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Thursday, August 30, 2007

By The Skin Of My Teeth!

Well, I'm back from Roswell, and I'm (almost) legal! I now have two documents that say I'm the new/old Me. I have the court decree and I also have a form from Social Security that says a card in my new/old name will be issued! I'm easing into the legal state of living, at least! I may stop at the Motor Vehicle Department tomorrow on my way through Carrizozo and see if they will accept the "will be" document. I also made a quick stop at Target while there to return some things and bought a half dozen others before heading back.

When I got to my mailbox, I had a whopper of a surprise. I've been doing battle with a home security company for several months now. I won't name them for obvious reasons. I purchased a system when I was in Kansas City. It was a three year contract, but I talked with the salesman about it, knowing that I wold not be in KC more than a year, and not knowing where I would settle. The company is nationwide ... actually international, I think ... so it was probably that I could use the full three years. However, because I didn't know where I was moving, I wanted an out, if I needed it. The sales person said that if I paid a year in advance, I would be able to cancel if I needed to do so.

When I knew where I was going to live, I called the company, anonymously in case they wanted to trap me, and was told that they did not have service in this little burg, and especially not rurally. When I called back as myself I was told that they wouldn't forgive the final two years! I argued about the "out" clause. Well,, yes, they could cancel the contract, but I had to pay the balance, about $650. Oh, and if I could get service (I found out later that I could; I just don't need it), my contract would be extended another year!!!!

I was then referred to the "early termination office," with advice to send a fax explaining my situation. I never heard from them despite sending the request three times over 4 months. And no one else could give me a satisfactory response as to why I was still in limbo. Meanwhile I began getting bills for the second, the current year of service which I've not used since March. And of course, the bills became more urgent with each one received. Yet no one would/could tell me why I was not being released or at least responded to.

I finally lost it and sent a certified, signature-required to the CEO and president of the company. I explained the whole situation, including accepting responsibility for not reading the contract to be sure that I had an out clause. But I also quoted part of their mission statement which talks about trust and ethics. I stated that I did not believe the company was operating on those grounds based on the faulty information given by the sales person, the manner in which my requests were handled (or ignored), the lack of response in general, and the inability for them to fulfill their end of the contract yet requiring me to do so. In spite of their lack of integrity, I paid the full balance, just to get them off my back and to save my excellent credit standing.

In the last three weeks I have been talking with and emailing information to a gentleman whose job is to resolve such situations on behalf of the CEO. It took some significant discussion, along with his inquiries as to why I had received misinformation and then ignored. I was not actually trying to get money back; honestly, they had me dead to rights, my fault for not reading the contract well (I hope all of you are listening to this!!!!). But I hoped to at least get some sort of corrective measures for future customers.

I'm very lucky. The tantrum paid off. (No, it really wasn't even close to a tantrum; I was professional on all counts.) Today I received a check for the full amount I paid for the final two years of the contract!!!!!

All I can say now is ... W.H.E.W!!! And ...

... Isn't life beautiful????


  1. ARGH!!! I hate having to deal with stuff like that. I too have had to go to "Mr. Head of a company" to get my issue(s) resolved. And like this time with you, sometimes it does pay off.

    NOW...I just hope you don't get any flack about trying to cash the check because the name is incorrect...Hee hee (I would bring that up, wouldn't I?) Sorry, I'm just being silly. Glad you got your money back. And no thanks, I don't need any right now :-D.

  2. Yay for you. That makes me angry because we are the ones that referred you to this company and they said it would be no problem. But I am glad it all worked out in the end.

    You might read my last post called "Unexpected". If I had known you were having this much problem with them I could have called for you. It seems I am experiencing some luck when it comes to customer service.

  3. After my divorce, the DMV accepted the divorce document with my new name on questions asked! You ought to be ok in that department.

    Cool about the surprise money too!

  4. Dawn - Oh, whew! I was afraid you'd take me up on the offer! I guess I can keep it all!

    No problem with the bank thing ... all the accounts are still in the old name. HAH!!

    A person should never, NEVER have to go to the head of a company to get a resolution. In my book, that is reflective of poor management and/or training. As Harry Truman said, "The buck stops here."

    Caroline - Well, they gained back most of my respect. the man who was working with me even told me how they are resolving the problems. it was a fluke, and had the sales person been straight with me, it wouldn't have occurred. Certainly not your fault!

    I'll go over and check your post in a few!

    Traci - Oddly, it seems that after a divorce, no one blinks an eye. My niece was divorced and didn't even have it put in the divorce decree, but just resumed using the maiden name. All she did was show the divorce decree and everything was changed without a question. But for any other reason, it seems that many people just don't understand why you would do that, so they wrap it all up in red tape! Oh, well, I'll just appreciate it all the more for the work! LOL!!!

  5. Good for you!!! I am glad you got your money back.

  6. Daisy - Me, too! I've already spent it a dozen ways for the house! Hmmm. guess I need to pare down my choices. :)

  7. Way to go for standing up for yourself Lynilu. Good DOES prevail sometimes! (and what a nice little windfall!)


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