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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good News!

A couple days ago I saw The Cat in the brush in back of my house, and this morning, he was sitting on the railroad ties out back where I photographed him before! I am so relieved to know that I'm not guilty of closing him in the basement and causing his demise!!! YAY! The Cat was not the cause of the stink that was under the house a while back.

And I'll give you a laugh at me. Good way to start the day, right? Well ... let me tell you how my day actually began.

I woke at 6:22 this morning. I stretched once, turned over to go back to sleep, and .......ZOWIE!! I was startled into consciousness (well, sorta, as you'll see) with the realization that Allan was leaving this morning to drive to San Diego. He called last night and we talked for over an hour, and he told me that he just learned that one of his sisters and husband were driving down from Seattle to San Diego, also. Nice! Little mini-reunion, etc. OK.

But here's the thing that neither of us thought about .... he and I went through some old family glassware on Saturday, and I had three boxes of very fragile things for his sisters. Either Allan or I had to store this until the girls come to get it, because I was totally uncomfortable in shipping it. At the time we didn't know Annette was going to be driving to San Diego at the same time!! She could take it back in her car!

So I called his house, still groggy and muddled in my thinking. I figured that if he didn't answer at home, I'd missed him, but wouldn't bother him by cell phone if he was already gone. He answered, and I told him what had just shocked me awake. He said no problem, and we agreed to meet "at the junction." I scrambled out of bed, threw the dogs out back to do their morning business, quickly gargled some mouthwash while I drug a brush through my hair. I slipped out the front door to take the boxes to my truck, and when I came back in, found that I had awakened Gail. I let the dogs in while explaining to her what was going on. As I started out the door, still in my pajamas, she asked "which junction" I was going to. You see, the highway off which I live is very short, about 15 miles long. At each end is another highway. Allan could go either way. Gail likes to use one highway, Allan usually goes the other way.


Now I wasn't sure. So I called him on my cell as I bounced down the road, and he sounded puzzled, but said "yes," he was taking the highway that I assumed he was. OK.

I got the the junction before he did by a couple minutes. As we transferred the boxes from my vehicle to his, I was acutely aware of people on the highways looking at my attire, blue satin pants with yellow ducky-angels and a yellow t-shirt (oh lawd, that sounds even worse than it is!!). I apologized for the second call, but told him why, and he just laughed. It seems that the junction I told him was my highway and the road that leads to my house!! I would have been five miles down the road waiting for him!! And when I called him, he was on a completely different road which cuts across the mesa between our houses! We would not have seen each other at all!

I asked why he didn't tell me where he was and I could have met him elsewhere. His reply? He realized just how groggy I was and was afraid to confuse me further. It was easier for him to get me somewhere that I thought I was supposed to be, and then come to me! Visions of me in my ducky jammies driving around on the back roads of the county, hollering out, "Allan, where are you?" crossed my mind! Geez.

Yesterday I took a day off from almost everything. I did drive to the gallery and leave some paperwork. I also drove to the county seat and filed some papers. Then Gail, the dogs and I spent the rest of the day driving on some of those afore-mentioned back roads and soaking up some breathtakingly beautiful sights. I didn't take as many pictures as I wish, but I'll be going back to do some more of the long, long vistas. One place we were so high that we had 360 degrees of panorama. Don't ask why I didn't photo that. I have no idea!!

But here are some of the things I did shoot........

These are wild gourd plants. they are beginning to bloom, and in a few days, I'll go back to photo the blossoms.

This dead tree against the sky caught my eye. As you see, the sky was beginning to darken, and now that I think about it, this was part of the reason for the cessation of photos. The storm that followed us around throughout the day was amazing! Even back home late in the day, we were on our toes because the lightening was very close and startling.

And one last photo for fun. Gail and I have been amused with this property near my house. It is apparently a vacation home, as no one has been around since I moved in, although an older 4-wheel drive vehicle and horse trailer are on the property, so it's not abandoned, I guess. Anyway, the combination of these signs at the front gate just crack me up!!

Can anyone say ... mixed message????

Have a good day, all!!

Life is beautiful!!!

~ ~ ~ ~

PS just for Patti-Cake:

Now, patti, you didn't really think I'd show ME in the photo, did you? However, It made me realize that those aren't duckies, but chickies!!!



  1. Beautiful pics but you should have included one of you in your duckie angels jammies! LOL

  2. Good news about the cat. You don't want to know what my stray cats were saying about you when I told them story about the cat around your place that might have been shut in. :)

    Why didn't I get to see you in those PJ's? Maybe I did, but you know my mind was not there when I was visiting. Cute pics anyway.

  3. Patti - I certainly hope you come back to see my reply in the PS!!!

    Caroline - I was so relieved! And I'm glad your kids have forgiven me! Now, the pjs ... well I have so many pairs like this that I just rotate through them. Who knows whether I didn't wear them while you were here or if you were just, uhmm, spaced out!

  4. Oh, I like how you put that..."spaced out". I think instead of telling people that I had a complete breakdown I will just tell them I was spaced out...or like 2 months. hehe

  5. Love the jammies! And those pictures are stunning. Between your blog and the lady from Arkansas I found I find myself in perpetual homesickness for one place or another. lol

  6. Space Cadet Caroline - Welllll, I wasn't being mean about it. You were just in shock, I think. Sorry! :)

    Jenster - OK, as soon as you are able, come visit. That will fix the homesickness! I understand, though. I was homesick for 30 years, and every time I talked to someone from here it was heightened. I'm so very happy to be back.

  7. Everyone should have the privilege of driving down a New Mexico back road at least once.

    What a gorgeous shot of the tree against that sky. I can SMELL the rain from here.

  8. I LOVE your jammies!!

    And I LOVE the mixed messages! The combination of those two signs made me laugh.

  9. P.S. Love my new nickname...Space Cadet Caroline...:)

  10. Catherine - Are you having rain there like we are? This is just an amazing year, and I'm guessing that the years-long drought is about done. I'm loving it!

    Daisy - LOL! Thanks! Yep, we chuckle every time we drive by those signs. What were they thinking??? (Did I sound like Dr. Phil just then?)

    Caroline - :)

  11. The last time I left my house in my pj's I got stopped by a police officer for speeding. The whole time I was parked on the side of the road I kept thinking "Please don't let so and so (this guy from work with a big mouth!) come by right now and see me!" Of course, your p.j. are way cuter than mine were! hehe...

  12. Good Friday morning Lynilu !
    I love cute jammies !
    Glad you and Allan connected and avoided being in different spots looking for each-other !
    Glad also that kitty is safe. She (he ?) look slike quite a hunter !
    So... what WAS the smell under your house ?

  13. Traci - I couldn't believe I did that, but I didn't want to delay Allan. Then I realized that some clothes that people wear look like PJs anyway, so it probably didn't matter. I'm glad I didn't get stopped though!!

    Annie - Hi! Yes, all is well in my acre of the world! The cat, I think, is probably male, but I haven't been close enough to really tell. He just seems like a large, muscular Tom cat to me. And the smell ... I still don't know, but I'll post about the end of the story in a few days.

  14. Beautiful pictures. I like the PJs, and I am so glad it wasn't the cat.

  15. Pepper - Thanks, and I'm delighted that the cat is still walking around. What if it had been his 9th life? :)


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