I had offended a spirit and it was trying to drive me away, and Gail said there might be nothing negative or malevolent about it, but it was just trying to get my attention. Well, of course! I knew that! I just didn't think about it that way, because I was so tired and grossed of the smell!

So I went to the office, sat down and spoke quietly to the spirit. I explained that I did not mean to infringe on its space, that I welcomed it into my space, and that if we are to coexist here, I needed the smell to be removed as it was noxious. I promised to be respectful and to be the best sharer-of-space I know how to be.

And ....

The smell was gone. We have not detected it since. AT ALL. Nothing!

A couple days later I made a connection in my memory that I hadn't seen before. Just a few days before the smell occurred (I can't be sure of the time frame but it was close) I had smudged the house. I'd been meaning to do it since I moved in, but kept forgetting until it was late in the evenings and I was too tired to make the right words come out. It is altogether possible that my smudging stirred up the spirit, perhaps happy that a kindred soul was present, and it was just trying to let me know of its presence! Oh, happy days!

So for several days I made at least one trip to the office to sit quietly and reaffirm that I'm a benevolent person who welcomes the sharing of space. And there have been no further problems! I continue to do so a couple times a week for good measure.

Now ... if you're still reading this, I hope it is not because you've decided I'm a complete loon and you want to know just how loony it gets! If you're reading because this has tickled something in you that might be "a possibility," then follow me just one step farther ....

I'm wondering ... hoping, actually ... that the spirit might be one of a Native American who lived here in some time past. It is possible that my smudging ceremony, a Native American one, stirred a sleeping spirit of a person who knew the ceremony from a time long past and knew it to be a gentle act. I hope that I've touched such a spirit that lived here and saw the view I see every morning; one who slept under these trees after watching the sun set beyond the mountains in back of the hill. I'd love it if the spirit was one that communed with the ancestors of the birds and squirrels and deer who visit me now. I don't believe that "now" is all there is, that "what I see is what I get," and if I have been so fortunate to touch, in this strange way, something of the past that lived here and loved this spot as much as I do, I feel highly blessed. If this spirit has reached out to me to tell me of our common bond to this piece of heaven on earth, I'm giddily happy.

I don't know that for sure. But I'm choosing to believe this way because it was obviously a friendly spirit trying to reach me. Native American or not, it apparently loved this place enough to linger, and in that we become kindred souls.

~ ~ ~ ~

And now, dear children, if you haven't written me off as a mental case, then I know you understand. And you'll be back, as I will.



  1. Oh my goodness, that ghost story is so unbelievable, but I do believe it!!! Do you think it could be an Indian burial ground where your home is situated? I bet the ghosts are so pleased to have such a fun and talented tenant living there.

  2. ok it seems I'm still fighting with google over my name and password.....just tried under anonymous and wooohoooo there it is on the page. Guess I will start using this and will sign it Ruth. Imagine google saying my name and p/w arent correct. I still know my name and my p/w is the name of my youngest grandaughter. Sometimes the internet drives me crazy because I am so internet illiterate.........
    I loved the smell story, and read every word. Thank you so much...Ruth

  3. Anon #1 - Now, why are you "anonymous"? I looked at the tracker, and it looks like someone from, uhmmm, the Midwest. Someone I know well! Yeah, I know it sounds tinny, but I swear it's true.

    Anon #2 - "Ruth" it will be! All the blog servers have their problems. A few days ago, Blogger wouldn't let me name my posts. Absolutely would not let me click in that box!

    I'm glad you read the story. I know it is odd, but it really happened like that!

  4. I have always believed in spirits and I believe they can be in a house. Being in my Grandmothers house there are times when I feel her spirit here. It is often times very comforting.

    When I was little I used to think there was someone after me, espeically when I was in a dark room. I used to think it was the devil trying to get me, but now I wonder if it was just a spirit. Huh, interesting isn't it.

    Reading your post made me excited to get into my new place. I wonder if there will be any spirits there wanting to introduce themselves to me.

  5. I had never even heard of smudging until I read your post..I Googled it and now I've learned something new! Thank you! :)

  6. Check out this video:

  7. I'm a rather conservative Christian, HOWEVER, I've learned not to discount things. There is too much that can't be explained and I very much believe in a spirit world.

    And while I've never personally had an experience like that, my sister has (ironicallys he lives in New Mexico, but the experience happened in Arkansas) and it was very similar.

    So yeah. I don't think you're nuts at all! And I'm glad you and the spirit have come to an understanding. :o)

  8. Whats the perfect gift for a Native American Spirit?
    Cologne or Perfume depending on gender. Perhaps a shower?
    I have read that distinctive smells can originate from 'a visitor'.....maybe this is a reality all the time but only the sensitive (such as yourself) can pick up on it. It was another very sensitive soul (friend) that told me this.
    Anyway, glad the restless souls are less smelly.

