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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just To Let You Know

Third post for today. I don't think I've ever done that!!

The rest of this week will be very busy for me. At least I think so.

Tomorrow is my date in court to reclaim my family name. The time is 8:15. That surprised me, because in Kansas City, I don't think any court started before 9 or 10. Anyway, I'll be there and I'm guessing that in five minutes, it will be done.

Then I will spend the remainder of the day changing "stuff." First the driver's license, of course, as it is the essential component for the rest of the changes. Then to the bank for new checks. Then probably home to spend the rest of the day either on line or preparing written documents to change all my accounts, social security, etc. I hope to get all those under way tomorrow so that I will be using just one name ASAP.

On Thursday, I'll finish up all those that I didn't, and pack for a long weekend away. My high school class is having a reunion. I haven't missed one yet. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope a lot of old friends are going to be there. I will also have some work to do, some writing for the Gallery before I leave for the weekend. I'd like to get the first copy and some pictures for a web site being created for the Gallery off to the young woman who is designing it. Then I have several newspaper ads and a flyer to get ready to distribute next week. Busy, busy, busy!

On Friday I will drive to my hometown, a trip of about 350 miles, so a good six or seven hour drive. I will probably stop briefly in Albuquerque on my way through for lunch and maybe to say hello to a friend or two. The first event of the reunion is Friday evening, registration and a mixer of sorts. I'll be able to catch that and then get some rest.

I think all this has put me on edge. There is so much to do, there is so much changing in my life, and it seems that it has jarred my nerves. I've been thinking a lot about my parents (the name change, I'm sure), I'm edgy with people around me for things that usually just roll off ... and some who aren't near, too! I'm trying my dangest to keep from tipping the boat, but I'm feeling a little "sea sick," I think. This (the name change) isn't a bad thing, but it is a huge life-impacting change, and I'm just in uncertain waters at this time. I think there are other things, too, but I'm fuzzy about what they are. My mind is flitting from topic to topic like a hummingbird from flower to flower. Yeah, I really need some rest!

So, if my blogging habits are spotty for the next week, forgive me. I will probably post about as often as usual, but no promises. So, till the next (whenever) post .....

... (remember) Life is beautiful!!!

I'll try to remember it, too!


  1. Good luck with the changing of your name.

    Have FUN at your reunion!!!

  2. Be well. Be safe. Have a great time!!

  3. I may be changing up my blog making it private. I will let ya know more details later.

  4. It took me forever to change my stuff to my married name.. A few weeks ago I almost signed my maiden name to something.. I hadn't done that in nearly ten years!

    Have loads of fun!

  5. This change is such a huge symbolic one for you don't you think? It makes complete sense to me that you are feeling a bit off kilter. You've been on my mind and I'll continue holding you close in thought during this jumbled week of yours! Remember to try and have a bit of fun too ok?

  6. You and I talked tonight so you know my feelings on all of this, but I forgot to tell you one thing tonight: I love you and I am so proud of you. xoxoxo

  7. Daisy - Thanks, and I will! And yes, keep me informed about the blog status.

    Casey - You bet, on both counts!

    Burg - When I've changed my name in the past, 2 marriages looong ago, it wasn't all that much trouble. But now it is more complicated. Well, it isn't that complicated to change the name, but to get everything else changed looks like it will take me a while. Bah.

    Traci - Yeah, it makes sense to me now, too. I talked with Caroline for a long time this evening, and she brought some balance back into my life. Isn't it good to have friends who can do that? Yes, I'll have fun ... if it kills me! LOL!

    Caroline - You're just the best. Thanks for spending the time with me. I told you I felt normal again before we hung up, and it has lasted. I feel great! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love you, too!

  8. Wow!! You're probably running around town this very minute doing all your stuff. :o)

    Have a safe and happy trip!

  9. Jenster - well, I stopped at the house to check on the dogs and to prepare some paperwork, and I'm going to do a sort post!

  10. Good Wednesday evening to you, Lynilu !
    Sometimes a lot of changes at once can be a bit overwhelming, hence the 'sea sick' feeling !
    Please give yourself a day or two of time to relax and unwind when you get back home --
    *thinking of you*
    Loving Annie

  11. Annie - Good advice, indeed. I plan to be back a couple days before I really *have* to do anything. Thanks!


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