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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Latest Adventure

Well, it is done! It wasn't without a speed bump, however. I arrived on time (8:15) and went directly to the courtroom as I was told. I sat in a completely empty room for about five minutes, and I wondered if I had misread my instructions. Of course, I didn't have them with me. So I stepped out and to the clerk's office to ask. Yes, I was right. She advised me to return and wait, and she said she would be sure they knew I was there.

Another five minutes and a woman came in, said hello, and sat at the State's bench. Hmmm. Do I need an attorney from the state for this? Oh, well. More attorneys came in, chitchatting and quietly discussing pleas and sentencing. Hmmm, again. Looks like I may not be first on the docket, so I slipped out to my car and got a book to read.

Civilians enter in small groups. Wow, do I get an audience? Interesting. More waiting. soon it is 9:00, and still no judge or court officials. However, certain attorneys were going in and out of the door to the judge's chambers, and I heard talk about "him" being brought in when his attorney arrived. Wha???

Finally, a few minutes after 9:00, the judge, bailiff and all the legal sorts flock in, we rise and sit again, then the door opens again, and a man in shackles and handcuffs is brought in and seated at the defendant's table. Sighhhhhhh. Geez, how long is this going to take? In reality it took less time that it will take me to write it, I suspect.

I sat and listened to an interesting, if disturbing, case. A man was charged with several counts of sexual contact with a minor. He had entered a "no contest." He had a translator, and the judge discussed with him very thoroughly, through the translator, the meaning and outcomes of such a plea. Interestingly, his rather large family was present, one woman sitting a few seats away from me sobbing. Across the aisle was another, smaller group, which turned out to be the three children he molested and two adults, I assume parents.

Sentencing didn't take place today, but it sounds as if all attorneys agreed to a recommendation of 9 years per count/child. I guess he will be going away for about 27 years. Oh, if they were all so simple and direct. I sat through many such trials in KC where the perpetrator denied everything, forcing scared little children to have to testify and then sometimes getting a slap on the wrist. Anyway, back to me .... and it is about me, isn't it?? LOL!

After all the above was covered, everyone stood up and exited the courtroom. HUH??? Hey!! I'm here!!!

So I went again to the clerk's office and inquired. The judge and the bailiff were both stunned. They thought I was part of the previous proceeding! Uh, no. The judge flushed and apologized profusely, then asked me to step back around to the courtroom. She came back in, once more robed and with gavel, asked me a couple questions about my stated reason for the name change, and declared me "done." She called me "Mrs. Fliberdygiberdydoo" right up until she pronounced my name officially changed, and she then called me "Ms. Wiget." Right on the nose with that!

So, it is done. I'm officially, legally myself. And it actually took just about 3 minutes!

They all felt so badly about the mix-up that they gave me, free of charge, several certified copies of the document. Well, I guess an hour and a half of my time was worth, let's see, that saved me about $5.00. Yep, worth it. LOL!!

~ ~ ~ ~

PS at 3:54 - I have to drive to Roswell tomorrow to change my Social Security. That is the closest office, and I have to present the court document AND an official document such as my driver's license to prove my old name. I could mail them in, but then I couldn't drive!! Duh. And I can't change ANYTHING else until I get the SS card back, about 10 days. My boss just pointed out to me that I am actually illegally documented now since my documents don't match my legal name!! He's threatening to tip off the Border Patrol! Guess I'd better lay low, as my now-kindred elements would say. Shhhh. Don't give me away!!


  1. So glad to hear that it all went well. You are a lot more patient then me. I probably would have gotten upset and started cussing, been arrested and then had to return for another court date. Did I mention that I am working on being more patient? :)

  2. Caroline - I'm perfectly patient and easy-going, you know! LOL!!! Yeah, right! But I did stay pretty calm, just a little exasperated with the feeling of being forgotten. It could have been SO much worse!

  3. Congratulations on your name change. I have a new look and a new name. It is

  4. I won't give you away, Lynilu !

  5. Wow - what a mixup but I'm glad, in the end, you are officially yourself again. Congratulations.

  6. Daisy - Why thank you! I'll be over to check out the new disgruntled look!

    Annie - Oh, thanks! I was worried! :)

    Casey - Yeah! I know you understand the importance of one's name. :)

  7. might want to make your blog private until you get everything changed. :):)

    I am so glad that it all went well today. I know this was a big step for you and I am just so glad it went well.

  8. Never a dull moment eh, Ms. Fliberdygiberdydoo?? Sorry but I couldn't resist. ;)

    Safe driving to Rosewell! Kiss the sky for me!

  9. I'm glad you got it done, now you have to email me your new name!

  10. I gotta tell ya, that's the kind of thing that would happen to me! I'm glad it's done...well, at least that part of it anyway, Ms Widget... hehehehehehehehe

  11. Caroline - I won't comment because we talked. And I don' want to admit why we talked!!! LOL!!

    Catherine - LOL!! That's great! And, yes, I'll kiss the sky for you. I do so everyday anyway, so an excuse to slip another in will just increase y adoration for it. BTW - it's supposed to be just 87 in Roswell today. Whew!!

    Patti - Are you safe? Can I be sue you won't steal my identity? Oh, OK, it's on the way!!! :)

    Traci - I seem to attract that kind of confusion around me. Silly me, I assume (and you know about assuming!) that people will be conscientious in their work. You know, before all this happened, I thought the worst part would be the legal steps. Shoot, those were a breeze! I suspect it will take me 2 months to get the rest of the world up to speed with me. Arrrrghhh.

  12. Dontcha just love the court system??

    CONGRATULATIONS....whoever you are! LOL ;-)

  13. Dawn - uuuuhhhhhh, love it? That may be a stretch! LOL!


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