  9. Caroline - I know you've sensed your grandmother's presence there in the house, and I think that is great. When we are small, I suspect that all of us had some of those night time fears. I'd bet that the fear comes from the imagination, while the pleasant visitations are from spirits. I hope you find much happiness, with or without the spirits in the new place! That video was interesting. Surely makes you wonder, doesn't it? But I wondered why that person was filming in the dark just at that moment. ??

    Hi, Jen! I'm glad you learned about smudging. One of the coolest things about the Native American way is that there is little negative in their spirituality. At least I pick up less than I find in other major groups. I like that.

    Jenster - I was a conservative Christian, too, but I felt something missing, so I began reading, first about "religion" and then about "spirituality." My views changed, or rather grew, as I accepted the idea that I was thinking to narrowly. I enjoy that my spiritual world is now broader and more encompassing, and I feel a closeness with people of many religions. I like that.

    Well, when you come to visit with your sister, let me know, and we'll meet for coffee or lunch.

    And thanks for not thinking I'm nuts!

    Oh, Seven, you crack me up! But I would agree with your friend ... I've become more intuitive as I've focused on allowing my positive outflow to increase. I'm more aware of and responsive to others and their energies, and I'm feeling more of the positive energies returning to me, as well. Next time I speak with the spirit, I'll check on the appropriateness of gifts. I'll let you know. You are in for sharing the cost of said gift, right? :) And peace to you, also, Scoundrel, I mean, Seven.

  10. I totally belive in spirits and ghosts and the presence of souls...

    Wise of you to communicate with who was in your home space, and I am glad he/she is at peace now with you being there, and/or your awareness of them and thier needs.

  11. Lynilu - I consider myself "spiritual" and not "religious" in that religion is dogmatic and legalistic. I'm always interested in knowing about other's beliefs and whether I agree with them or not isn't important. Whether they agree with me or not isn't important. What matters at the end of the day is that I'm true to what I believe. And sometimes I question certain aspects of my beliefs and I think that's a great thing. It's how we grow.

    Maybe I'm not quite as conservative as I thought. :o)

  12. I certainly haven't written you off sweetie. This story of yours brings tears for me though. It's beautiful. I suspect you're right about the spirit and the connection and I think it's amazing. I have a story of spirits that I've not told a soul since it happened on Valentine's Day. I thought people would think I was nutz too. Perhaps I'll be writing it soon. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Last night I realized that the house I'm staying in has a "dead" feeling to me. Now why would that be? The owners are religious, church-going people so one would expect a vibration of that, at least. As you know, my SIL is undergoing chemo, so I'm wondering if the deadness in the house finally battered down her defenses and brought on the cancer?

    Your post of 7/14 reminds me, I need to do some meditating here, and maybe even talking to spirits to see if the vibes will lift. Gypsy Moth

  14. Annie - I'm finding that many people have similar beliefs of late. I wonder if this is new or just that we finally feel it is OK to reveal some nontraditional ideas. And yes, since I began to commune with the spirit, I've felt an even greater peace than before. Now needs can be met both ways.

    Jenster - I had to chuckle at your comment re: your conservativism, if that is a word. And your distinction between "religious" and "spiritual" is on target. I think it is not necessarily unusual to realize our path isn't quite what we thought when we open our senses and actually look at our belief system. Understanding and learning about others doesn't necessarily "change" your basic platform, but it does open your mind to be tolerant and respectful. I haven't found any of my beliefs to be dangerous or undermining to the platform of the organized religion that I used to follow. Rather, I find that there is simply more than I experienced before. I love being in a state of awe at the wonder of the world; I think I was missing out when I limited myself. Yes, that's how we grow, and growth is good.

    Gypsy Moth - I've been reading a lot about the relationship between mental/emotional and physical health, and I think you're right on target. The mind is sick before the body. Consider the health and physical condition of *both* who live in that house! I'd surely try to engage the spirits, and remember to keep yourself focused positively, even on the "bad" days. They need some good energy, for sure. I would love for you to smudge the house and both of them, but I know that would be rejected. In fact, you might get thrown out!! Good luck, and I'll see you in a couple days.

  15. I believe in spirits. Man used to own a house that was 100 years old. There was a spirit that lived there. We even named her Cassie (The feminine of Caspar the friendly ghost). While we lived there, we could hear footsteps upstairs. Cassie also slammed our bedroom door. Then one night she said eh, eh, eh. no, no, no. Man said real loud, you're dead please leave. We never heard anything from Cassie since. I know it sounds weird but this is absolutely true!!!

  16. Daisy - I don't doubt that at all! That's a hoot about him telling her to go away! I've heard from many people that it works. I won't shoo mine away unless he/she becomes annoying.

  17. I still think something died and decomposed, or perhaps was decomposing and then a scavenger critter came and dragged it away... but then again there are some things we just can't explain, and this just might be one of those. Please keep us posted if it 'comes back'!!!

  18. Oh, Sandra, you're such a party pooper! ;-) How do you explain the sudden cessation of the smell?


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